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  1. Right I know I am working fast on the this project but I started the paint job: The Commander(his arm broke off when I dropped him they're going to be painting separately and glued together once I got the turret done: And the next modeling project.... I want 3 more steam tanks... the worst part of the build was the track... so I set out today for an hour to make the "prefect" track: ........ Then comes the Silicone for resin casting: As always Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog
  2. I like the start of the paint job, that beard looks amazing.
  3. It's mainly 040, 030, 060 & 020 polystyrene or Plasticard. Also loads of cheap plastic gears /cogs I found for steampunk costumes. Build log: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/23916-re-inventing-the-steam-tank/
  4. Right, so I think this model has been my obsession for the past 5 days of free time. That being said I was sick for a day or two (actual sickness the fever and chills the whole 9 yards) so all in I think I sunk somewhere around 15-20 hours total in this project. Phase 1 the build is complete now I will hopefully spend the next couple of weeks painting it as I am slower painter, also don't own an airbrush yet. The "completed" Build: Close up on the storage of 2 additional tracks and wheels/cogs: Right now its disassembled for painting, 4 parts, knight turret, hull and base. And I noticed I got some nice Vallejo Grey Pumice I can use for the base, the reason for the white strips (plasticard / polystryene) to show a "sinking" of the tank into the dirt. I built up the pumice to make no place where a hard transition so it will look like mud and dirt. As always Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog
  5. Thanks, and yeah I got patience but also doing track in assembly line is fast, still it took 6-7 hours of effort. Right the assembly line: I got a chop-it mark 2 that I used to cut all the parts so they are very similar in size. Also tweezers and lots of glue. Right I stopped work tonight and here is where I stopped, lots of detailing needed but I'm getting close to completion. Close up on the turret hatch and Tank Knight: This guy is going to be a simple Steamtank, I have a plan for a Steam Tank Commander but that is later. Sincerely, IronCog
  6. Thanks! I do admit I my hobby projects sometimes run on praise, so thanks again! Update..... I had to go to a place I hate, walmart, I found loads of Steampunk Plastic Gears in the button area, I got enough for I think 2 full tanks, and I'd still have enough for more things, and for those wondering 10USD total, super cheap. And 3 hours of "roughing out" a track assembly turned into this: Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog hummm thinking of making the Iron Knights of Bretonnia with this new Cities of Sigmar book.
  7. I am hoping to build and paint at least one custom steam tank this month.
  8. Thanks, I have been thinking of using some skaven parts but right now I am liking the way its turning out. Also I love looking at cog forts conversions did you make one? Thanks! Your Project has been a real inspiration! So while I think over the wheels I've been detailing, adding the cannon and starting the riveting proccess: Close up on the Cannon: The rear panels detailing: And the bottom: Comments and Questions welcome.
  9. I got to admit I am really loving these kitbashes and conversions. I do have to ask, do you airbrush? or Hand paint those larger guys?
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