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  1. Wait... for real? Like why tf is it so expensive for a random effect and wholy within... All other scenery for FEC, Khorne, Gloomspite, etc are free with better effects I kinda get it when it's an free for all scenery that it would cost points, but 100 is 2 commandpoints itself.
  2. Wait... The penumbral engine won't be free?
  3. Is it just me or are people jumping to conclusions? We don't have all the new stuff for LoG on papper and have only had a breef livestream where a guy talked quickly about it. Well see more when the forgotten power is "fully" released and everything is on paper. With that said. From what we've heard is seems that if olynder is a must as a general (just like in the other legions) they really need to make a good battalion or something with her.
  4. I'm hyped about LoG But I have another quick question, can I use guardian of souls with mortality glass when it's rules isn't in the AoS app?
  5. Most of the nighthaunts can be taken in a LoN list but not all. Use the Age of Sigmar app/battlescribe to easier see your army setup.
  6. What do you guys think about putting arkhan on a necrosphinx instead of his regular mount, but still use the regular warscroll? Can get one cheap and I think it will look really cool.
  7. OK I found the text: Command traits have no effect on attacks made by a general’s mount unless noted otherwise. How does this prove that the favored retainers ability gives the dragon extra attacks as well? It's just i play with a bunch of people that goes strickly 100% on the rules and I need to show them that favored retainers works on VoZD. Or else they'll go with the "it's a mount it dosent get the extra attacks" which would cripple my current list somewhat. Thanks btw for taking your time and helping me get answers! 👍
  8. Exactly which book can I find it? Generals handbook, core rules etc?
  9. Anyone got a link to the faq? Just looked trough the Legions of Nagash errata and designers commentary and couldn't find anything about this. Need "proof" to show my friends inbefore a tournament.
  10. The Legion of Blood ability: Favoured Retainers: Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of all melee weapons used by friendly LEGION OF BLOOD VAMPIRE LORDS and LEGION OF BLOOD Blood Knights. Does the vampire lord on zombie dragon get an extra attack on all the dragons attacks as well?
  11. My hope is that they'll fix hexwraiths so that they are worth the points, or reduce the cost. Same with the Mourngul ❤️
  12. Hello! Recently watched miniwargaming playing an narrative campaign, there they used exp and levels and tables for rewards and injuries which seemed really fun! (watch link for video) https://youtu.be/4P8L_iT4_Z0 Loved the 1-100 reward table. Now I've Googled, and searched trough this forum and I can't find anything where to get this campaign pdf, table pdf rewards or anything the like. Anyone know links to where to get all this for free, or where to buy it? Or anything simular. Looking into doing a narrative hero campaign with friends so any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone! Quick question, if my Vampire lord on zombie dragon with ancient shield and give him the Ethereal amulet artifact. Will he have a +3 ethereal save or a +4?
  14. Yeah its been nerfed down to oblivion. It's not worth 300p at this points, especially with all new stonger and stronger battletomes that's coming out.
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