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  1. To help bring us back down from our hopeful highs, there is no set time frame of when a rumor engine becomes a fully revealed model. Could be a soon as a week (usually foreshadowed heavily when this happens) to over a year. The current oldest rumor engine yet solved is one from March of 2020.
  2. Oh no. What is this feeling I'm having? Is this... hope? I'm scared. 🤣
  3. Very nice demonstrations! I hope you get to add this to your guide!
  4. I hadn't noticed the foot there on the top left. I guess it could be a tree trunk.
  5. Latest Rumor Engine looks pretty spooky. Perhaps it is a sign? Remember though that these could be as far out as a year from now.
  6. I'm a bit surprised more people weren't talking about bringing a Mega-Gargant in other discussions. I for one don't have one so I don't really put much though into them, but you make an important point about them being the only big thing on the table so they are prone to get targeted down fairly quickly. I am curious about running a second Black Coach for even more shenanigans on the table. I can totally see running one to each half of the table and just being a nuisance.
  7. Its true they did tweak those stats a bit, but to up his cost along side those tweaks just makes him still over-costed. If they would have left his points alone I think it would make more sense, but as of right now and how prominent having monsters (or better hero monsters) in a list are, he is still too squishy and for us specifically and puts a huge target on his back to focus fire in a turn to get those extra VP. It would make more sense for us to not carry any monsters and deny our opponents those extra points. People can certainly think of something to make him worthwhile though, but it'll have to be a huge focus on of the list to help keep him alive long enough to compensate for his lack of sustainability.
  8. In case there are those that aren't familiar, the term "Warhammer Legends" is a phrase used by GW to say that this will be the last time that document will be updated. As a rule of thumb, GW recommends to not use any Warhammer Legends datasheets/warscrolls for competitive tournaments. Any future updates to the game will not take any Warhammer Legends sheets/scrolls into consideration for balance purposes. When GW introduced this for Warhammer 40k, it was pretty much agreed by the community at large that any datasheets put into Legends will never see the table again since GW will no longer balance or update them. So far this has been proven true and I would think it best to assume that the AoS community will follow the same example. The only exception to this would be in situation where a RTT or GT will announce ahead of time that using Legends is allowed for their tourneys. Excerpt from one of the Legends Documents: TL;DR: Anything that says "Warhammer Legends" in the title of the document or is in the section of WarCom called "Warhammer Legends" can no longer to used for play outside casual game use where its agreed to be used and tournaments that say ahead of time that the documents can be used.
  9. I have no idea what they were thinking upping the mourngul to 300 points. It was at best questionable to bring him before for Nighthaunt, now I really doubt we'll see any play of him outside the stray casual list. A 10 wound 4+ non-rendable monster can only do so much for it being the only monster in Nighthaunt's arsenal. The Krulghast rule clarification is much appreciated though. Good to know I was using it right the whole time lol. Despite the fact that Nighthaunt didn't even get an FAQ update (shocker I know), the only rule we were really wondering about was the Krulghast question which got answered. Its just a shame that we didn't get any other nice tweaks, but that would be like wishing for a miracle at this point.
  10. I have no idea what they were thinking upping the mourngul to 300 points. It was at best questionable to bring him before, now I really doubt we'll see any play of him outside the stray casual list. The Krulghast rule clarification is much appreciated though. Good to know I was using it right the whole time lol. EDIT: According to a Soulblight player, they nerfed the Mourngul because Soulblight players were abusing his -1 to hit and ability to inflict MWs. Not sure how credible that is but there ya go.
