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  1. Blightzkrieg

    How Long Have You Been in the Hobby?

    I've been passively following Games Workshop since I was like 10 and saw some Warhammer in a hobby store, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. A few years ago I started looking into actually getting into WHFB, only to discover the world was in the process of being blown up and people were talking about quitting GW en masse. Decided to check in again a few months back after spending a few months playing Total War Warhammer, and was ecstatic to find out the game (or the new game, anyway) had gotten back on its feet, and I finally started hobbying.
  2. Blightzkrieg

    Sentiment about the new releases

    I think having seen the Gloomspite release people now know they can get more. The issue is of course that not everyone can get that kind of release in a short period of time. But everyone wants that kind of release for their army.
  3. Blightzkrieg

    The Rumour Thread

    So do we foresee most/all factions as having terrain features in the future? Endless spells was always kind of a given, but it's surprising to me that we have all these armies lugging buildings at each other.
  4. Blightzkrieg

    The Rumour Thread

    It looks Deathrattle to me, but I would assume it's probably Skaven logically.
  5. Blightzkrieg

    The Rumour Thread

    I suspect the IDK is very much just a case of GW setting their expectations too high. They were the first completely new Elven army for AoS, with a very striking aesthetic and lore completely unlike what had been seen before. They likely thought this would get a lot more attention than it did. As for myself, I love their look and hope to see more of them, it's one of the first times since LotR that elves have really interested me. Fyreslayers of course have really obvious problems and I wouldn't be surprised if their sales are actually a big issue. It's kind of amazing that nobody at GW realized that. Even something as simple as giving them different beard colours in the official box art would do wonders.
  6. Blightzkrieg

    The Rumour Thread

    It would be pretty wild if they doubled down on the new Seraphon lore and made new models where they were all cyborg angels or whatever it is they're supposed to be like now.
  7. Blightzkrieg

    The Rumour Thread

    These all seem like reasonable assumptions. Maybe a mid sized Slaanesh update this spring or summer and a larger Gloomspite style StD update near the year's end, with a handful of minor updates scattered in between. The Aelves have always been the big question mark to me among the potential soup factions. There are just way too many different styles going on (which is why they became so fractured to begin with).
  8. Blightzkrieg

    The Rumour Thread

    The Imperial Guard remain a popular 40k army despite suffering from the same issues that Sigmar humans would, and having an unusually bland design for the setting. I don't think Sigmar humans would be anymore out of place than that. That said, a human release isn't quite as sexy as a night goblin or sea elf release, even though it might have a fairly broad appeal. It doesn't seem to be a priority. Also due to the heavy old world focus in the current human designs, I would think they'd require a major release, which hasn't been rumored at all in the next year. Maybe at the very tail end.
  9. Blightzkrieg

    The Rumour Thread

    I think we'd need to see more Fyreslayer models before we could say for sure which way that is going. Right now the concept is fairly bare bones. We could get duardin wearing boulders as armour, or duardin who coat themselves in ur oil and light themselves on fire.
  10. Blightzkrieg

    Theories on new models/armies from the LORE

    Wouldn't it be called Astra Militarum?
  11. Blightzkrieg

    The Rumour Thread

    We could in fact be looking at everything in reverse. Instead of meaning "these factions are alive look at their neat designs", these models could really mean "these factions are dead here are their corpses and ruins".
  12. If they repriced Vulkites and Witch Aelves I'll die from an odd mish mash of glee and shock. But I can't help but see this as just a flex.
  13. Blightzkrieg

    Upcoming FAQ and small Community Rant

    If an ability is underpowered, it can ruin a unit. If an ability is overpowered, it can ruin the whole game. I imagine buffing units just isn't a priority for the rules team.
  14. I suspect Free Peoples (and possibly one or two other older factions like Wanderers or Dispossessed) might eventually get a complete overhaul/replacement similar to Gloomspite, resulting in the shelving of older models and possibly entire (sub)factions. That would be a major release though, and probably isn't coming for a long time. I think GW is here relying on the new faction to "replace" the older faction and soften the blow. So I would suspect they continue this trend in the future, perhaps (just as an example) by deleting Greenskinz when they update Ironjawz with a broader range that could be viewed as a direct replacement for the old orcs. It doesn't make sense for AoS to have a potentially infinite number of armies going forward, so something has to give if they keep adding new ones at their current pace.