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  1. I don't disagree with your point, but let's go back on what GW has done recently, and why it could impact on the rumor release. -WD is now a monthly mag, no more print every week. -they have intensify the secret aspects of things in the studio. I am sure there is more surprises coming ;-) -they have a faster turn around than before, from sculpting, printing resin masters for paint, etc.... to printing.... which limit time to spread rumors -and everything is done on site, even the drilling of moulds, 2D layout on sprues etc... (execpt pack & print) that's my 2 cents...
  2. I love the mood and colour choice of your army. the bases are very 'ol celtic legends' like. Love it! Well done.
  3. Okay, after a long pause due to reel life family things combined with work.... I got back to work.
  4. sorry for the late reply, but found it https://www.pk-pro.de/MN-Ivy-Dead-1-87 That's what I used.
  5. I'll find the link tomorrow morning, i ordered from work and I'll post it here.
  6. Sorry for the very poor quality pic. But here is a view of the army so far.... I love do so better ones as soon as the vampire is ready.
  7. Most of my minis are at the GW store but here is the latest addition to my army. ..... and a wip of the Vampire. Coming soon.
  8. Wow! THAT is a lot of minis!!!! I got the £135 box a month ago, and I am still painting them. Your army is impressive! I look forward to see the progress. Do you have any particular formation in mind? are you trying to have a full Flesh eater court?
  9. best gobbos army I have seen for AoS! makes me want to paint some ;-) Great theme and great colour palette mate.
  10. Next time I paint some bases, I can do a similar step by step if you want.
  11. Okay here is a rough step by step image. Starting from the first mini on the left, airbrush ushabti bone, then paint doombull brown on fur, then reikland wash on skin, and aggrax on fur. after everything dried, I start a first highlight with ushabti on skin, and doombull on fur. then second level on finer highlight with pallid flesh and skrag brown on fur. for the finish, I apply a red glaze on head, hands and feet. Then a purple one to intensify some areas, as well as the scars and under the eyes. Then blood effect from GW on mouth, and hands. final touch before basing is yellow eyes and a black dot in the middle. That's it really. Fairly straight forward :-)
  12. Hi guys, some update on my progress. Hope you'll like it :-)
  13. It was a great event. Small in size, but you could speak with every artist ofr as loong as you want. The fimir were my favorite by far, I look forward to the big one, apparently some kind of mother/leader of the group. more to come and I can't wait for it ^^
  14. Shyvax

    claiming cover

    @BaldoBeardo - thanks! that was a very quick reply ;-)
  15. Shyvax

    claiming cover

    Hi guys, how does cover works with AoS? I have a Ghoul King mini on a single base, but standing on a rock. When I put him behind a low obstacle, he still pops out. It he considered in cover, or not? The ghoul courtier, is the same mini as the other ghouls, but on a larger base. when placed in the middle of a big regiment of ghouls, is he considered in cover? what definies if a miniature is in cover? the mini itself (you can see it), or its base (visible, or not)?
  16. it looks brilliant. If I may, I am not sure about the big mushroom scenary base, it looks already really cool on a 'standard' base, but that being said, it looks stunning!
  17. from the Warhammer World website: ' There are no tickets for sale at this time, please check back later! ' too bad, I was really tempted to get one. Next year ;-)
  18. Hi guys, I paused my Warhammer Quest painting progress, to move on with my first Age of Sigmar army. Playing once a week with a friend for the last couple of weeks, and we love it so far. i chose the flesh eaters.... Just love their background story. I used to collect Bret, so I felt like a continuation :-) here is some pics, I'll try to post as often as I can.... But my hobby time is limited.
  19. Are you guys expecting any big or small announcement this weekend at AoS Game Day in Nottingham? I read that FW might release a Fimir Hero soon.
  20. Sorry I was meant to post more of Warhammer Quest but I got side tracked by my AoS new army.... the Flesh Eaters. I have been painting them for the last few weeks. I'll post some update as soon as I finish their bases.
  21. Hi gals and guys, i would start by saying that this forum looks fantastic, I really like the atmosphere and the quality of its content.... So I decided that I would share some of my (slow) progress painting Warhammer Quest. here we go:
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