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  1. Back in Warhammer Fantasy, I always wanted to see an eastern/samurai type army. Now that we are into AoS, they would maybe be from Ghyr? They harness the elements, so their playstyle could be really depend / be buffed by their environments aka what realm they are in. ( not just magic ) fight alongside crazy beasts and Oni-like creatures and although not super strong themselves, they are discipled with martial prowess. They are part of different clans that signify different principles ( with designated colours and symbol ) but work harmoniously to acheive goals. Not sure what to call them yet but here are some thoughts... Heros: Jade Priestess standing a top a Jade Dragon ( think like cloud serpent ) Master Elementalist atop a Beast of Ago ( 47 Ronin reference ) give some antlers or something crazy Simple Elementalist Monk type heros (glass cannons essentially) Elites: Oni type beasts - bit bigger than an ogor, 3 to a unit. Heavy hitters Samurai Cavalry - riding tigers...? Two headed tigers...( land of lore 3 reference ) or Battlecats... Heavy armored samurai - think of the movie suckerpunch Battleline: Longbowman Female warriors - kinda what they have just done with the cypher lords... Just but look more like nobushi from For Honor game Monks Ninjas... Obviously. Cool to set them up in Ambush or like wise rules That's what I have so far. Maybe a bit stereotypical in some areas but I haven't thought about this in a while and ideas are flooding back to me. Some things I have not explained in as grandeur detail as I feel I should but I always thought this has been an area unexplored by GW and would love to see their take on it. Cheers!
  2. Well even though I started this thread on a whim. There has been information devulged! So soon thereafter... Just as planned...? So with 10 different boxes.... I am interested to see if it is split evenly. Here are my guesses. AoS: Sacrosanct SE, Nighthaunt, DoK, Maggotkin, and obviously Idoneth. 40k: Deathguard being revealed, Necrons, Adeptus Custodes, Drukhari OR Craftworlds ( maybe with that new plastic farseer? )... And Primaris Marines...? Ad mech was 2016 but Tau has been a box the past 2 years so that last one is a real hail Mary. Especially with the new Armigers out from Forgebane or what ever it's called.
  3. Not that I'm aware of. Although they keep them until they have "sold out" as the SE Vanguard are still an online exclusive from last year and the Death Faction one hung on for a while too. The Khorne one from the first time round was around for a while too...
  4. With a little less than a month to when GW posted about their xmas Battleforce boxes last year ( Nov. 19), I thought putting this up to see what everyone's thoughts/wants/rumours are about the upcoming Battleforce boxes for 2018 would be interesting. I feel this has already been touched on in the AoS rumor thread but as I feel there are no real concrete 'rumors' this would be more fun. ( By all means if you know otherwise, please share! ) So to start I believe I will assume they will stick with the 4 boxes for AoS and 4 for 40k, as they have currently done each xmas to date. Mainly focusing on AoS here but I don't follow 40k very closely so if you do please feel free to let loose. So with Soul Wars this year I think it would be silly not to start with a Sacrosanct box and a Nighthaunt box. ( just as the first xmas after AoS dropped with SE vs. Khorne, there was a SE one and a Khorne one) The Nighthaunt I could see going with Lady Olynder, banshees, Harridans and making a grieving/widowed-esqe battalion. With these 2 boxes though I have no idea how all these new 'easy to build' models will come into play with these boxes. So that leaves us with 2 open slots if they follow suit to previous years as previously stated ( heck they could do 6 boxes this year ? Idoneth Deepkin Daughters of Khaine Maggotkin Beasts of Chaos With the Idoneth and Daughters, they have done 2 'Order' boxes before ( Sylvaneth with the first time around ) so I could totally see one but that's a tough choice... especially on the bestsellers page being filled with pretty much nothing but these 2 factions. I personally hope there is a Maggotkin one but I could see a Deathguard box for 40k so this might get passed over. I mean really what could you put in this box, 2 units of blightkings, Maggothlord, Lord of Plagues/Blights, and 2 Pusgoyle blightlords... Beasts of Chaos just because they recently got revamped. Maybe with the Herdstone included in the box? This also leaves out a Destruction faction but Death got left out of the first round so I don't really know if this is a big factor or not on GW's end. I mean heck, if all the rumors follow through we could be looking at Moonclan grots/Darkoath/Slaanesh Battleforce boxes for 2019! Let me know what you think!
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