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  1. I haven't seen any talk about the Royal Mordants battalion, although it is one of the few battalion to have received a buff in the new book. I have played it twice now in Blisterskin and I must say 40 Ghouls moving 16" is pretty dope ! The only downside is it seems I cannot bring up one of the knights unit from the battalion to 6 without removing anything else essential from the list... Having hard choices to make is the sign internal balance is quite good I guess Any other Mordant fans around there ?
  2. As soon as the Cabal is down to 2 members, you lose the extra cast. I think 180 points is too much. You could have a Gaunt Summoner with familiars instead who would cast 2 spells or an Ogroid who would double up as a beatstick. Max
  3. For sake of completeness: it's 6 players per team but matches are played 1v1. A faction cannot be used more than once per team and realms are not used.
  4. Unfortunately, one of my team mates is using Slaves to Darkness, so it locks me out of that faction (team tournament restrictions).
  5. Thanks gentlemen for your feedback. I'm also leaning more toward the LoC version because it will be useful in every match, where Kairos only comes into play when I get to use fold reality. Bu god do I hate this when I must decide to fold reality my squad of Enlightened with 2-3 models left without that guarantee ^^. I'm quite liking the Bestigors on paper, adding a little couterpunch to the list for cheap. Considering @mmimzie comment about Enlightened that should be used as a missile in a LoC list, I feel the Great Bray Shaman increasing that missile range and giving me options is not bad, and it also gives some more reach to the Bestigors and Tzanngor Shaman (to reach even further with summoning). I have not tested the Great Bray and Bestigors yet, I will try them at least once before writing them off. @Luke1705: Same question as this above gentleman, why would treacherous bond be mandatory on the Tzaangor Shaman ? I don't feell like is survival is key. He's there to give the Enlightened missile a bit more punch and be a fast beacon for summoning, once he's job is done, he can die no regret. Thanks again for the feedback
  6. Yup, this is basically what my list looks like. My last iteration looks like this : The idea is to be able to do a lot a things : - 3 ways (arcane sacrifice, balewind and spellportal) to increase spell range to put some hurt if I am given first turn or to reach supporting pieces if needed. - Summoning with mini Pink farm and Chaos Spawn from Magister - Melee threat with Enlightened + Tzaangor Shaman and Bestigors all with buffed move from Great Bray Shaman. The magister gets is own reroll for spells through arcane sacrifice and all other casters (except Great Bray) benefit from LoC command ability and wellspring of arcane might, wich gives me a somewhat reliable magic phase. By switching the LoC for Kairos (Wellspring then goes on Gaunt) I lose some of that reliability for a little bit more summoning (second Chaos Spawn) and of course the fold reality guarantee on Enlighteneds, but I also get the opportunity to make the Great Bray Shaman spell reliable (by casting it with Kairos) which could be a nice trick in niche situations. I quite like the balance of it all and I feel like trying to squeeze Kairos + LoC will make it a lot less strong in certain areas, and I wonder if it is worth it for a guarantee and a trick... I'll read any comments on this particular matter or the list itself with great pleasure. Thanks all.
  7. Silly question maybe, but why not both ? I'm currently designing a list for a team event and I can't decide between both... to the point that I'm considering how I can make room for both.
  8. I think he can be useful in an heavy magic list. There is also the obvious synergy with Mark of the Conjurer, combined with Cogs, He could grant you 6 Fate points per turn.
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