  11. Thread post updated with a new thumbnail for the audio file!
  12. So an update on this. After speaking with @EnixLHQ I went ahead and contacted Sotek to see if he was interested in talking and he was more than happy to oblige! With that I give you Enix and Sotek's extended conversation on Nighthaunt! A couple things to point out about the conversation: First and foremost Enix and Sotek were great guests and it was a pleasure to host their conversation. Second this was done pretty much off the cuff and the recording is pretty much unedited. There were a couple of Discord beeps and I a stumble a bit at the start. Despite these small hiccups the overall conversation between Enix and Sotek was great and was very informative even with the amateur style recording. Anyone with an interest in Nighthaunt should definitely give this a listen! Thanks again to @EnixLHQ and LoremasterSotek for the conversation and I hope that the conversation provides insight for others who have an interest in Nighthaunt and hope to give them a try sometime! EDIT2: Here is the thumbnail image for the conversation created by EnixLHQ! Updated Download with the Thumbnail and other metadata courtesy of EnixLHQ: Updated Audio file with Thumbnail EDIT: Here are the images Sotek mentioned during the conversation: 2103868769_EnixLHQTalksNighthauntwithLoremasterofSotek.mp3 a91kye84.bmp
  13. What if we did something crazy, like invite him to an impromptu podcast of sorts, nothing official or anything just get him in a call and record it, then post it here and discuss. @EnixLHQ could talk with him and I would host it. A crazy thought I know, but a fun thought nonetheless
  14. Sotek certainly builds... erm... different lists, but hey, somebody's got to break the mold sometimes. Outside of him falling into the Krulghast "Does his ability affect Mortal Wounds" argument (I think we shrug MWs on 5s, but I guess its up to the TO for now) and having to awkwardly walk back his very strong enthusiasm about it ("I guess... I mean shrugging on 6s isn't terrible." ), his tactics make sense on paper. I have a real hard time believing the idea of us having ways to do damage to the point of actually being able to remove large monsters from the table reliably though. Sure we have a lot of re-roll and pluses we can apply thanks to GoS and ST, and yes Chainrasps can indeed pour a good bit of dice on the table, but our armies lack of decent rend and damage and our opponents use of Mystic Shield and All Out Defense on top of some armies having good saves in general hurts us pretty badly. Maybe Sotek's dice are more hot than they are cold or I keep mine in the freezer too long, but my feeling is when I run my Chainrasps I can roll 20-30 dice sure, but after our subpar hit and wound numbers and the opponents decent saves, I'm lucky to plink three or four one wound models from a unit, then my opponent fights back and takes down 7 or 8 of my rasps down after I fail my ward saves. The idea that I have to contemplate having to use the auto-pass morale command on a unit with 10 bravery leaves a real sour taste in my mouth.
  15. https://www.goonhammer.com/faction-focus-nighthaunt/ Here is @Ellarr's Goonhammer article for Nighthaunt faction focus. It goes over a lot of the basics on what to look for when building Nighthaunt. Give it a read and thanks to Ellarr for contributing to the Nighthaunt community!
  16. I echo this statement. We as an army just don't have the rend or damage potential to reliably down units from other factions, or survive long enough to be more than a speed bump for a turn. It's just the sad truth of the matter. Like what others have said, I would suggest getting at least one box of Herridans, Bladeghiest, one more box of Reapers and Chainrasps just to fill out your available units. The Krulghast Cruciator is our newest model and has his uses as well. Lastly Spirit Hosts are good to have on the table just to fill up space and help hold objectives so they're worth considering. From there you should decide if you want to tinker with Emerald Hosts or Reikenor's Condemned. EH leans into Lady Olyander and Hexwraiths. RC leans into, well, Reikenor.
  17. Goonhammer recently posted an article about a Nighthaunt player's experience at a small casual RTT. Reading through other's experience can glean tidbits of info that we can learn when playing our own games in the future. https://www.goonhammer.com/tournament-report-ham-fam-gardenhammer-with-nighthaunt/
  18. I'm surprised you didn't include Mannfred in your allies list. For 95pts more than Lauka Vai and a behemoth slot, you get a monster hero wizard who moves faster, has more attacks, FT, an extra wound, can teleport out of combat like our dread blades, can shrug off a wound per phase and can cast a MW AoE spell on a 7. From my perspective he is the tough to kill, heavy damaging dealing model that is lacking in the entire night haunt range by taking advantage of a swath of the new rule changes that we simply can't take advantage of well if at all.
