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  1. Hello! I bought the new battletome yesterday and skimmed through it. I was baffled about the Calligraves Erasure spell especially the marking option. Why would I trade effectively 2d3 to only 1d6? Is there something crucial I am missing or some other synergy from some other warscroll? Only situation what I would "perhaps" usefull would be to attempt burn down enemy that would have high healing power and needed to be put down in single turn. but still.
  2. On thing that i was thinking about making conversion so that the "first rank" would actually have their swords up. on cool looking sword pose would be from shadow warrior in this picture lower left. That sword would neatly come over the shield. (AND if you would like cut the sword in half from the back of the wardens and use the parts that shows. ... also the pointing up spears would work. I have to admit that i really really REALLY like the look of those long spear, so i wouldn't personally cut them shorter
  3. Hello! This wording on the rules seems kind of odd. Page 96 from rulebook But the ability is all ready rolling two dices. Thus does this mean that it actually means that you roll total 4 dices when using ability? Thank you in advance!
  4. Thanks, if those "claws" is what you liked you most likely will like the next piece of terrain I am currently building. Just yesterday got them primed and few paints over. If all goes well I get them done by tonight and probably tommorrow post progress. With the colorscheme I wished to make the rock look warm. at least that was my intention. I agree that it would propbably be better with darker tone. perhaps it is more so that I used too much grey drybrush, prolly should have put little less. Yeah this was not my first rodeo so to speak. I have done couple necromunda tables, one mordheim table and one table for tomb king theme for fantasy battle.
  5. Hello! This is my first post on this forum, but some of you might know me from other places, such as Yaktribe, Ulthuan, 9th age, khemri forum etc. In short I am long time Warhammer fantasybattle and Necromunda gamer. Recently I got excited with the new Warcry . Thus I wanted to share some work I have done for Warcry.
  6. Here take my likes! Apparently forum has maximum reactions per day and just used them on your great work
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