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  1. great write up, thank you for that is it possible to see the list you´re played with? i´m new in this game and still in the "finding my army" process, and i like the skaven theme a lot
  2. then i have to go with beasts of chaos i already have a start collecting box. what should i buy next? just a 2nd + herdstone? and a few chaos-spawns? cause i like to play Gravespawns.
  3. Hi guys, i´m brand new in this game and want to start this beautiful hobby. now my problem: i have no idea which army should i use...i like a lot style wise but dont know how they perform on the table(top) maybe you can help me :) i wanna play a army with a lot of summoning, cause i rly like the playstyle of it. is there a army which can build a whole army around summoning and is still semi competitive? cause i like to play some tournaments in my local store and here´s a club too which often play tournaments. i like the style of the Beasts of Chaos and they have a Summoing part too. The Herdstone-Sacrifice-thing haha, but is there a chance to get even more summoning points? or still 1 in each round +d3 for the sacrifice? which army you can recommend me when i want a lot of summoning and still want to have a chance against a full tournament list, maybe highly competitive? first i want to start with 1000 Points, than build more up to 2000.
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