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  1. ^ Pretty much this. The Cabal can take any ally you feel like taking without sacrificing much in return, and they do not require any to be effective. Personally though, I am kinda sad there is no regular non caster Tzaangor viable, but I think I`ll try to incorporate at least the Shaman for my guys and see how it does. Should it work out, I might wanna get another one and paint him in the Cabal colors :3
  2. Snippet from the Book: WARHERD and THUNDERSCORN units in a DARKWALKERS army are considered to have the BRAYHERD keyword for the purposes of the Brayherd Ambush battle trait (pg 61). In addition, up to half (rounding up) of the reserve units that are set up in ambush can arrive in your second movement phase instead of your first movement phase. So you would be correct on that you cannot Ambush a Chimera, thus why I am a stern fan of Ambush Gorghons ^^ Best thing is, after few games, your opponents will get used to this and keep part of their army in the back to counter the big nom nom bull monsters, only for them to meet a unit of ungors archers face to face, while your Gorghons are deployed on the table turn one. Taken from the strategy Tyranid players book: "Schroedinger Carnifex" and appropriated to Schroedinger Gorghons
  3. Now thats a scary thought. Hmm... although I dont see it being an impossibility. Should GW ever want to expand the FEC faction, they could go the Genestealer Cults route, where each subsequent generation while retaining the monstrous strength draws ever so slightly closer to more human appearance as well as their minds gaining a bit more twisted clarity rather then just chaotical madness. The Strigoi Vampires strain comes to mind from the old Vampire Counts. The ghouls and Genestealers share similar postures and the sculpts for the miniatures is also quite close to each other for people even use them for conversions of the other. I wouldn't deem it impossible them (GW) going down this route. Though it wouldn't be exactly original since it would be a fantasy version copy paste of GSC, it would be a possible angle of expansion for a faction that has....what... 5 units ? (Ghouls, big Ghouls, Big Bat Ghouls, Big screaching bat dragon, and one or two characters)
  4. @JPjr I have no such intentions. I like things be friendly and fun for all if possible. I will wholeheartedly agree with the open mindset of the setting for this universe, There arent that many fictions with a degree of inclusivity as high as Warhammer (Fantasy or 40K) has. It is a universe with many different religions, races, types of creatures and subtypes of said races, philosophical streams of though, and much more. I merely wish to steer away from some more fringe elements this train of though brings (just like any other train of thoughts when taken to the extreme) and keep the fun discussion going. I also wish not to bring up politics of real life into this. Taking your lead I shall speak on this no more, rather I`d love to continue talking about reproductive habits of magical snake wome and walking trees *** In regards to Morathi... we KNOW for a fact that she goes for anything if she fancies them enough or sees them usefull in one way or another. Men, women, mutants, and demons alike. Heck there is a reason Slaanesh he/she/itself hand picked and chased her soul down after the big bang happened. She has a reputation for a reason. If someone likes Morathi (and I do consider myself a fan), they like her for who she is as a character, with all aspects of her personality being part of that character. She is fairly egoistical and power hungry, and has ever "loved" only two people in her entire life. At least from what I`ve read about her. One of them being the first dragonlord or something... sorry my memory on this is not the best, and the second being her son Malekith. With her mind, body and soul being one big clusterf* I think we would be hard pressed to find anyone (man, woman, tzeentchian tentacle monstrosity) able to get a little spot in her heart. I think warm emotions like love is not something the current Morathi is truly capable of (going by what we can read on her). Squeezing a little bit of compassion might be about the maximum you could get. *** As for the Ghouls thing.... I didnt read the FEC book, but unless they changed how Ghouls came to be, they should be able to reproduce just like humans. Though them being twisted mutants in their own right, might lead to some members of the species becoming sterile. Its not uncommon for a unexpected strain of life, that came via breeding to be sterile. Example I can think of are Ligers > Lion+Tiger offsprings. Most of them if not all of those few that exist are unable to further procreate as far as I know. I might be wrong on this though so dont quote me on it.
