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  1. In a perfect scenario of course you want BK’s tossing out the dice with the buff, however plans don’t usually go perfect. Last game I had a 15 ardboy unit jump onto my back objective with my 20 plaguebearers. Ardboys would mop them up fast but I got roll off and won priority, pivoted glottkin to go assist in melee with blades on PB unit, was able to get about 15/20 in combat plus his command ability, so 30 attacks, 6’s to MW helped a lot. Glottkin was able to beat some down too. I was able to hold the objective from the extra dmg on PB’s.
  2. You’re probably right that the Glottkin isn’t optimized with either list, but I already own him and painted him really well so it’s more of an include that way. I managed to get him at an auction for 30 bucks! With the GUO combo I’ll have 4 spells to cast, so hopefully my opponent won’t have 4 wizards to unbind and something with go off!! Additionally while Glottkin’s fleshy abundance would be nice on the plaguebearers to soak dmg, his blades of putrefaction are actually the winner. Putting them on the otherwise weak plaguebearers make them good against tough tanky targets where
  3. Which list do you guys like better? I feel they both have strength and weakness differences but I like them both. list 1 Harbinger of Decay (160) - General - Artefact : Blotshell Bileplate Lord of Blights (140) The Glottkin (380) - Lore of Malignance : Blades of Putrefaction Great Unclean One (320) - Plague Flail & Massive Bilesword - Artefact : The Endless Gift - Lore of Virulence : Glorious Afflictions UNITS 10 x Putrid Blightkings (280) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (140) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (140) 30 x Plaguebearers
  4. Tyrant, for battleshock on gluttons and an extra beat stick
  5. You can run a good mono bcr list with your collection but I’d recommend a slaughtermaster or butcher to put debuffs on enemy units and molten entrails on your big boys.
  6. My buddy ran Gotrek in our doubles, so playing Ogors I made a Tyrant that thinks he’s Felix to follow him around.
  7. Take a look at how big waagh works and the changes orruks got. Really good mechanics and changes that bring them a much needed buff. Khorne players may have help on the way with new campaign book and the mini sub factions/battalions. It is to remain to be seen if they will be legal in match play. Im going Ogors for this new season, but when Mortals get buffed or tweaked I’d consider coming back!
  8. Majority yes. Few changes, but nothing major only one I can think of off the top of my head is Wrathmongers buff changed to only melee weapons.
  9. I think if you are aiming for top tables you need to run a reapers archaeon list and hope for good match ups. I played mostly mortals all season to try to force their competitiveness out and it was always an uphill battle. In order to win unfavorable match ups I’d have to outplay my opponent hard on objectives with zoning, retreats and tricks. If my opponent was good it was almost impossible sometimes. Blood tithe needs an entire rework to catch up to the meta, much like the Nurgle wheel. It is good enough for archaeon reaper lists though. Khorne mortals cannot touch obr
  10. Well it was a long year of tournaments and grueling matches in the major ITC circuit here in the US - but I was able to achieve top Khorne player overall with the conclusion of the 2019 season.
  11. He’s an absolute truck. Make him your general with hew the foe (goretide) and slap gorecleaver or runeblade on him. He will reap many skulls.
  12. Looks fun - your extra command point I assume you save for inspiring presence? First point for chaos lord CA then inspiring so they don’t flee? Otherwise you could consider dropping a priest, maybe one with blood sac and pick up an aspiring deathbringer for a third extra attack!
  13. The only way to retreat and cycle a charge with skullcrushers is if you are going second in the round, assuming you’re already in combat - you retreat to 3 out. You lose your round of combat. Roll off into next turn - if you win then take turn and just charge back In. If you lose that’s when you use it in their hero phase to charge with murderlust/4 tithe and deal the mw on charge. based on rules we cannot retreat in our turn with murderlust then follow up with the charge in our same turn in the round.
  14. I have this issue a lot too...but I think it falls into opponents favor so I’ve conceded the point. the idea is that you retreat your units in the hero phase, then charge in the charge phase: however rules state “a unit cannot charge or shoot if they retreated” thus negating the ability to retreat in hero chase using murderlust then charge in the following phase. rule wise I do believe we are not allowed to retreat with murderlust then move/charge with the same unit. Only move and no shooting. if someone has a way to prove we are allowed I’ll send them a million
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