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  1. In the first Officially Sanctioned crossover, the Tyranids finally make it to the Realms! Think on it - Stormcast vs Termagaunts! Tyranid Endless Spells! The mind boggles!
  2. "Remember, to a Skaven the only thing worse than losing is to see another Skaven win." - C.L. Werner (discussion with fans at the Warhammer New Hobbyist Expo in Grapevine, TX, USA)
  3. Well, I am interested! Looks cool! From an artistic, "fluff" note, I have to wonder if the armor would be more appropriate "undersized" on the Horrors because they grew so much after their "change". The FEC book suggests they consider themselves to sort of "be mounted knights".
  4. Very-very much-cool! I like it! You should make them for other forces, they are very cool!
  5. The book did mention Skaven with airship technology captured from the Kharadron and Skavenly re-engineered. Official rules for that would be awesome! It would be a good "White Dwarf" article on how to convert Kharadron airships into properly Ratty vessels and have official rules for them. A guy can squeak-dream about it, anyway...
  6. I notice a distinct lack of Clanrats on the Games Workshop Skaven page.
  7. Aaaand yesterday I used a gift card to cover some of the cost of the Flesh Eater Courts Starter. Cannot start on it until I finish painting 20 Stormvermin and painting and assembling my Warpfire Cannon. Oh, look....SQUIRREL!
  8. My lovely Lady Wife received an Arkanaut Company and some Stormcast Liberators. She gifted me with a PlagueClaw Catapult which will be built into a Warp Lightning Cannon to go along with my Clan Skryre forces (got a Doomwheel and Spiteclaw's Swarm for my birthday in November)
  9. Undead dinosaurs under control of Nagash for an "anti-Seraphon" force?
  10. Got the bundle. Whoo! Not from their Bestseller's list for the most part but some good novels in audiobook form at a great price. This will take care of my "drive home" listening for a long time! [ commute distance of 75 miles or 121 kilometers each way - gotta love Texas!]
  11. Here in the USA there are stores like Hobby Lobby that sell plastic tubes of small plastic animals, sea creatures, dragons, dinosaurs and things like that. They are in the kids toys and hobby sections of the store. The scale of the creatures vary considerably but I *think* I remember seeing stuff small enough, maybe.
  12. Welcome from another newcomer to this site and AoS! I am in the same situation as you - getting into this to keep things fresh and fun.
  13. Greetings all! I have been playing 40K for years and recently decided to branch into Age of Sigmar along with my wife, who recently got into 40K with Death Guard. In AoS she has decided she likes Kharadron Overlords so I got her the start collecting set and painted it up for her. I felt the call of the Great Horned Rat and am putting together and painting a Skaven force (...so...many...rats...to...paint...). I found this place and decided this was a good place to hang out. :) I live in the country in north Texas but work within a 10 minute drive of the Warhammer Citadel and Café here in the USA. Good to meet y'all!
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