  5. Now now. Personally I didnt see him eluding to something like this. This way of looking at it is rather extreme and has the stank of SJW interpretation there friend.... not accusing you of anything, but maybe lets not go that rabbit hole please ? @Overread Morathi doesn't really have a hate on for males in general, actually in the DoK books its pretty nicely explained why she does things the way she does. Its about power and control, which for her is easier to excercise over other women, especially since her own son told her to shove off after what she did.... never mention Nagash literally pimp slapping her, when she tried to honey up to him and give him a bone err..... get it ? Nagash....a bone err (believe it or not, this word is censored here)...... riiiiiiiiight, please dont release those man eating ferrets, I`ll be good now >__< Anyway, she pretty much decided to not rely on anyone else but her own, and instead of going for the seducer type she used to be back in the old world chose to go the angry snake vixen route. Her crippling the male souls is mostly out of fear of rebellion, and then turning on/away from her, just like Malekith (Malarion ?) did after all that fun Slaaneshi stuff happened.... and lets be honest here, Morathi aint no saint. She is as far from one as a Greater Unclean one is to use cleanex to wipe his hand after a days work of washing the floor with Mr. Clean. Her being overly paranoid and unstable is also a thing thats written. When she gets irritated she looses control and turns into her giant snake demon form, and cant turn back on will, only after calming down. Plus she is batsh*t insane from all the things Slaanesh did to her. Add to that her former nature and a millennia or two of spite and you got one psycho of faction leader right there. And thats kinda her current charm, and a source for great possible venues to take both her and her Factions story. Now does it make sense to weaken part of your population, in a society based on Darwinism and survival of the fittest like that of DoK? Absolutely not, and shows how the author didnt think things through. Strong male + strong female = strong child with good genes, and possibility to transcend both its parents. For a faction based on warfare and nonstop combat > kinda like Spartans of our own world, it makes very little sense to use individuals you would normally see at the bottom of the genepool (lets extrapolate that > Weaker souls in this fantasy setting would have negative effect on ones physical body as well, which is directly tied to genetics) to be the fathers of such a society. Honestly I would not be surprised at all for the more doubtful and more free willed DoK to seek mates from the other Aelf races, rather than copulate with their own men. I do like to comparison to a ticking time bomb society, where eventually someone somewhere will start asking questions, and if enough people do so you cant silence all of them secretly anymore. Again though - it all depends on the writers ability to work the story around. Personally I dont need for Morathi to "be put into her place" by Khain or anyone, but I would like to see some internal divide and her own subjects starting to doubt her teachings. She is a demigod trying to siphon Khains power to fully ascend and join the Pantheon, but still I hope things get bit more fleshed out and shaken up a bit. It would be interesting to see some alternative units spring out of it, embracing a different mentality and combat doctrines stemming from it. Its possible Doomfire Warlocks which is a dual kit, will be gone in the next battle-tome update. In such a case some new cool miniatures with a bit more unique identity and theme can be introduced. I would love a bigger emphasis on the whole Serpent thing. Hmmm serpent riders could be very cool (this being DoK think TK serpent riders but more dynamic and sleek).
  6. Well I sure love me some Harpies and Lamias :3 Heck its those two miniatures + Big snake Morathi that got me into AoS 2.0 I do like your train of though. Personally I believe its reasonable to think that Morathi, as wicked as she is, is also pretty darn smart all things considered and would plan ahead of this, thus making the female reproductory organs of Melusai and Khinerai work similar to her more normal servants (meaning: regular witch elves). Now I know this is a different universe and setting, etc etc etc, but I like how Harpies and Lahmias are done in the Monster Musume universe. Where they can procreate, but only give birth to female "monster girls" of their own species. Similar to the blue heads from Mass Effect universe, the child takes a lot of personality and character traits from their father, but as far as its species, it always is of the same as the mother = a monster girl. Though occasionally there are exception and a male is born, in that case the male is regular human in terms of physiology who exhibits some traits of his mother (ie: occasional scales or feathers here and there, more snake like eyes, etc etc). I`d like to imagine that Morathi did think about these things, and her demi human (demi elf ?) servants are still able to do the snu snu and give birth to children. Though how crippled the male aelf souls of hers are due to her own doing, I would presume all the children born would be of the same species and gender as the mother. NOW if one of these girls should fancy a particular human man.... thats where it would get interesting. Unlike Humans x Aeldar who are far more different as species, but still can interbreed, though its very rare and even rare a child is born this way. In AoS the Humans and Aelfs are more similar to each other, as per the typical fantasy setting. Going by what I already wrote > IF Melusai and Khinerai can procreate with male aelfs, it would be more than probable they could do so with Humans as well. .... And now I really wanna read an epic story of a human Witch Hunter and a Melusai of fighting chaos together, on some heart wrenching adventure, and eventually getting more "comfortable" with each other doing the bogie bogie dance.... yesss, this warms my Beastmen and demi-humans loving heart very much so haha^^ *I really like your take on the "What if Khaine comes back". I have been thinking about this a lot as well when drafting background story, characters and theme for my own Dok. The temple my girls come from has distanced itself a bit from Morathi, even the Melusai and Khinerai act more independently, and treat her less than a Goddes and more like the Priestess/Oracle she is pretending to be. Still loyal, but not in a forced way.
