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  1. Thanks! Where there was one now there are two: As always Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog
  2. Due to waiting on parts for the steam tanks (mainly rod and tube for the hinges on the tracks), I've started in on my Commanders Body Guards, the Cog Knights (GreatSwords) Still have lots of work to do on him. need to add a tube or two and some armor. So one 3/4 of the way done..... 19.25 to go. As always Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog
  3. Speed? Sure, demented devotion to working on styrene yes. Thanks! Thanks, I have to say I love working with it. So update, Works been keeping me really busy, also caught a cold. I've been spending most of the weekend coughing and hacking but well I got loads of work done on the new steam tanks: Now I know it looks like I did a lot of work but I've also made loads of jigs so this was rather fast. All three of the steamtanks together. Now this army in Age of Sigmar is going to be a Greywater Fastness Army, I'm thinking of running their artillery Battalion, thus I need some field guns, I know its not that same as WW1 gun but hey its been fun working on the concept model: As always Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog
  4. Thanks, I'm going to try and stay with this army. Updates, Works been keeping me busy and I needed finish working on my work bench: Also doing a solid for a local gamer, AKA Commission work: But that's kind of over, and I started working on two more basic steam tanks: As always Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog PS, working with a laser cutter: Bikers are still ago.
  5. Time to start some outriders, yes they're Knights Riding Motor Cycles inside a giant mono wheel:
  6. Right I know I am working fast on the this project but I started the paint job: The Commander(his arm broke off when I dropped him they're going to be painting separately and glued together once I got the turret done: And the next modeling project.... I want 3 more steam tanks... the worst part of the build was the track... so I set out today for an hour to make the "prefect" track: ........ Then comes the Silicone for resin casting: As always Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog
  7. I like the start of the paint job, that beard looks amazing.
  8. It's mainly 040, 030, 060 & 020 polystyrene or Plasticard. Also loads of cheap plastic gears /cogs I found for steampunk costumes. Build log: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/23916-re-inventing-the-steam-tank/
  9. Right, so I think this model has been my obsession for the past 5 days of free time. That being said I was sick for a day or two (actual sickness the fever and chills the whole 9 yards) so all in I think I sunk somewhere around 15-20 hours total in this project. Phase 1 the build is complete now I will hopefully spend the next couple of weeks painting it as I am slower painter, also don't own an airbrush yet. The "completed" Build: Close up on the storage of 2 additional tracks and wheels/cogs: Right now its disassembled for painting, 4 parts, knight turret, hull and base. And I noticed I got some nice Vallejo Grey Pumice I can use for the base, the reason for the white strips (plasticard / polystryene) to show a "sinking" of the tank into the dirt. I built up the pumice to make no place where a hard transition so it will look like mud and dirt. As always Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog
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