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  1. Can you please detail your list and your strategy? I tried a heavy charriot and flamer list against a free people army (former empire) and I got decimated by the shooting. Won the game because it was a heroes objectives and I got the first turn. Since then, I had a very bad feeling on charriots, which is a bommer since I love the model and I painted 3 of them...
  2. It is not exactly bouncing, as he does net get to cast it back in the opponent hero phase but rather he learns it. Moreover, it will be pointless to learn the realmspells. Learning your opponent spells I find it very situational as often they are tailored for s specific army. For example, once I played agaist Seraphon and brought the curseling it was a mistake for 2 reasons. First mistake a Seraphon does not cast spells, they save them for summon point, second mistake even if they have spells, they are all anti CHAOS DAEMON! Ok this is the worst case scenario... I dont want to convince you anyway, You know better than me who and what you will face so go for it, it is never bad choice !
  3. Well the Curseling is nice to throw back the spell at your opponent face... but the best anti magic we have is a LoC with Magical Supremacy. For the summoner scroll it is awkward, it looks like they did not update the app. It used to be the app not updated since the silver tower FAQ release. Honestly I am not using it, I am using printed warscroll from the website with the faqs if needed. You can break it down by considering that only your DAEMON WIZARDS benefit from the LoC trait. Thus it is not as good to take the arcanite mortal ones
  4. No, the last warscroll for all Tzaangors is found in the Beast of Chaos Battletome
  5. I agree on the magister, I like its spell, but it has been several months it did not make the cut. I tend to pick less wizards because summoning is really powerfull for tzeentch with the acrifice of your own pinks. I end up with 3 or 4 wizards, where 2 of them are always the LoC and the Summoner. The others I pick are the shaman to buff the tzaangors/discs, the ogroid for objectif switch shenanigan and then when I feel like it the blue scrib/curseling/magister
  6. I like the shaman to babysit the Discs... but it is true it is not that of a bonus when theyr are 6. Even debatable for 9. If you own the model, the Chaos Sorcerer lord is a valid option for its buff spell. The summoner has been faqed as well, it has been discussed in this topic already, I beleive it is in the Silver Tower FAQ. YOU get to choose how to allocate the wounds. Otherwise I agree it would be less important, but as it is your pick it is really great. If I had to choosse between your 2 options, I would probably pick the second option because i like the shackles. But for holding down objectives, the warriors are more tanky obviously (with shields). Having 20 Kairics can be nice as you can stretch the unit and grab two objectives and you have the shooting, but if you blow a little they disapear and then run away. And you won't have much command point to avoid the moral test. That's why I take them by 10 and never by 20.
  7. Hi! Firstly about the spell portal, I don't know if you are aware but it has been faqed and you can now cast only a single spell a turn through it... so definitly not woth the point cost imao For the tzaangors, 6 enlighteneds are a much bigger threats in close combat than 20 tzaangors. It is 280pts for 6 enlighteneds that you can bring back with fold reality (if on discs), this is why 9 is even better so you can suck up more damage. You don't want your unit to be wiped out before fold reality. Even with 6 I think it is better. 20 Tzaangors cost 360 points. It is actually your 6 Enlighteneds (280) plus 10 Kairics (80) feeling your battleline slot. With your pendulum and arcance scrifice I expect you kill your own pink and thus flood the field with blues to hold down objos and bubble wrap the other real threat, your wizards. So I would modify that, maybe take the soulsnare shackles spell. Eventually, you can switch Mark of the Conjurer for smth protecting your LoC (gryph feather charm if you can take an artefact in Ghur ) Oh also, Your Gaunt Summoner needs to have his familiar, he is so much better in this set up for the same cost (+1 to cast, +4 wounds)
  8. I have to try it now But I need to playtest before getting 9 more enlighteneds (and painting them) Do you guys think the vortex is used with the curseling to steal all the spells he can? I was expecting both shaman running by the tzaangors and the curseling as a back field control tower, sacrificing the poor kairic holding an objective nearby...
  9. I saw it on AoSShorts and was asking me the same thing. I thought this was illegal as well.
  10. Yes. I want to see the point cost. But giving the strength of miagic in the current meta (Nagash, Stormcast, Sylvaneth...), it might really be a good addition to a competitive list if it is not too expensive. In addition of the boost to the heavy cavalry, Skarband and the prayer, Khorne is really getting a nice boost and not only against magic.
  11. Looks like Khorne is going to be a pain even more. Warhammer Community Link Skulls Endless spell (or the so call equivalent): -2 to cast it at 12'' of one. If you roll 8 and you are at 12'' of both you forget the spell and all wizards at 12'' get D6 (!) MW The Skull altar: -1 to cast at 16'' I have a friend who plays khorne, I really consider playing against just to try smth with the least wizards possible... or just go StD. He would have invest in anti magical stuff and thus give me some advantage. But honestly it is gonna be impossible to align a magical heavy list I think
  12. The rule of cool always prevail! Honestly go for what you like and try things. I am getting a Vortex Beast and I will give it a try once a receive it, for the sake of testing and having fun. More than 20 pinks may be too much to be competitive. Takes endless spells if you have a plan for them. Besides the usual suspects (vortex/cogs, pendulum/swords...) if you are list building against a specific opponent take what will be efficient, shackles against close combat, palissade against shooting... If not and you want a generic list, some endless spell wont be worth their cost because they will be dead pick against a majority of match ups
  13. Glad I can help @DavionStar. Keep your summoner with familiars, he is really one of the best entry we have. I use mainly Blues and Brimstones for summoning, especially when playing with Pinks. Oterwise, I summon the Exalted Flamers which is not that expensive (12 fate pts) for having some nice shooting taht give MW. I summon the herald on disc if I need heroes for objectives. I summon the screamers if I need to take far away objective, help to kill a big guy or just poke an hidden character. But they are not that great by 3 to be honest. I have such a great time painting Tzeentch. I am actually afraid I will never get that much variety and fun with another army...
  14. You should give the Bolt of tzeentch to one of your best caster the LoC or the Summoner, You will want to reliably cast it every turn. You play 2*10 pinks so take the Pendulum to kill your owns pinks aiming for both units turn 1 and then make them come back with the 1 of your destiny dices with the bravery tests. You will get like 20 blues first turn, this help to bubble wrap and/or take control of objectives. You can use a fast caster like the blue scrib or the herald on disc or the shaman to project your blues far away. Not sure about the vortex beast as I never tried it. Eventually consider getting 6-9 Enlighteneds, they are really awesome for the point cost currently.
  15. The Balewinf Vortex is indeed one of the best. You will also find some really good ones in Malign Sorcery: the cogs for extra spell, the shackles to block marching armies, the swords/pendulum to sacrifice your own pinks and then thow them at your opponents. The geminids good also, the palissade against shooting armies. To finish, I am not a big fan of the portal since the FAQ, you can use it only once a turn.
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