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  1. Certainly sounds like a risk but the Warclans tome didn’t read that way to me. As well, it’s likely based on lore that KO won’t be part of a United tome. They rebuffed Grombindral in BR: Be’lakor. But a reunion of Dispossessed & Fyreslayers makes a lot of sense and if KO can be allied in or 1-in-4, all the better.
  2. A reminder too for Duardin United opponents that in Orruk Warclans, you can still run the separate armies— you don’t have to run BW! And it works great for all three allegiances and I’d love that for Duardin.
  3. Big Waagh! is awesome. I would love something like that for Duardin.
  4. I was going to suggest the same thing! It will make for a sweet list!
  5. While it is easy to get into a conspiratorial mindset or condemn GW due past bad practices, the silence & erasure around this issue strikes me as a legal issue. “Cursed City” is anathema until that legal issue is ironed out. Hence the re-releasing of certain models from that set with zero reference to the set itself. And pointing out this month’s White Dwarf isn’t a factor cuz White Dwarf’s are produced month’s ahead, before this became a legal issue. The only thing the WD article does is strengthen the claim that this was meant to be a supported game and then something happened. Notice I’m not speculating on what the legal reason is because they are literally dozens of options and at this point we might not know for months or years and if we do, it will just be a line dropped in their investor reports. Does this suck from a consumer point of view, absolutely; and, again, it is hard not to blame a company who hasn’t always engaged in best practices with its public. Even if they could have done MfO like Indomitus, they wouldn’t have had capacity right now cuz they are currently cranking out the 3.0 boxes.
  6. Bullgors do have a pretty sweet dmg output when buffed but I’d like to see them have a better save.
  7. Are Sepulchral Guard still a separate WS or are they just generic Skellies now?
  8. I see Ungors as chaff/sacrifice; Gors as objective holders; Bestigors as melee blenders. Not sure how much more differentiated they could be without full WS rewrites and special abilities — not that that I’m opposed to that, mind you, it’s just unlikely GW will bother.
  9. 455 Vhordrai 310 Coven Throne 380 Mannfred 155 3x Vargheists 155 3x Vargheists 155 3x Vargheists 155 3x Vargheists That’s my starting block at 1,765. Haven’t seen the Varg specific battalion yet. Def room to drop something and add Skellies or Wolves
  10. The Kragnos design just really felt like the design team was rubbing it in our faces. I know that’s not likely to be true. Gavespawn w/Pestilent Throng has been a great list for me; nothing is better than the look of shock on someone’s face when they lose to an army they assume is an auto-win for them — but I’m ready for 3.0 to freshen us up a bit.
  11. In my defense, over my two years of posting in this thread, I’ve been 99% positive. I went 10-4 with BoC in 2020 so I know where it’s strengths are.
  12. I get it. I just loved having my honeycomb Saurus club/Saurus spear ranks attacking in concert in melee.
  13. Yeah, they did those and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more post-3.0 debut to quickly sync up other factions.
  14. It is absurd to say that a sword and a lance or a sword and a spear have the same reach. Unless all weapons are going to be 1” in 3.0, which also seems absurd when you consider Monster & MegaGargants.
  15. An easy fix would be a rule that on the charge, the lance gains +1 range, rend, & dmg.
  16. I had really hoped 3.0 would bring more standardized weapon ranges & rend. Oh well!
  17. So far they are White Dwarf only. The magazine has been excellent for awhile now, packed with lore and narrative campaigns and painting guides.
  18. I disagree. Big things are coming. Between BR: Be’lakor & the most recent issue of White Dwarf, it seems likely that we are getting a Grombrindal mini and a possible Duardin Battletome, though it looks like KO won’t be part of it.
  19. Truly functional sub-factions would be my first choice. Followed by being able to Ambush through R4. A viable Monster Mash battalion would be fun too.
  20. 455 Vhordrai 435 VLoZD 310 Coven Throne 125 Necromancer 310 6x Vargheists 155 3x Vargheists 155 3x Vargheists 50 Extra CP or 40 Balewind That’s what I currently own. And budgetarily speaking, I’m not in a position to add anything for the foreseeable future. Not sure yet if any of the battalions work for me but I could easily drop the Necro to fit one. Also not sure which sub-faction to take. Am concerned I’m lacking bodies so maybe I can run my Furies as Fell Bats for awhile?
  21. You can always change their name! Think of what GW provides as merely a suggestion.
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