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  1. Anyone know how high the courts placed in the championship at Acon?
  2. So what have people been having success with and what have they been struggling with. I only have three games with FEC under my belt but am quickly realizing how starved I am for command points. Accordingly, right now I'm trying to make sure my lists have at least one battalion and am doing my best to write lists to 1950. Also working on the right balance of archregents and AGKoTGs in a a list.
  3. Can someone explain to me how the interaction between a Demon with Halo of Blood and an GKoTG with Savage strike would work. Both rules state that the character fights at the start of the combat phase before the players pick any other units to fight in that combat phase.
  4. Really hoping my online retailer didnt ****** me over. Placed the order per website instructions and yet I don’t have confirmation that it has shipped or even arrived at their warehouse. Anyone on here order from the warstore and already get their order?
  5. Quick question, for royal managerie can you take two terror gheists and one GK on TG as the three? Also, how many points is it?
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