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  1. This is awesome! Thank you for your effort and time. I wish I had something like this to begin with. Maybe you could consider adding some 1K intermediate lists like the lovely fellas at goonhammer did on their "getting started".
  2. If those point leaks are real I'll be very sad... Someone told me there are no new battalions on this GHB. I was really hoping for a fiends battalion and a bigger point reduction.
  3. Something's funny in my pants... 😄
  4. Thank you all for the inputs! I think I will be getting the second KoS and a couple a boxes of striders.
  5. Hello fellow hedonites, I'll be attending to noob friendly tournament next month and I am seeking for some CC for the list I've built. The list is, in my opinion, semi-competitive. It is built around the models but I've a month before attending so I can buy some more models if that'd improve the list. So here's the list. Thank you in advance.
  6. Maybe drop one blop of nettes for another of hellstriders a cheap hero and supreme sybarites.
  7. Hey fellas. By any chance does any of you tried out/has experience with lists based on fiends? I am in love with the models but I always get stomped...
  8. I don't want undivided folks, I want the pierced fellas shown on the KoS art.
  9. Let me rephrase: I feel like we've been always second class citizens compared to the other 3 great gods because I do not recognize filthy horned rats as chaos god. 🤗 Jokes aside, yes indeed you are right ratbois are second to third class citizens too. You better start collecting Stormcast Eternals or Khorne!
  10. Don't fool yourself, sadly this release is as empty as it looks. Yesterday I had the same thought, "Hey boobworm's been showing lately some articles but no new sculpt was teased nor it's on the filtered releases, maybe there is a chance for something...". Then I realized that I better keep my hopes low so it does not breaks my will to keep collecting. Been trought this already with Slaanesh and GW back in the end of times. I feel like we've been always second class citizens compared to the other gods.
  11. This is just a joke. Well actually it is in the typical line of GW when it comes to Slaanesh. Nothing new under the sun, sadly. As someone said several posts before, from a 300€ release to a complete drop.
  12. I really, really, REALLY like how they solved the "nipples are bad" issue and maintained such level of depravity and lust. I really dislike the daemonette on top of the Daemon Prince, I think I'll do some tinkering and throw some wings on they. Looking forward to see the mortals, very hyped. Been waiting for this since I jumped into Slaanesh back in the Druchii cult days.
  13. That was supposed to happen last christmas. But, like someone said many pages ago: "Slaanesh teaches patience. We must abide." 😞
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