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  1. I'd be interested to have your feedback on those. Usually I never start with Screamers, I only summon them when needed. The only time I played them it was for a casual game against Seraphon with lots of dinos (and it worked pretty well)
  2. Changehost is not the alpha and omega. I had great success with a pure tzaangor list (30 tzaangors, 2*10 kairics, tzaangor shaman, 2*9 enlightened, greatbray shaman as allied for the +3"move) and great fun. The mix is also good: LoC, Gaunt, +1/2 heroes, 20 tzaangors, 10pinks, 10kairics, 9enlightened, +endless spells
  3. I would change several things, but at the end it is up to you. I tend to play more competitivly. I play the Tzaangor shaman supporting the enlightened (by 9, always), casting fold reality. From time to time the ogroid because of his spell that can be used to take the control of an objective easily if it is defended by a small unit. Magister and herald, I havent played them for a while, not effective enough and we have better casters. The fatemaster i havent tried it yet, but I have the model to test it As for heroes, I used to play 4-5 heroes, but now more like 3-4. LoC is a must have for me, along with the Gaunt summoner (best anti horde we have). Blue scrib is really good in case of an heavy magic list. If i play mortals, I play Tzaangors by 20 (you need only one model with shield according to the last warscroll version) to insure I keep the +1 attack even if I hit second. 1 unit of pinks, because it is awesome, 1 unit of 10 kairics, they are really chaff and wont be able to keep an objective if the adversary is sending anything against them. They stay in the back, shoot a bit and hope for a wound or to. If you play 1 or 2 units of pinks, you want to kill them youself (to farm those blues) to bring them back with the destiny dice of 1 you may have. You kill them either with Arcane Sacrifice, and/or with endless spells (pendulum is the best, you can hit 2 units of pinks at once, and it won't come back at you) Afterward, we are one of the best allegiance to exploit at its best the endless spells. I played changehost the other day (extreme case of heavy magical list) and played 8 endless spell, including 4 predatory. Speaking of batallions, I used to play none (after I tried severals), now I think changehost is one of the best list we have, but it is not easy to play as there is no tanky units or close combat units. I am not sure we are that dependant of the batallions, because of the destiny dice (one of the best allegiance rule in the game) we can run far when we want, insure charges, and reduce risk on moral. New rerolls on 1s are nice though and peaking to start first ou second is important (second if magic heavy list!) Hope this can help
  4. I play Enllightened by 9 (because Tzeentch...) because it is more resilient and almost insure you that you get to cast Fold Reality on them. This is usually game breaker. In addition, 9 of them can shew pretty much everything, and with the 2" to attack of the lance, you get to attack with most of them each time.
  5. From my understanding you are totally free to pick the realmgate and the Gaunt's ability from his warscroll. The only FAQ about it specifies that you can summon only once a game 10 Pinks/Bloodletters/Plaguebearers/Daemonettes So go for it (I really need to paint mine...)
  6. Yes, you need 8 Horror heroes or daemon units, you are one short to fill the batallion. If you want to go chip go for brims.
  7. I found good advices there : https://darrenbolton40.wordpress.com/2017/09/12/tzaangor-enlightened-skyfires/ Basicly you need a hand drill, neodymium magnets and super glue.
  8. If you ar enot sure, use magnets. I have 9 Tzaangors on disc, I can play them as enlightened on foot/disc or skyfires. Magnets for life
  9. I tried it and I liked it. It might not have the damage output of the skyfires (i did not do the math) but it is really tanky and scary for your opponent. People do not expect this kind of monster in our army, it gives you the adavantage of the surpirse. I would not play it in tournament though, because it does not have much synergies with the rest of the army
  10. On the warscroll builder the 3 versions are available, but both version not on disc cost 180... Looks like they got (at least this one) the version without fammiliars wrong. All the other units and endless spells are up to date with GHB 2019 from what I could tell
  11. Remember taht to swap you need both units to be at 27"of your LoC. It can ba a limitation to place your changeling right Otherwise I really like the ideau of Lauchon and will give it a try
  12. Indeed, only the units in the bataillon that are present at the start of the game can use the swap. Summoned units after the start of the game won't be part of the bataillon.
  13. No, because the swap happens at the beginning of the hero phase and the summon at the end of the mvt phase
  14. I am even more afraid the version with familiars is nor longer present in the GHB and thus no longer available. For now I have not seen it in the Everchosen and Tzeentch sections...
  15. I would maybe try to squeeze the cogs. It is one additional spell, but also, if you are summoning a lot, it can gives you 2" to charge, letting you charge at 7+ Not a fan of the acolytes here, I prefer blues for the cost and they will fit in your batallion, reducing the drops by one.
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