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  1. Is Abhorrant Archregent a named character? Or can you stack their command ability if you have more than 1?
  2. Eyy! Our extoller of Shyish have gotten rend on his bell attack!
  3. I finally got enough to make an 2000p list in LoN and we're having a mini tournament me and my friends in a couple of weeks. Please give feedback! Could need some help with artifacts. I've chosen to go with an spell heavy army this time. Allegiance: Legion of Sacrament Realm: AQSHY Leaders: Arkhan The Black: Soul Harvest. - General Necromancer: Overwhelming Dread, Shroud of Darkness artifact. Necromancer: Fading vigour, Ignax's Scales artifact. Vampire Lord: Amaranthine Orb Behemoth's: Mortis Engine Battleline: 20x Chainrasps 10x Skeleton warriors - Ancient Blade 10x Skeleton warriors - Ancient Blade Other: 30x Grimghast reapers 10x Hexwraiths Battalion: Lords of Sacrament Total points: 1990/2000p Ally points: 0/400p Artifacts: 2 Command points: 2 at start of my turn. Whit this army setup i'll have a big wall of summonable units while i'll just stand on the other side with all my wizards and try to debuff the enemy with fading vigour and overwhelming dread and ofc use Arkhans command ability. With the battalion i will have 9 spells to cast each turn aslong as i'm in range of my mortis engine, +2 to cast with the Necromancers and Vampire lord, and Arkhan will have +4 to cast. CC is much welcomed!
  4. Once again, im here with more questions. Locus of Shyish If you make an unmodified casting roll of 9+ for a Death Wizard that is attempting to cast a spell from the Lore of the Deathmages or the Lore of the Vampires, and it is not unbound, then after resolving the effects of that spell you may immediately resolve them for a second time. Does this mean that for example Overwhelming Dread would be cast twice and they'll get -2 to hit rolls and -2 to bravery? How will "Soulpike" work? Will they have to roll dice equal to dubble the charge roll when they charge and take mortal wound on a +5. Which spells from the Lore of the Dead/Vampire's stack? Also, is there any rule if you have less points than your opponent you'll get to start with an extra command point?
  5. Just found it before i asked. Sorry but it's better to ask and learn than to find false fact like my freinds found on reddit. Thank you for taking your time answering.....
  6. Thanks you so much! Sorry for the trouble! Is there a link to is? Or? EDIT: Nvm found it!
  7. Hi again! Noobquestion again sorry: Got in an heated argument last game when i used Arkhans spell "Curse of the years" and manage to ge the roll all the way down to 1's, and to my knowledge the unit is insta slain since you do mortal wounds on +1 and you can't roll lower than 1 so it just keeps doing mortal wounds untill the unit is slain? Killed my friends unit of 30 orruks with this spell. Am i wrong or? Since rolling a 1 is not always a fail, only hit, wound and save rolls. So this spell should not go under the rules of 1+? And i think i read somewhere a long time ago in FAQ or errata that the unit is slain regardless of wounds or any special abilities it may have or something like that. Is there an FAQ or Errata for this spell i could find to show my friends? Oh, and there was also alot of arguments that Arkhan is way to strong in Legion of sacrament with a +4 to casting withing the range of a mortis engine. What do you think? Thanks!
  8. But the "latest" DoT battletome has the wrong pooint values for battalions
  9. Thanks you! Got a buddy who's been playing with 2-3 battalions with the prices from the tome, so he hade like 3 extra commandpoints and artifacts for shy 100p extra. Thanks for the clarification! Edit: I now also see that the correct point costs are in the Battlescribe app, is that a reliable source to use?
  10. Yo, just a little question about DoT battalions. Is the point cost for battalions correct in the DoT battletome? Because some of them seem super cheap like: Arcanite Cabal - - 50p Warscroll Battalion Arcanite Cult - - 60p Warscroll Battalion Alter-kin Coven - - 20p Warscroll Battalion Cult of the Transient Form - - 60p Warscroll Battalion Skyshoal Coven - - 80p Warscroll Battalion The Pyrofane Cult - - 80p Warscroll Battalion Tzaangor Coven - - 40p Warscroll Battalion Witchfyre Coven - - 60p Warscroll Battalion Way way way way cheaper and stronger than any other army's battalions i can think of, has there been a point increase after the tome was released? Is there anywhere one can see the correct point prices`? Because on 1d4chan the prices are way up in the 180p range. Really glad for an fast answer!
  11. Ok?... So if the unit is full because of summoning in more models (not brining back or ress) but models in that unit have died i can use fold reality to bring back the slain models evern tho the unit is now full because of resummoning in more models. And then the unit will exceed the total unit size. So it will go against the rules of unit size?
  12. Thanks guys! We have a new guy playing with us that insists that he can do that, like picking battalions from bonesplitterz when he's playing Grand Alliance destruction, aswell as bonesplitterz spells, just so he can use some units that isn't bonesplitterz like ironjaw's and still get stuff from bonesplitterz.
  13. An example here: In one of his armies he want to be Grand alliance destruction, but still take battalions and spells from bonesplitterz alliance. Would that work? Another example for me: If i play LoN, can i take battalions/spells from nighthaunts alliance or vice versa ?
  14. Yeah i get that, but what if 4 models had been slain previously, but then i summon in more to the unit before i return the slain models? So now the unit is full again but it still has slained models
  15. Anyone else here know if fold reality could bring back more than the starting value if you had summon in more untis previously
  16. Quick weird question about the fold reality spell. If i summon a full unit of chaos spawn 6x and 2 of them dies, and then i summon 2 more to the unit so it's full again. And then use fold reality: Fold Reality has a casting value of 7. Ifsuccessfullycast, pick a visible friendly unit of TZEENTCH DAEMONSwithin 18" of the caster and roll a dice. On a roll of 2 or more, you can return that many slain models to the unit. On a roll of 1, the unit is wiped out! Can i then bring back the 2 slained models to the chaos spawn unit so it exceeds the total unit size of6, so now it's 8 in the unit, but the unit limit is 6?
  17. And you can't use spells outside your alliance right? Got a guy who says that you can use battalions from other alliances and spells fron other alliances your army currently isnt in...
  18. Almost done, what do you guys think? I'm really new to painting, just started a couple of months ago. CC welcomed.
  19. Ok, a quick weird question. Can you take battalions from another alliance you are not in. For example: if I play Grand Alliance Death, can I pick battalions from the nighthaunt battle tomb and so on?
  20. Gotta love the mourngul! Got one for Christmas from my gf, absolutely love it! It's so sad it's been nerfed down to oblivion, let's pray for some love from gw this year to make the mourngul great again! ❤️
  21. You can only cast mystic shield once per turn right? And not put it on all your units with different wizards? The exception is arcane bolt, which dosent have a cast limit?
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