  19. And change it into what, exactly? Sure ideally it would be nice to go off of 40k rules (models within 1in horizontally 5in vertically followed by models within 1in of those models, effectively making first rank, second rank attacks) but that isn't going to happen. It sucks that larger based models are taking a hit here, but its a game wide rule that effects everyone. For someone in my position where the idea of playing AoS in my local area is something that falls on deaf ears most of the time, I would rather not stir the pot so to speak by making things complicated when I already spent a lot of effort even getting someone to the table in the first place, but that's just the position I'm in. I'm fully resigned to the fact that when I play I'm statistically likely to lose anyway, so I'm not going to complicate things for everyone else.
  20. Unless I'm mistaken, a warscroll identified as a behemoth is not a monster right? There seems to be this mixing up of phrases that's bugging me because Behemoth is a classification when creating battalions and Monster is the keyword given to a warscroll so they can take advantage of Monstrous Rampage and certain secondary objectives from the GHB. As far as I understand they are not the same thing. If it was then our Black Coach would be able to go on Rampages.
  21. Always good to hear a Nighthaunt player having a good time with their army. I wonder if this will reflect on large games with the bigger table, or perhaps the game functions better, or feels more impactful sooner, in smaller <1001pt games. Something to ponder over as more games are played in the new edition. I also looked and compared between the old and new pile-in rules. It's definitely a good QoL fix and I'm kind of surprised AoS 2nd edition has such a restriction in the first place.
  22. Emerald Host has its uses and since we're so low on the totem pole anyway there are ways to make a presentable list with it. The Mortalis Terminexus is interesting in a vacuum, though I always struggle to understand the investment in endless spells since its inception, especially now that there are a lot of spellcasters out there waiting to counter your casting. Emerald Lifeswarm is an interesting spell though, as it is a means to help bring models back which is something we desperately need right now. I see a lot of people take Predator's Domain and it makes sense. IMO its probably our go-to choice. Two Mournguls is a huge investment, spending over a quarter of a 2000pt list in them, and then invest even more to have a pocket character to help keep them alive while also not getting that character sniped as it struggles to keep up with the big ghost monsters. That's a really tough sell to me when you can simply spend under 400pts on a single monster hero that can do all of that and deal more damage without needing anyone else to help him. This is also ignoring the fact of how hard to find Mournguls are to get a hold of these days. I'm lucky enough to have one! Still though, this is all theory crafting at the end of the day and I welcome any new list ideas to help keep us afloat the bottom tier, something to at least keep things interesting while we get wiped off the table when facing against more modern factions.
  23. Yes, unfortunately the only good way for us to take advantage of most of the new features of the new edition is to ally some Gravelords. Mannfred is an appealing option since he is a whole package and everything we need in a tough to kill package. Mournguls cost way too much for not being both a hero and a monster, and the fact that we didn't get any serious changes in our FAQ means we'll be sitting here in the bottom brackets for a long, long time to come.
  24. I'm leaning toward a Reikenor's Condemned build. With EH all you're doing is creating a new version of DG essentially creating an Olynder "Death Star" that is okay at best. Unless you're spamming reapers you simply aren't going to have a strong enough hammer to rely on wiping out enemy units. Nighthaunt aren't built for their damage, so don't put a lot of your eggs in that basket. Looking at a RC build however, sure chainrasps aren't what they used to be, but they can still hop around the board and take objectives and just be a thorn in your opponent's backside, which is what Nighthaunt are built for. With a Tokyo Drifting Reikenor and one other hero being your general that is two locations to use our army wide command ability to just teleport a unit somewhere else. You also get to keep Ruler of the Spirit Hosts for your second general while also letting a unit of rasps move an extra 6". The free candle ain't too bad of an artifact either. Keep a unit of Reapers and a black coach around to be our "damage dealers" and distract the opponent so we can pursue our main objective of grabbing objectives. Will this make Nighthaunt good or make them tournament worthy? Not by a long shot. We are in a terrible position right now and I'll keep saying that until it is shown otherwise (much to some people's annoyance with those of us constantly complaining). That being said, if you're like me and are sticking with the ghosty bois, we make do with what we can.
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