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  1. I'm more thinking about AoS. Right now playing daemons in 40k means that you have a mixed army usually, but once you play AoS, it becomes a hassle.
  2. I wonder if the Chaos picture is a hint to a Daemons battletome ala 40k. Right now furies, Daemon Princes, Soul Grinders and Belakor kind of lack a home.
  3. It's from the 8th edition Daemons of Chaos WFB army book.
  4. I'd like to see Eldritch Council get an update. Play off the idea of an order of Loremasters and Wizards in a tower collecting information. Maybe like an Illuminati of the Warhammer world causing wars so they can snatch rare books. Add in plastic sword Masters and Spireguard plus incorperating swifthawk agents. GW can even use names of important locations from WFB like "Citadel of Dusk, Fortress of Dawn". Their army should be small and compact, but with a heavy focus on the wizard lord and his acolytes. Nurgle: Rotbloods (think of Khorne Blood Reavers), Pestigors, plastic Nurgle Sorcerer. Freeguild: Give them back all their artillery, and make them an offensive musket army (kind of short range, bayonets on muskets).
  5. I made this account just to say that I love your podcast. Knowing how much you guys love Nurgle, here's a picture of my lord of Blights. If I ever come down from Canada, I would love to play you guys. EDIT: I Also agree that Sabaton is perfect music to listen to while painting and playing.
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