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  1. Showed the unpainted models quite a while back. Finally got them painted. Thirteen Skryre Acolytes and Two Skryre Acolytes.
  2. Painting is being kind of interrupted by Real Life(TM)...doing house selling stuff. Sigh, stressful times and painting would be relaxing if I had time to do it... Thanks for the complements folks!
  3. Much greetings! Here are some not-yet-painted kitbashes of some Skaven Skryre minis I have been working on. 1) A Warlock Bombardier - made from an Isle of Blood Warlock Engineer, a 40K Imperial Guard Mortar and parts from Stormfiends and Clanrats 2) Ratling Guns - made from Isle of Blood Poison Wind Launchers and guns from a 40K flyer - plus second crew member from old-style clanrats 3) Warplock Jezzails - made from old and new clanrats and guns and arms from 40K Mechanicus Skitarii Rangers, along with some bits from 40K IG 4) Skryre Acolytes - made from new clanrats, a couple of Poison Wind Launcher Crew Members, various 40k bits for backpacks and gas mask bits, green stuff and hobby beads. Edited to add: The Skryre Acolyte throwing arms are from Flesh Eater Courts Ghouls. All waiting on dryer weather for priming. Looking forward to painting these! They will be fun-fun!
  4. Does this maybe help? A YouTube assembly video...
  5. It's the nozzle for a Skaven rocket-powered flying ship! Yes-yes!
  6. "Sideburn Aelves"? Sort of "Elvish Impersonators"?
  7. I want my Sky-Rats! Skaven in the Lore have captured and used Sky-Beard-Things (Kharadron Overlords) tech to make flying Skaven vessels. I need-want those so much-much!
  8. Anyone who has assemble the Warcry terrain will have noted the number of very pointy pieces. Some of the minis are like that too! I am pretty experienced at handling/assembling Games Workshop stuff but wow, the pointiness factor on some of the terrain and the "Chaos Chickens" reaches old-style 40K Dark Eldar miniatures levels. I had to rotate some of the pieces multiple times before I could find a way to hold them just to trim sprue residue off or smooth mold lines. Only drew blood twice during the terrain assembly. Blood for the Sprue God!
  9. Remember rule 1 of The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries: "Pillage, then burn!"
  10. Why walk when you can look cool while standing still? Oh, and you can summon lightning to throw a people!
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