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  1. Crushers to me are more utilized as an anvil. If you’re running goretide they will be rerolling hits of 1 because they should be on an objective. Outpacing buffs has never been an issue for me as I run two priests. They are easy to keep in bloodsecrator range if you want him to be close enough. Usually I buff other units though, because skullcrushers are good enough unbuffed compared to other units. Prayers can be used for board denial...but not nearly as good as crushers. They have to be summoned and disappear each turn. They also don’t capture objectives.
  2. I actually feel they hit pretty decently considering how tanky they are balanced to their point cost. The mount attacks are pretty nice. I wouldn’t use them to kill a big baddy that has to die quickly though. Being unwieldy hasn’t been a major problem for me, but can be tricky. I usually like to run them 4 line and 2 behind. A line of 6 usually gets blocked by terrain to get a flat charge and a good opponent won’t let you. Going 4/2 works well because you can charge the unit and while only 4 may get the d3 off, during combat you can pile it so you get all 6 in combat usually. You can outrun most units that move to capture objectives with running and they leave a great foot print to block enemy from being within 6 inch of the objectives. You can turn their unwieldy nature into a benefit! Good luck getting through them in two turns! That’s two turns of scoring. They have performed fantastic for me at the last Grand tournament I went to.
  3. I don’t see many lists using Mighty Skullcrushers, I think a lot feel they gotta do brass stampede etc. A line of 6 can do some serious damage to a flank and hold ground really well. 5 wounds a pop at 3+, i love placing bronzed flesh on them to get them 2+ Consider that you can get 6 skullcrushers for the price of 10 reapers but they are deadly. If the charge goes off on the 6 unit it’s brutal. Most good players will try to snipe at least 1 so the charge doesn’t hurt or counter charge first. I always run the spears for the the rend though. They mostly reroll their misses if you run goretide and are playing objectives too.
  4. It’s a good option. 30 points cheaper than a BToIR, no degrading profile and a mortal. I’d rather use the flail personally.
  5. For the flying daemon prince discussion....you can model it without wings you want and still let it fly. There are goblin models that fly that are represented by them jumping. I think it’s easy to imagine a powerful daemon vaulting across the battlefield. Fly also has its dangers, so it’s not always a beneficial aspect to have. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a tournament and someone would say “no” to that. If they did get the TO and I’m 100% sure they’ll say it’s ok as long as you disclose it to be polite to the opponent. Conversions are encouraged and cool, just take time to explain prior to match!
  6. Can a chaos lord on manticore take the gorecleaver? Azyr app isn’t letting him. its not always right but my thinking is yes.. hes mortal with Khorne Keyword so I don’t see why he wouldnt
  7. I don’t really like going pure demon, I saw a list that almost went pure demon and he didn’t seem to do great. Bloodletters are too slow to grab objectives I feel. I like the flesh hounds a lot, they’re quick and can nab objectives I had good experiences with them running ahead to grab objectives with a 10man blood warrior following. Usually they can outpace the enemy and keep them spread so the enemy can’t charge/pile in and contest point. By second turn your blood warriors should be close enough to back them up. I think running pure demons or pure mortals will be a bad thing. also you’ll want a minimum of two priests for sure with the skull throne helping
  8. I love that Slaughterpriest model sculpt, I saw it at a recent tournament. all these people arguing Khorne isn’t competitive are wrong. It can do fine in a tournament setting. the doubters - can you post any links or standings of yourselves in your current rankings in your region? I went 3-2 with a seriously sub optimal list. Almost went 4-1 but got cheated. This was at broadside bash - mostly all the same big name players from LVO
  9. Played my first 2k competitive solo tournament at Broadside Bash this year with Khorne. Here was my list - Allegiance: Khorne - Slaughterhost: The Skullfiend Tribe LEADERS Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (280) Exalted Deathbringer (80) - Ruinous Axe & Skullgouger - Crowncleaver Mighty Lord of Khorne (140) - General - Command Trait : Master Decapitator Slaughterpriest (100) -bronzed flesh Slaughterpriest (100) -killing frenzy Bloodsecrator (140) UNITS 10 x Blood Warriors (200) - Goreaxe & Gorefist - 1 x Goreglaives 10 x Blood Warriors (200) - Goreaxe & Gorefist - 1 x Goreglaives 5 x Flesh Hounds (100) 1 x Khorgoraths (100) 1 x Khorgoraths (100) 1 x Khorgoraths (100) 6 x Mighty Skullcrushers (360) - Glaives Game 1 vs Gloomspite Spiderlist - Two objectives, if you hold both after t2 auto win. Star of the show was Khorgoraths holding and tying up big blocks of chaff before dying. They