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    Vampire Lord Chalice Additions

    Hello all, I'm new to Age of Sigmar and was hoping for some help with the Vampire Lord Chalices of blood. I just got this guy (winged vampire lord): https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Winged-Vampire-Lord And I noticed he does not have a chalice of blood. I've seen from other FAQs that you can add one to his model to get the benefit of the chalice, but I had some questions about how to get one/what counts for matched play. I see my VLoZD has one on his belt, but I don't want to handicap him and it seems a waste to buy that chick vampire lord just to chop the goblet out of her hand and give it to the winged guy. I was thinking of two options: 1. Use a dremel to carve a goblet out of leftover sprue. Or 2. I have some leftover stormcast heads that seem the perfect size to craft into a goblet with a dremel (not to mention that would be nice and fluffy/cool for a vampire lord to make a goblet out of a defeated foe's skull). Would either of those ideas work for matched play?