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  1. Sounds pretty cool. Did you deepstriked them?
  2. How do i get reroll 1‘s to hit? His warcroll says: Friedly Stormcast Eternal Units. Or do i missing something? /edit okay...its friendly Units - sorry missreaded that. Hes awesome
  3. Hey, i just answer in this thread, cause its awesome. And im interested to play free peoples instead of Stormcasts. my first list will be: General on Horse 30 Guards 30 X-Bows 10 Handgunners Allies: Knight Incantor Endless Spell: Everblaze Comet with the Caster i have a 1 Time autoban, selfkilling mortalwoundflasks, a storm which inflicts MW‘s and slow the Enemy down + the Comet which inflicts MW‘s too and a little zoning potential for my gunline What do you think?
  4. Im gonna try it out: 2 ballistas deeptriked in a flank, and try to Support them with a everblaze comet, maybe i can zone out enemy melees with it
  5. is there a chance to see Carl Smith´s Stormcast Eternals list? i´ve a premium BCP-App, but its still red and the only list i cant see, haha
  6. Wait wait wait i can DROP DOWN THE GIANT CROSSBOW?! Thats amazing haha, did not realise this. Okay and the best Support is the guy which gives them +1 to hit? Is there nothing „better“ like double shots or something like that? 2nd question: i did have a Huricanum with a mage on it Is it worth to take in a Stormcasts Army? [sorry for my Bad English, its not my first language]
  7. Hey i just started with a few friends Aos 2.0, i chose the order side, Stormcasts. I play footslogging guys, mostly Sequitors supported by Evocators (Cleansing Phalanx) and a Lord on Gryphcharger - pretty standard. but now i will add some allies, ARTILLERY why? Cause its cool! I dont know the whole modells from order, but the Trebuchet Sounds pretty cool (Bretonia) but i Need more Support for my artillery, somtehing that helps out for the random damage for example. There is a lot of +hit, but the trebuchet hits automaticly...(roll off against the target unit count) so you guys: ideas? Whats the best artillery to Support my Stormcasts? And how can we maximize it? (back in the days there was a skink priest which allowed to reroll single dices in my turn. But i dont remember the Name...this would be perfect for the damage roll for example)
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