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  1. Mr Saturday

    Fimir Dirach

    A fomorian (fimir) from Krakon Games.
  2. Mr Saturday

    Fimir Dirach

    A fomorian (fimir) from Krakon Games.
  3. Hey all, I've been getting more into AoS since I started with a humble Blades of Khorne warband for skirmish. I have my eye set on a Paths to Glory force now, but I'm coming up on a bit of a stumbling block against one of my mate's forces, dispossessed. Now he's a pretty shrewd tactician in any case, but his Paths to Glory force seems pretty brutal. He runs 2 units of 10 longbeards, and organ gun, engineer and warden king. He bubbles give pretty much his entire force re-rolls to hit, save, wound and re-roll ones when kept in close order. His engineer gives his organ gun a re-roll. I'm finding his shooting is pretty much deleting a unit of about 10 per shot, and once I do get to him he gets +1 save on the longbeards if I charge. How do I crack this stunty nut with a Blades of Khorne Paths to Glory force. I'm looking at rend and mortal wound output, so I'm thinking a slaughterpriest would help for starters. I'm also kind of torn on whether to use Skullreapers of Wrathmongers. Any advice appreciated.
  4. Mr Saturday

    Khorne Bloodbound warband for AoS Skirmish

    Thanks folks. I'm hoping to use a wide range of minis in the force, from very old Realm of Chaos minis (my flesh hounds are all RoC, as are my bloodletters) to super new models like the wrathmongers, which I initially didn't like and now kind of love. I'm planning on a 20 strong unit of reavers, but I think that many models will require me to convert some to keep me interested. Happily I have a box of forsaken, so mutations galore.
  5. Mr Saturday


  6. Since the advent of the General's handbook and the Skirmish rules I've taken the leap into Age of Sigmar. I've used the opportunity to try a new force, the Bloodbound. I seem to be surrounded by Khorne models, so it's time I painted some of them. Here's the first few models for the warband, I'll need to add a few more to get it to playable level.
  7. Mr Saturday

    Age of Sigmar Skirmish - Full Points List

    The fimir noble is missing from the monstrous arcanum section. Great work on this by the way.
  8. Mr Saturday

    Dragon Ogors - Base Size?

    Thanks folks. I have the old Nick Bibby dragon ogor, and he sits best on a 105x70. I think he'd work best as a shaggoth then.
  9. I can't seem to find the base size for dragon ogors either on the GW site or the base size pdf. Can someone tell me the base sizes for dragon ogors and the shaggoth?
  10. Mr Saturday

    Slaughterpriest - Markus Scissorfist

  11. Mr Saturday

    Slaughterpriest - Markus Scissorfist