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  1. I'd actually expect Seraphon cuts before new models to be honest.
  2. I don't imagine the rest of the army will be made up of T-posing elves awkwardly detached from their mounts, so it should be well received. Looking forward to the rest of the units. With Teclis they were trying to do something unique and I don't personally think it worked.
  3. I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to jinx it by saying it out loud.
  4. Current rumor engines are pointing at elves and some kind of new Destruction force. It really comes down to "Seraphon get a small update in the next couple months" or "Seraphon get a major update year from now". Unless we get the worst of both worlds. I'd personally rather they just dump a book on us soon. It would at least set expectations for what the force will be going forward. I don't like the uncertainty of another CoS culling.
  5. So we know the elves are going to be high elvish, but what are you guys expecting/hoping their centerpiece/monster kits will look like? Think they'll go back go dragon riders, or try something different? I personally can never get enough of X on a bigass dragon myself.
  6. Now that the door's already been blown wide open by Nagash, Alarielle and Morathi, I don't see any reason to hold back on giving the gods their own models. They are basically the closest things to "main characters" that Age of Sigmar has. I expect them to be dripfed similar to 40k Primarchs.
  7. This is an old discussion, but honestly this doesn't resemble current Seraphon designs. Unless it's a brand new dino (which they don't really need but could be awesome) or the saurus are going to look completely different (which I wouldn't really be a fan of).
  8. I don't really see any indication that Seraphon will be a big release, unless we seriously think it's going to be another six months til their book. The tease suggests that Pointy Elves are the next big releases, and there aren't really any rumour engines suggesting upcoming seraphon. I'm hopeful there will be endless spells, terrain, and maybe one new plastic kit, but I can't see anything bigger than that in the near future.
  9. While Order splitting in two wouldn't be completely uncalled for, I'm not sure if splitting cleanly into elves and non elves would make much sense, lorewise. It definitely doesn't seem to be in the cards in the near future anyway.
  10. I don't think Sigmar supports order on a conceptual level so much as a practical level. He's not Nagash, he wants individuals to be able to thrive. Almost like a middle ground between Nagash and Gorka Morka.
  11. Could the "giant" quote potentially relate to Forgeworld working on more AoS super units? I know they'd been planning on talking about the future of Forgeworld at some point, as it seems like it had kind of hit a rut.
  12. Given that they're investing at least three years into developing this (possibly more), I suspect it's going to require mostly new models and won't just be a rule system you can slot old AoS and Fantasy models into. Comparisons to Horus Heresy suggest some major dough on the line. I like the idea of a game focused on the time period with Sigmar as a mortal. Offers an opportunity for fresh looks at old factions.
  13. Just from that alone you know it was the necroquake 🙄
  14. I meant they actually spell it as Ogre when they list the models included.
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