did some good damage as well. Bloodthirster worked well as a distraction zooming up field and pretty much keeping his blocks of spiders back for an entire turn delaying his movement onto objectives. He ambushed a large arachnarok on my back objective but killed it with 10 blood warriors and a Slaughterpriest with giant axe. I knew he had lots of bodies coming with large packs of spiders to steal objective so I had to thin what I could. Both blood warrior packs guarding my objective flanks. He hit hard on one side with mass spider and I had to move skull crushers to delay with hounds and one Slaughterpriest. We eventually killed each other on that side of the board each losing almost everything we put on that side. Bloody. I knew I won when his main general Arachnarok crawled up to contest and try to capture objective for auto win. Moved my Mighty Lord of Khorne with exalted deathbringer to fight him. He chose who to attack mighty lord first bringing him down to 1 health. Swing back with Exalted DB, 8 attacks on 4/3/-1/2 (blooded lt, secrator, Crowncleaver) reroll 1’s to hit and did 8 unsaved wounds. Mighty swing back and did no wounds after save. I got next turn, opted to fight first with DB did another 9 wounds. 80pt model killed his 360. After that it was a clean up and turn 5 I edged out with the win. Game 2 vs Gloomspite gobbos - opponent had mass goblins, skraggrot and troll hag. Very difficult match. I knew I had to kill hag quick. Lots of fighting but i was able to dedicate Mighty Lord of Khorne and exalted dB to engage troll hag with a khorg back them up. Got bloodthirster close to help but kept him in range to hit gobbos only and within 8 of hag. Hag had artifact that was -1 to hit her and -1 to hit from her profile so I was incurring -2 to hit her! Mighty lord got 2 wounds on her, exalted db got 4 from her 7 attacks , and bloodthirster attacked gobs he engaged. He had -1 to hit from nets but got two hits off from his 6 attacks on 5+ rerolling 1s. He has in range of bloodsecrator. One popped outrageous carnage putting 4 mortals on hag. She had 4 wounds left. He kills DB in melee, she doesn’t skullgouge. Khorg with them doesn’t inflict any wounds. Next turn he attacks with big 60 block gobbos on thirster and focused his shooting on thirster too. Thirster weak, 2 wounds left. Goes to melee, he opts to finish thirster. Hag deals d6 for 3 wounds. Mighty lord goes does 3 wounds on axes. 1 on dog bites. Hag kills Mighty lord in melee, Khorg manages to finish hag! Other units had to go for objectives. This was the one where you have 3 objectives your side and can raze enemy objectives. Game came down to a retreat with my skullcrushers to tie an objective in his territory. I summoned in 10bloodletters and made the 9 inch charge to contest territory after having to reroll, i had 3 more models on objective and burned it. D3 points, rolled a 3 got 2, putting him 1 point over for win. Game 3 was vs Nighthaunt - this was where side objectives are 2 points, your objective is 1 and opponents is 4. I knew his strategy was to come rush towards my objective. He put 30 chainrasp and a hero in under ground, 30 or 40 block reapers charging up middle backed by reikenor, vamp lord and lady oleander. Put 3 Khorgos and Slaughterpriest as bait middle to delay. He makes me go turn 1, I take both side objectives with running. One side with skullcrushers one side with 5hounds and 10 warriors. His turn he rushes everything up middle to fight my 3 Khorgos blocking path. Bad positioning by me puts my Slaughterpriest into melee with them. he brings in big block of rasps and hero as close as he can to my back objective but I did good screening my 10 warriors there. So he’s about 15 away from my objective. he runs but can’t contest either side objectives so he only scores 1 point. I win turn roll off and take it. I charge with skullcrushers but he managed to kill 1 with other shooting spells etc so no d3 wounds. Still do 5 mortals. I stay on objective and manage to keep him away from getting close. They were fighting the lady ghost models with knives. I kill them down to 1 model. Later he does some roll and gets 5 back. Still can’t contest. He goes to move a block of 10 rasps to back them up to contest point but out of range this turn. Other side objective I move up 3 inch away from his 6 spirit hosts and hero, don’t charge as I know they will kill dogs easy. Behind dogs I spread blood warriors around to prevent him from getting more models near objective. Move my mighty lord and db to help with my objective and charge them both into rasps in the back. Combat doesn’t go great, lose my db before he can do much and mighty lord only killed a few. I fight middle and lose a khorg and a half. Bloodthirster goes to about half health. Don’t manage to kill many reapers. His turn he kills thirster, mighty lord, a Slaughterpriest and a khorg. Going into 3 we roll he gets it and takes it. He finishes my last two Khorgs and moves to contest objective in my territory he gets it for 4 points. He loses a unit on skullcrusher side still can’t contest it. He moves Vampire lord from holding his back objective to come up to support. Other