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  1. I found a big toolbox with compartments really cheap and big. Just put som padding and you're good to go
  2. How many times can you cast Arcane bolt? I know mystic shield is only once with 1 wizard. But is there a limit to how many Arcane Bolt you can throw with diffrent wizards? ALSO, sorry for my last comment where i said that you can't reroll a successful charge roll. A guy we're playing with that is really read up on the rules said that and searched on his phone and said this to us. Gonna ask him next time where he read that, my bad carry on re-rolling.
  3. Also in the rules it's stated that you can't reroll a successful charge, only a failed. So if you charge with your grims and manage to roll let's say 8, and you're close enough to any enemy unit you must charge and can't reroll it.
  4. Perhaps, but i still think it also looks like one of these:
  5. The colors, the cunstruction of the "tomb", the pillars, the egyptian cats by the door, everything says something egyptian, aka Tomb Kings.
  6. Just specilations, but in my mind whatever else could it be?
  7. Khemri/ Tomb Kings comfirmed ! Wooh! My freinds think they'll be order and not death tho.
  8. Yeah sure, in a LoN army magic is really strong. In my Legion of sacrament army I can cast 9 spells a turn and unbind 5. That with Arkhan in his Legion is really strong. But I would take Athervoid pendulum since they can't turn it against me, and is really good to split armies or shut down an area. [On another note, can I unbind my endless spell and cast it again all in my turn with different wizards?] (Since you unbind an endless spell with an spell cast attempt and not an unbind attempt)
  9. I see that alot of people use the cogs as their endless spell, but why? It don't help with our wave of terror since it's an unmodified roll of +10,and the cogs speed up ability modefies it. And the other option is to cast another spell, I don't get why that would be so useful either. Someone please explain, thanks!
  10. Use the AoS app, it updates regularly and has all updated warscrolls and points.
  11. How does it work when a tzeentch wizard "steals" an endless spell? Or if curseling unbinds an regular non alliance endless spell like "Quicksilver Swords" How does it all work if he don't own the model and such
  12. A quick question I'm sure have been answered alot before but I've totally forgot. Can allies cast endless spells? For example: Can my Vampire lord ally in a NH army cast an regular endless spell like "Quicksilver Swords" if I have it in my army list.
  13. Allies can't take artifacts, and dosent get the nighthaunt alliance traits, like DS/wave of terror : (Vampire Lord) Sadly mourngul is really bad for the price since it have been nerfed down into oblivion, you could take 1 and then take a black coach instead. When Olynder dies you lose some Nighthaunt traits like deathless spirits since allied heroes does not count. I think without any type of ressurect like GoS those 30 grims and 3 units of rasps will be mush quite quickly. GoS and ST is good support and aura buff heroes to consider. Remember also, Olynder is scary and they will try to kill her asap and with only 7 wounds she will likely die fast to ranged or spells, and you'll be left without your commander and you have no other nighthaunt hero. Belive me I've used her lots
  14. I would like to see them get something extra in their kit. Not just point tweak or changed battleline, currently I haven't seen a singel NH / LoN with Glaives where I play.
  15. Wings The same HP, ignores terrain, 10" movement. Can fly to terrains more suitable for the command ability, and or hide
  16. Wtf, they look exactly like the myrmourn banshees easy to build, you can already buy... Are gw really that lazy?
  17. No... Then it would state that enemy of that unit.
  18. For example: If we had 3 freidnlyt units in CC: (1,2,3,) And 4 Enemy units in CC: (A,B,C,D) And lets say (B) was the target of soulcage in the hero phase. Then the order in the combat phase would be the following: 1, A, 2, C, 3, D, B Because (B) was affected by soulcage it had to go last of the Enemy units.
  19. 2. Since all other eligible enemy units that could attack has "attacked" Since its only 1 enemy unit in combat, the spell does nothing.
  20. ^ Well is says in the spell "all enemy units" so when all your opponents units have fought, then the unit that was targeted by the spell can fight.
  21. I have to agree, absolutely love the model. To bad there's better choices of heroes that does more for the same points~.
  22. Yeah, so max 6 heroes in a 2000p game, and you can add 1500p worth of models from the stacked command abilites. Not broken at all
  23. Yeah, but what stops you from having 5 Abhorrant Archregants? And using all the command abilities the same turn, and having the throne terrain piece? 1000p+ worth of models added to your army.
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