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  1. There was a teaser but we dont 100% know it's a goblin vs sylvaneth box. It's extremely likely however. I'd say like 90%.
  2. I hope we get an update in a few months on what they actually took from the survey. Obviously they'll skirt around the harsher criticism or stuff they don't want to address, but it would be nice to get some response about it.
  3. But it's easier for Games Workshop to increase sales by combining them rather than investing in a full release.
  4. Asked for: Dropper bottles Repricing/boxing of witch aelves and vulkites Free Peoples update Round bases for all models Notice of which models/factions will continue to be supported/sold and which are going to be discontinued. A giant plastic Sotek model for Seraphon
  5. I think Pink Fyreslayers would look amazing but then you'd have to deal with collecting Fyreslayers.
  6. I'm a big fan of the idea of army specific terrain. I despise the idea of 0 point mandatory terrain that just increases the cost of entry into an army.
  7. Like others, I would agree that at least some of the aelf ranges are going to get phased out at some point, but it's difficult to say what would happen without inside knowledge. My gut instinct is that Wanderers will be supported and the other kits will either be folded into them, folded into a new aelf faction, or discontinued.
  8. I also remember hearing Gutbusters were discussed as a part of the interview when GW were hiring a game designer, but I can't remember how long ago that was or what the source of that is.
  9. Maybe the Tomb Kings can be brought back as an Idoneth endless spell.
  10. It would be interesting if it was an expansion that added units to a handful of different armies, depending on what escapes from the vault and which armies they happen to join. Like SC units for different races or light monsters that are tamed by different factions.
  11. The new SC chamber: Shortcast Eternals.
  12. New gyrocopters that are just Duardin flapping their arms really fast.
  13. Could be a Fyreslayers treasure hoard terrain piece.
  14. There are more human factions than anything though. Stormcast are all human. Freeguild are human. Darkoath are human. Maggotkin are human. Arcanites are human. Blood warriors are human. All of death are ex human. We are missing normal humans, but that just shows how low of a priority it is. While it will certainly happen eventually, there's no reason to believe we will see multiple factions filling this niche in a setting that clearly isn't interested in it. Maybe in the distant future, but certainly not anytime soon.
  15. I think the Imperial Guard serve as a good example of what to expect from Free Peoples: one or two main lines of units with a few optional kits representing different cultures. As is AoS already has an enormous number of factions (assuming FP, Aelves, Dispossessed and Gutbusters continue to be supported) so asking for more human factions when we already have FP, SE and StD seems a bit much.
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