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  1. Money allowing id love to do FeC in the style of Dark souls. Where the delusion is weaker and so is the corruption. So these are in fact knights and kings of old but gone hollow with armor rusted and in tatters but in their mind they grasp resplendent bygone glories. Id prob use only the monstrous infantry
  2. I'll be 100% honest I am super happy to swap to trolls for my monstrous infantry army, coming from BoC even if the battalion is mediocre the base profile on the units I actually want to take to make up said battalion are so many leagues ahead of minotaurs, that I am positively giddy . I played a 2v2 game at 1250 per player the other day and the dankhold boss was positively eating units left and right, while the rockguts were incredibly difficult to remove and the fellwaters were deleting full stormcast units even with full saver rerolls. I felt that the army was very fun to play at the ...i dunno casual+ level, certainly not hyper competitive , but able to get a jump on players that arent expecting it , the look on my opponents face when i rolled 19 damage for my dankboss' 4 attacks was priceless and well worth the 300 points.
  3. they dont meet the keyword requirements, BoK needs either demon + khorne , khorne+ mortal or bloodbound. i like to give my doombull the ghyran relic with +1/+1 ghyrfan g or something?
  4. a beastlord with the mutated gnarlblade has more damage output than a doombull, so if you are going for all bestigors to begin with i'd say keep the theme
  5. how are you guys dealing with night haunts?
  6. but lizardmen got several kits from the 8th edition release , so they are actually behind us in that line. From releases we are mostly behind brettonia only, and it looks like they just will never see an update again.
  7. but BoC need it a hell of a lot more, Skaven got the vermin lord, tanquol and the stormfiends during the butt end of End Times. which are absolutely stunning . Beastmen's newest model that didnt just get taken from another army are the ghorgon and cygor, which came out in 7th edition.
  8. i dont think he ever had a warscroll, when aos first released it said to just use rules for doombull and that was it. despite him being a really cool and characterful unit, which deserved a model and rules. Meanwhile joke units like greesius goldtooth made it in with rules
  9. They said it would be on the webstore come December when i messaged them
  10. I mean at this point it would be nice to receive ANY new models, the quality in sculpts and dynamics of the poses has increased by leaps and bounds since we last got something.
  11. This is two conversions i am working on, minitaur on the right, and then demon prince based off of the old bloodthirster body. Apologies for not so great phone camera quality . Edit: the mino is just blue tac temporarily to see how far down i have to shave neck for it to fit.
  12. Well mine is all legal so far. Its minotaurs with thunderwolf cavalry heads. The doombull has one from a privateer press warpwolf, which meets the former 60% gw requirement for playing at gw stores and sanctioned tournament. As far as outside gw specific tournaments (so basically anything outside warhammer world and local gw store tourneys). Most tournaments have people running around with tons of third party bits or even third party armies. Id say if you want to play it absolutely safe get the gnolls and take the heads only. 20 bucks for 20 heads + arm bits and weapons is still pretty much a steal.
  13. That is really cool actually. I actually like knolls far better than ungors and gors. And im running an all wolf themed beastmen army, so you basically just saved me a ton of work.
  14. bullgors should be 120 for how poorly supported they are internally tbh. that or be moved to 3+ to hit and remain at same price.
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