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  1. Thanks to be honest I never thought i would be any good but I absolutely love painting Miniatures and will start practicing more and more its s much fun
  2. I Have a second box that i have not used the skink priest so i might just do that thanks for the advice
  3. So new to Warhammer and to Painting miniatures in general but I have been enjoying myself so much I have even started to help paint my girlfriends flesh-eater courts army anyway here are the pics My first carnosaur was so much fun to paint and as you can see I have a gold and blue theme All in it has taken me about 3 weeks to paint and I have some more to post soon as I have a completed Old blood on foot and Skink star Priest Troglodon was also really fun to paint Flesh eater courts for my girlfriend
  4. I am trying to figure this out as i have the old blood arms, legs head and half of the torso the tail is missing is it still possible to build an old blood out of spare parts ?
  5. Thank you for the answer i have been using the website warscroll builder and will just follow what it tells me its very useful my small group will just play open play for the beginning then try matched play but to be honest with you i am having so much fun painting I am content for now. I will post up pics of my finished army soon as i am about to start painting my Knights after finishing my warriors, carno and scar vet.
  6. Hi Everyone My name is John and i am a complete newbie to warhammer me and my girlfriend started just 5 days ago and i mainly wanted to start collecting so I can paint but the idea of playing does sound fun. I have actually started to paint all ready and I have painted half of my seraphon starter kit i have a few questions to begin with I want to play open play or matched play with my girlfriend and brother who have also got starter kits (cannibal courts and nurgle) but i am confused with the battalion sizes i have 12 warriors and 8 saurus knights but i have read that you only need 10 warriors and 5 knights ? Is this correct or would it even matter when playing open play
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