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  1. I read it as no matter how many TLAs you have you set up one wyldwood, you just choose one and set up the wyldwood by that one.
  2. Have a terrible idea for a Heartwood Glave army. Spirit of Durthu (340) - Artefact: Thermalrider Cloak Treelord Ancient (300) - General - Command Trait: Legacy of Valour - Artefact: Horn of the Consort - Spell: Regrowth Treelord Ancient (300) - Artefact: Spellsong Stave - Spell: Throne of Vines Treelord (200) 5x Spite-Revenants (60) 5x Spite-Revenants (60) 5x Spite-Revenants (60) 6x Kurnoth Hunters (400) - Weapon: Greatsword Outcasts Battalion (100) Lords of the Clan Battalion (60) Chronomatic Cogs (60) Spiteswarm Hive (50) 1990/2000 points 2 extra CP 3 Artefacts 4 Drops
  3. @Freejack02 Spellsong Stave gives you an extra spell cast during your turn
  4. Part of the reason I'm running the Spites in such big numbers, besides for the battalion, is the aura of -1 bravery and reroll successful battleshock tests.
  5. I think the following list would be pretty good for using/abusing the exploding 6's from Winterleaf. Arch-Revenant Spirit of Durthu - Frozen Kernel. Treelord Ancient - General, Regrowth, Spiritsong Stave 20x Spite-Revenants 20x Spite-Revenants 20x Spite-Revenants 6x Kunroth Hunters w/Greatsword Chronomatic Cogs Spiteswarm Hive Outcasts Battalion The list leaves 50 points for either another Endless Spell or an extra CP
  6. Trying to build a list for the new book. Here's what I have so far: Arch-Revenant Branchwraith Spirit of Durthu Treelord Ancient 20x Spite-Revenants 5x Spite-Revenants 5x Spite-Revenants 6x Kurnoth Hunters w/Scythe Gladewyrm Spiteswarm Hive The list comes out to 1720/2000 I am having issues filling in the last 280 points and whether I should run a this as Winterleaf, Dreadwood or choose not to run a Glave so I can choose my CA and Artifacts. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Just getting into Khorne and was wondering what a good Slaughterborn Battalion army would look like.
  8. @Salami Vendoe I'm in the same boat, I love the Vanguard models and lore and from everything I've read they don't want to get stopped up in combat, they just want to moving around picking off small units and claiming objectives. Here's what my list looks like if you'd like a sample army. Order - Stormcast Eternals (1,940pts) Knight-Azyros (100pts) Knight-Heraldor (100pts) Knight-Incantor, Azyrite Halo (140pts) Lord-Aquilor, Shielded by Faith, Keen-clawed, Mirrorshield, General (200pts) Lord-Celestant (100pts) 5x Vanguard-Hunters, Astral Compass, Storm Sabre (120pts) 5x Vanguard-Hunters, Astral Compass, Storm Sabre (120pts) 5x Vanguard-Hunters, Astral Compass, Storm Sabre (120pts) 6x Vanguard-Palladors, Starstrike Javelin (400pts) 9x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (540pts)
  9. What is the best build for one group of 6 Kurnoth Hunters? Swords or scythes?
  10. @Mirage8112 since you're highly experienced in playing sylvaneth I was curious as to your opinion on the Heartwood Battalion. How well could a Heartwood Battalion focused army stand up to the more "meta" armies like DoK and such?
  11. Here's screenshots of what I'll be getting.
  12. Hello all, I'm into possession of a large collection of SCE and was wondering what a basic, competent list that I could work towards with the lot of units I'm getting. Thanks in advance for replying.
  13. Im new to AoS and my LGS just started a league which I joined and I would like some help with what to do with my last 250 points for my 2000 point army. So far I have: Mannfred Necromancer Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern 2x5 Dire Wolves 40x Skeletons 20x Grimghast Reapers 2x Morghast Harbingers Chronomantic Cogs Any help and advice is appreciated.
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