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  1. Again thanks a lot for the information. I don't know how often the Seraphon will show up as the guy who has the army primarily plays 40k and I haven't seen him play AOS since I've been playing. The CoS from what I saw was dwarfs with gyrocopters and steam tanks.
  2. The low model count starting on the board seems really nice and being able to consistently charge with the Chariots sounds good in theory. I'm not trying to build the most competitive Slaanesh army because my local meta isn't super competitive, the most competitive army in my meta is a guy who built Gristlegore FEC because he thought it looked like a ton of fun. So how do you think my army idea would do in a meta consisting of Khorne (both mortals and daemons from 2 separate players), Stormcast, Nurgle, CoS, FEC, Spuig GSG, Seraphon, Nighthaunt and potentially Idoneth Deepkin?
  3. Thanks for the extensive reply, I was planning normal Godseekers with a list looking something like this. Keeper of Secrets - General Bladebringer on Exalted Chariot Infernal Enrapturess The Contorted Epitome Seeker Cavalcade Battalion: 3 Seeker Chariots (Battleline) 2 10x Seekers. 40x Daemonnetes for summoning and some other heroes. Part of the reason I'm planning it this way is because I was planning on buying 4 Start Collecting boxes because they seem to have some great value.
  4. Hello all, I'm taking the jump to Chaos with Slaanesh and I'm planning on running a Godseekers Host army, what would be a good build for Godseekers?
  5. I've been a long time fan of the Sylvaneth models and I'm now finally building an army, any thoughts on my list would be welcome. The list comes out to exactly 2000, I know it may not be the most competitive list but I'm curious as to how everyone thinks it'll be able to do. The game plan is to sit the 2x3 BowNoths with the Branchwraith near the first Wyldwood to snipe with re-rolls while also having a druid making factory while the Branchwych, Archie support the 6 ScytheNoth and the Durthu while they wreak havoc across the board. Heartwood Wargrove Arch-Revenant Branchwraith - Horn of the Consort, Throne of Vines Branchwych - Verderous Harmony Spirit of Durthu - General - Legacy of Valour, Ghyrstrike 30x Druids 5x Tree-Revenants 5x Tree-Revenants 6x Kurnoth Hunters w/Scythes 3x Kurnoth Hunters w/Bows 3x Kurnoth Hunters w/Bows Free Spirits Battalion Balewind Vortex Gladewyrm
  6. I'm actually just switching over to SCE from FEC and I'm working on 2 different builds, a Vanguard Shootcast list and a Gav-Bomb list so I'm not running the same list over and over again.
  7. So if I were trying to make a fun yet still strong list would this work? Anvils of Heldenhammer Knight-Azyros Knight-Incantor Knight-Zephyros - Soulthief Lord-Aquilor - General Lord-Relictor - Translocation 5x Vanguard-Hunters 5x Vanguard-Hunters 5x Vanguard-Hunters 3x Aetherwings 3x Aetherwings 10x Evocators 9x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows
  8. @Bozly thanks for the wonderful in-depth response, this gives me a lot of information to work with. Is it better to run the 10x Evocators or 6x Evocators on Dracolines?
  9. Hello all, I'm new to Stormcast and in the last post it talks about the 3 different forms of shootcast and was wondering if anyone could either explain the 3 forms or point me in the right direction for those forms. Thank you
  10. @Kimbo With what you have I would go with getting the Abhorrant Archregent, the new leader Overread was talking about, some more Ghouls, the Endless Spells and the Charnel Throne. The list would look like this. No Grand Court - Feast Day Delusion Abhorrant Archregent Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist Crypt Ghast Courtier 40x Ghouls 10x Ghouls 10x Ghouls Chalice of Ushoran Ghoul Patrol Battalion You can summon in the Varghulf using the Archregent and then summon in Crypt Flayers or Crypt Horrors with the Terrorgheist This puts you at 1930 points, you can buy a command point or you can add in another endless spell.
  11. I read it as no matter how many TLAs you have you set up one wyldwood, you just choose one and set up the wyldwood by that one.
  12. Have a terrible idea for a Heartwood Glave army. Spirit of Durthu (340) - Artefact: Thermalrider Cloak Treelord Ancient (300) - General - Command Trait: Legacy of Valour - Artefact: Horn of the Consort - Spell: Regrowth Treelord Ancient (300) - Artefact: Spellsong Stave - Spell: Throne of Vines Treelord (200) 5x Spite-Revenants (60) 5x Spite-Revenants (60) 5x Spite-Revenants (60) 6x Kurnoth Hunters (400) - Weapon: Greatsword Outcasts Battalion (100) Lords of the Clan Battalion (60) Chronomatic Cogs (60) Spiteswarm Hive (50) 1990/2000 points 2 extra CP 3 Artefacts 4 Drops
  13. @Freejack02 Spellsong Stave gives you an extra spell cast during your turn
  14. Part of the reason I'm running the Spites in such big numbers, besides for the battalion, is the aura of -1 bravery and reroll successful battleshock tests.
  15. I think the following list would be pretty good for using/abusing the exploding 6's from Winterleaf. Arch-Revenant Spirit of Durthu - Frozen Kernel. Treelord Ancient - General, Regrowth, Spiritsong Stave 20x Spite-Revenants 20x Spite-Revenants 20x Spite-Revenants 6x Kunroth Hunters w/Greatsword Chronomatic Cogs Spiteswarm Hive Outcasts Battalion The list leaves 50 points for either another Endless Spell or an extra CP
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