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  1. Just make sure to not get your hopes up too much guys or the dissapointment will be a bitter one.
  2. What are your oppinions on Centigors and warhounds in this edition ? Simply due to the Centigor price increase the warhounds appear better, but tbh unless they had a warscroll change I dont really see them being better.
  3. Just do what you want. I dont think anyone really minds the WIP pictures at all. As long as there is visible progress so its worth posting I think anyone enjoys some plastic inspiration
  4. Cheers Pff that article was big load of nothing. "Oh look monsters are good now coz monsters are good now! Ooo Cygor can do well against spells and wizards" Uhuh, thanks Cptn obvious.
  5. Can someone link the article please? I wanna take a look at that utter hogwash, but cant seem to find it when going through GW main page.
  6. They Are Billions final wave music started playing in my head while reading this comment! Embrace the STEAMpunk! *___* But you made some very good points. I think the random movement really is no longer necessary and the damage table could potentionally go away, or just be reduced in effect a bit, cause its not like the STank is super overwhelming right now. While I love the sound of a Steam Tank squadron unit I think it would be a bit too much. But cool idea anyway. If we are talking about more steam vehicles, rather than tanks and transports I would like to see something more fancy and unique. We are after all in High Fantasy setting so making something super cool is tottally an option.
  7. Now THIS is a Shaggoth! I wonder if we get updated sculpt anytime soon, but yeah this is an amazing conversion job.
  8. Its not that unique of a quirk honestly. This has been the case for Beast of Chaos since forever... You can ally into the 4 God factions and Slaves of Darkness, but you cant take any allies from them (just from Slaves) into your own BoC army sadly.
  9. I feel ya. FG Guard were the most reliable chaps to get the job done and not cost an arm and leg points wise. Always enjoyed using a nice big blob of them. Worst is, same with Dark Elf infantry. So there is really no viable replacement for cheap blob anymore. I guess massive shift to MSU cav will be the only possibel replacement.
  10. Hmm not a fan of the price hikes. I wonder when our book will be released and if finally for the first time someone competent writes it, and the army as a total is coherent and makes sense, rather then the random jumbled mess we have been for a while now.
  11. Is there any foundation supporting these rumors or is it just people wish listing ? Coz If anything I would expect Beastlord, Shaggoth and Centigors to get new sculpts first and foremost in case updated kits are announced for us.
  12. What do you mean Pop ? The first 2-3 to make contact go "flat" (horizontal) and the ones after just slam in like nails into a board (vertical) ?
  13. I too believe this will be a thing. Either this, or the bigger bases modesl (40mm+) will have different Cohesion rules. Since what we have are just snippets not the entire cohession rule page so its possible. But one should remember the quote from 40K DoW PC game when it comes to GW: 'Hope is a first step on a road to disappointment.'
  14. This is so stupid.... dont they realize this impact a LOT of units ? Like every single 40mm base model in the game ? Ogors will suffer, Troggoths will suffer. Anything that is "monster infantry" will suffer from this, This rule makes absolutely NO sense, since you cant play 6 models in a line, yet you have to pile in. Srsly wut ? Edit: Maybe, possibly they actually thought of this and models on 40mm/50mm bases will have some exception to this.
  15. Thats exactly what I meant. Beastlord was only good with gnarl blade. THAT Beastlord, back then. Not the one right now that no longer rerolls
  16. Best of luck good sir! And if by any chance you`d be willing to share them once done I would be much obliged. I enjoy running a mixed race CoS Army in AoS and I can see myself do the same with the Warcry Warband regularly since the mono race warbands are kinda lack luster. As such being spared to nonstop flip the pages and skim through them would be a great QoL I`d be grateful for :3
  17. But I dont really mean the "meh" part of it. Jabberslythe is literally a Buff bot for your enemy. I cant believe this got greenlit. Hell make it a 3D6 rolls, if the unit fails the roll they take few MW. Bam done. To intentionally write a rule that gives them +1 attack, is not an oversight or lazyness. This is intentional and kick in the teeth of anyone who was hoping to bring their Jabberslythe. There is a saying to not ascribe to Malice what could be defined by stupidity, but to me this is just malicious. Our army is in dire needs of inner army buffs and synergies, and instead we get a unit that buffs your opponent units... like what type of drug was the writer taking to come up with this ? How does this even make any sense...
