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  1. I like the idea of United Humans/Elves/Dwarves and think AoS was going this way for a while, but I hope it does eventually get reflected in the models. Like the replacement of old sigils with something else, or a multi racial freeguild guard box or something. Right now seeing the models together definitely doesn't feel like a united entity. Of course this won't happen soon, I'm just wish listing for the future. Otherwise it would be nice if some of the units (wanderers and dispossessed specifically) got expanded to their own factions as well in the next few years. I'm not too hot on the name Cities of Sigmar (Free Cities or Free Peoples is 100x better) but it's not "Battletome Aelves" so I'm not gonna riot just yet. My big concern with this new Battletome is whether this will be a new faction with ongoing support, or is this just going to be "Battletome not-squatted-quite-yet" where none of these factions receive a new model in 20 years.
  2. Likely we're at least seeing an elf Underworlds thing as it was already teased. Given the whole Warcry thing I dont put much stock in the idea that this means we'll also see a Battletome. But we can hope.
  3. On the subject of "generic humans", I'd like to see a faction of "Free Resistance" or "Loyalists of Sigmar" or something, basically scrappy veterans who lived under Chaos Rule and formed a united militia against Chaos. Basically like a cross between Free Peoples and Skaven where all their steam tanks and monsters are battle scarred and bolted together haphazardly, with generals and priests wearing imitation Stormcast armour or something.
  4. But it's been many years since 40k had a Tyranid release, with multiple space marine releases per year. I think that's the situation people would like to avoid with AoS, though arguably we're already at that point.
  5. I like the idea of a proud noble race that has gradually descended into savagery. They still see themselves as paragons and act in ways that hint at their glorious past, but are monsters who others fear. Also they're dinosaurs and they wear the skulls of other dinosaurs and that's just the dopest thing ever.
  6. Didn't the CSM stuff just release? Or is it oIder? I honestly can't believe the nerve it takes to increase the price on items less than six months after they've hit shelves.
  7. I'm super picky and slow until a month in when I'm sick of the model and just slop paint wherever
  8. Maybe they're repackaging it with a square base 😀
  9. While I understand that per their lore the ghouls don't really need to look like they're pretending to be knights, I think it would be more characterful if they did. I think the Archregent miniature strikes a nice middle ground.
  10. An animal focused Wanderers would be a wonderful new faction and very distinct from Sylvaneth. I'm very hopeful for the Wanderers range, as it is the most supported of the old elf ranges. I think the other elven kits will be consolidated with whatever shadow/light elves come out or dropped.
  11. Seraphon! But would eventually like to start collecting Daughters of Khaine. Or Skaven. Or Deepkin. Or Beasts of Chaos. Or...well you get it.
  12. All the xcast podcasts feel like advertisements for potential job applicants, not that that's a bad thing.
  13. I really hope we can get a high quality preview (ideally in the Citadel paint app) showing how each one looks.
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