side objective he kills dogs and gets locked into combat but can’t contest objectives with warriors. My turn 3 I retreat warriors from back on the 6 spirit hosts on side objective but enough to stay in range of holding objective. He would have killed warriors if I left them in combat. Skullcrusher side goes to flank middle as support and screen to try to keep in 6 of side objective. I have dogs, 3 khorgs, Khorne lord, exalted db, 2 Slaughterpriests dead. My bloodsecrator is on 2 wounds left need skullcrusher side. I summon in my dead bloodthirster back on skullcrusher side with 8 bloodtithe points. We roll off he wins, goes first. I move his endless spell geminids to help block charge on my bloodthirster. It works and he doesn’t get the 10 he needs. His spirit hosts take side objective for first time after killing enough. His rasps and reapers are stuck in middle/my objective trying to move to contest skullcrusher/BT side. He moves everything to get close to them. My turn I fly my BT 10 with auto run 6 command point into his back field and contest his abandoned back point. At this point he cannot catch up on points and I win. Game 4 vs Stormcasts - this one was a tough loss because being new I trusted my opponent and took his word for a lot of stuff. I ended up losing by 2 points in star fall turn 5. I don’t want to type out what happen but these are the key points my opponent “overlooked” on. He had a +2 save for his trio of ballista in all phases because they were in cover. This only applies to shooting I found out later. This means the two combat turns it took to kill them could have been taken care of much quicker. His block of twenty Sequitors were rerolling hits and saves each turn when in reality you have to declare which one. I then realized he was putting his lord castellan buff on the Sequitors each turn. The problem? They were well outside wholly within 18”. He argued and said it only had to be a -model- within 18. I looked this up at the end of turn 3 and corrected him on this. But he had 5 combat phases of having that buff when he shouldn’t have. I corrected him on two deprecate times on when he went to roll his great mace attacks but kindly pointed out those are hand weapons and shields as his great maces are piled in with different units about 8 inches away. He also piled in away and out of combat with my Khorgorath and one point which I let him fix. So his unit cohesion wouldn’t lose a handful of sequitors. His artifact moved from Gavriel pre-deployment to his Ordinator out of nowhere, not sure why but his list was written on a napkin without stating any artifacts taken. Took his word from it. He picked up his dice so fast and rerolling like crazy I don’t even know if he was making things up at that point. I should have said something to slow down but lesson learned. Barely losing the match was tough. The opponent was a nice guy on a personal level and maybe he just gets too excited when he plays but in a tournament setting my first thing I do is make sure I know my own rules. He clearly didn’t and I would like to believe he wasn’t cheating on purpose. I later found out this was the same individual who got DQed for cheating at LVO. Lesson learned on my part. Game 5 vs Witch elves against one of my team mates - I knew I couldn’t beat his list so I went for as many kill points as I could. He nearly wiped my entire army by turn 4. Results:WWWLL - had I won my game 4 fairly I’d have gotten a chance to go for first place but I don’t think I’d have beaten the top players FEC. I would have placed 3rd or 4th out of 26. 6th-9th were all tied but I had lowest points destroyed apparently. I ended at 9th with that list. ITC had my strength if scheduled rated as 4th highest for tournament when I last checked. My biggest problem was I own no demons to summon, so there were times i could have summoned in a lot of goodies but couldn’t as I didn’t own the models yet. I was really impressed with the Skullfiend tribe and khorgs. The blood warriors did work and everything in my list I thought played an important roll! Except one - my favorite converted model too - my Mighty Lord of Khorne, honestly he kinda sucked. I’d consider dropping him and runner 20 reavers instead for bodies.
  10. Question about blight king weapons - if I roll a 6, do I get 1 hit + d6 hits or I pick up that 6, roll d6?
  11. Thanks for the heads up, with the army I have thus far would a GUO or a Glottkin be a better purchase for a big unit?
  12. Hello guys, Papa Nurgle has given his love my way. I have played KO and Ironjawz as my previous armies, but so far I own these Maggotkin units: Heroes Harbinger of Decay Lord of Plagues Lord of Blights Festus Chaos Sorcerer Lord Darkoath War Queen Battle line x10 Chaos Warriors x15 Blight Kings Other Units x6 Chaos Spawn x5 Knights x1 Gorebeast Chariot x1 Chaos Warshrine Any suggestions on how to build up my army? I was going to get blight cyst rolling and from there I wasn't sure. I still don't know any gnarlmaws so that'll probably be my next purchase. I thought a good purchase would be Nurgle start collecting? Thank you friends!
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