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  1. Anyone think they'll be a VS box when they get released? Like soulwars, wrath and raprute etc. Seems like almost always when a new team/updated battletome comes out there's a battle box with 2 teams in it.
  2. So cogs wnt up to 80 and the sun to 50 wtf
  3. Do we know any more changes to points for endless spells? Other than that of the purple sun
  4. Can anyone post the leak for all death units? Can't seem to find it Also, if grave guard now is taken in units of 10,how much p do they cost now?
  5. Is papa Nagash really going up in points? Is this confirmed? And by how much?
  6. Wait.. Did the blood knights go down 40 or 60p? What are they now?
  7. You'll just need one then. I kinda like him, he's the ding dong ghost
  8. What do you mean with an double or triple unit?... A unit is a unit, you can have 10-30 grims in 1 unit and only 1 extoller of Shyish in that whole unit. But If you have 3 units = 10 grimghast 10 grimghast 10 grimghast Then each of those units must have their own extoller of Shyish yes. But keep in mind that you save points if you have a 30 grim units. And you can't have more than 1 extoller of Shyish in a unit.
  9. ^ Really impressive! Made me think about my own playstyle and army lol! I always make the stupidest mistakes.. Where did you get those moving trays tho? Seems really handy!!
  10. Wait... for real? Like why tf is it so expensive for a random effect and wholy within... All other scenery for FEC, Khorne, Gloomspite, etc are free with better effects I kinda get it when it's an free for all scenery that it would cost points, but 100 is 2 commandpoints itself.
  11. Wait... The penumbral engine won't be free?
  12. Is it just me or are people jumping to conclusions? We don't have all the new stuff for LoG on papper and have only had a breef livestream where a guy talked quickly about it. Well see more when the forgotten power is "fully" released and everything is on paper. With that said. From what we've heard is seems that if olynder is a must as a general (just like in the other legions) they really need to make a good battalion or something with her.
  13. I'm hyped about LoG But I have another quick question, can I use guardian of souls with mortality glass when it's rules isn't in the AoS app?
  14. Most of the nighthaunts can be taken in a LoN list but not all. Use the Age of Sigmar app/battlescribe to easier see your army setup.
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