  18. And again with the stupid "I give yo something but take much more away from you" rules. I fail to see why would anyone bring a Jabberslythe now. Even less then before. Its essentially a free Buff bot for the enem units. You give the enemy unit +1 attack, turning them into murder machines and the only drawback is 1MW for each 1 rolled ? AFTER RESOLVING THE ATTACK! Just how is this not a free buff for the enemy, HOW ?! This is just plain mockery! LOL I am sure any of you`d happy take that tradeoff if it was usable on our own units.... Who cares if few models die. You can always reroll using a command ability. 12" aura for units like bullgors who use big beefy bases.... again what were they thinking. And a worthless named shaman. A BRAY SHAMAN with Warherds.... zero synergy beyond being just a spell bot. Good thing I didnt expect anything becuase none of this is really good. The Beastlord is kinda good, but can no longer be used with Gnarled Blade due to no more rerolls. Very dissapointing in general. I mean, these people arent even trying FFS! Or actually the are trying very hard.... to make it worse than it was before. This is just ridiculous at this point!
  19. If this is true then... Lol.... Beastlord is good only because of Gnarled blade (yeah sure you can have a second one with Volcanix Axe I guess). Why Jabberslythe, a thing that hasnt seen proper table ever since its massive nerf is going up in points is beyond me. Do these people even play their own game ? (most likely not. or if they do probably just the top meta armies, thus just seeing the rules on the warscroll makes them think "this is too cheap for how good it is"). Bruh...
  20. Since we are sharing some bulls, these are mine They are the Mierce ones and as you can see on some of the pictures, it is exactly as mentioned. The weapons got broken off during transport some even into multiple pieces. Just a pain in the a** to deal with honestly. But they look so much better than the GW ones in my oppinion. Admittedly pretty bad picture quality.
  21. Oh this was some good stuff! I dont hope anything tangible will come out of it as far as the game itself goes. But as a tid bit of lore, this was really delicious offering! BAAAAH!
  22. So Mierce Miniatures also realeased these adorable fluffers. Perfectly fitting after the Bullgor talk about dynamic miniatures full of character. Yet another nice proxi if you dont like the weird bull-rat thing GW offers.
  23. Thats why I opted for Mierce Miniature minotaurs instead. They look so much better than the weird muscle blob from GW.
  24. My expectations are non existent. Also a Bullgor themed box with no Doombull to lead the pack...
  25. I do play a wargame including a lot of D20 Rolls (Infinity, pretty amazing tactical skirmish game with gorgeous miniatures) I dont think I would want that dice system in AoS to be completely honest. The RnG with those can be absurd sometimes and the curve between meh, and explosively amazing rolls is pretty drastic. I think the D6 system is pretty good for a game that uses such big number of miniatures in a single as AoS does, and wouldnt really want to change that. Alternative take on Damage for Bullgors and DO, could be multipliers of D3 rather tahn D6. Kinda like the CoS Hellstorm Rockets have: Dmg 3D3. So there is always a minimum roll of multiple wounds guaranteed, with potential high ceiling. Though I dont really think the Damage is the issue with Bullgors. I think all they really need is more attacks. One on the profile and one from some sort of "In the turn they successfully charged into combat you get +1A to all your weapon profiles" (horns included). Would have similar weight of the Ogor charge who deal MW instead, just in a different way. It would make the the good old Glasshammers of old, when watching Bullgors charge was a scary moment. Meanwhile Dragon Ogors could be even more tanky (3+ save with 5++ for MW) meat grinders that can get stuck in there and just wither bunch of attack while dishing out respectable damage. Oh and Bullgors with Great Axes should absolutely have 2" range. We are talking about a big monster with arms as long as a man swinging around long poles. You cant tell me having reach of 1" makes sense. (And it would open a lot more options for the two handed minotaur builds).
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