  7. Thisssss isssss Ssssssuper cute :3 It warms my furry Beastmen Heart to see people making their own Beastmen variants. The army has so much more potential for alternative looks, thematic kitbash and custom models than any other out there. Simply by how Beastmen work in essence in the established lore. I remember back in the "Herdstone" forum days, there was a player who made a Kingdom of Ind Beastmen army. Tigers, elephants and such. And another one who created his own hand crafted Gnolls. Very cool. Keep up the good work and keep us posted for more updates in the Beast of Chaos forum thread
  8. Rather than the duardin female I am more intrigued by the Naga child. Now THAT has me interested!
  9. Dont have two of those assmebled, and the one I have is not painted. Meanwhile I got one painted Gorghon and one assembled soo..... you know
  10. I`ve had a quick flip through the book this week, and from what I can tell: the characters seems rather nice and not really a problem. Sure some are bit more on the edge of being broken, but still not game ending. Some are a bit underwhelming and dont really fit their intended Warband as what they bring is nothing new or necessary, but still can be a nice addition regardless. The monsters on the other hand ? ..... oh boy Open the cheese gates, and prepare your black list for "that guy". The monsters can single handedly wipe out your entire warband like its nobodys bussiness. And they are not that expensive. The cost for the better ones is under 400 pts, Typically around 40-50W and tons of attacks with massive dmg to boost. Great for Campaign and narrative play. Fantastic for one of scenarios where both warbands try to hunt down the beast ala "monster hunter" and such. But I would strongly recommend steering away from taking these into regular skirmish games. It seems there is no limitation on them, and you can take 2 big ones if you take only a leader. With that said though - They do seem fun for more custom themed scenarios and house rules. For example each warband gets 300-400 pts allocated for a monster they can bring and while the two massive beasts duke it out in the middle of the board your warbands can run around and fight over objectives and targets of opportunity. This could make for rather amusing games. In short: Not a horrible expansion, though a bit too much way sooner than it was necessary. There is certain fun factor in it, but just like Warcry in general: Dont take it too seriously, dont try to cheese out the maximum efficiency and be a little derpy with it for maximum enjoyment.
  11. I like the kitty cat thingy, its adorable. And I do rather like the Centaur chick. I can see some kitbash potential for female Centigors with that. But otherwise those Beastmen wannabees dont do it for me... and I am a love of all Beastmenly They look flimsy, deerpy (see what I did there ? ...ok sorry I`ll see myself out) and overall poorly designed. Meanwhile I look at the Beastmen Warband, and see so much potential for new more dynamic looking sculpts. Similar to the modern Khorne stuff, it would suit so much with the Beastmen aesthetics of a wild warherd just running into the fray, instead of those current, aged, regimentally lined up miniatures that havent seen an update for ages.
  12. Just my two cents from a longtime Beastmen fanboy and player. Back in the day, the Beastmen were THE underdog. The sh*ttiest faction with the worst book and most broken (not in the good way) rules that were obsolete after half a year and 2 more releases were done. I was this close to sell all of them when the End Times started, everyone in Chaos but us got new shiny cool toys, and after all of that WFB went puff. Just like that, my sh*tty weak sauce army, whom I still loved the hell out of despite loosing more than winning and having more fun assembling and kitbashing all sorts of goats and bulls then playing, was ready to be sold. Then 9Age came along and I tried that for a while. The nostalgia feel was nice, and they were better in that rule set than before in WFB so for a while I was happy. But then again, few years passed over and that feeling came and I was this close to take the pics and list them on Ebay. As anyone, I despised AoS 1 for killing of WFB and didnt want anything to do with it.... but as time heals all wounds so did mine, and when AoS 2 came around and cool stuff like Melusai, Khinerai and the Big Morathi came out, with which I instantly fell in love.... I mean snake ladies and harpies.... thats as Beastmen as it gets! Starting a DoK army gave me a break of fresh air.... and before I finished putting my DoK togather we got.... Beast of Chaos surprise release ! BAM ! I was overjoyed. And nobody saw that coming ! Sure all the named characters ? Gone, no new models, EndSpells being the exception. The book could use a bit more fleshing out, especially the 3 Herds, are imbalanced, some units are still obsolete as all hell (looking at you Gors, staple boy of all Beastmen....makes my fur covered heart weep with sadness) But to be honest...after almost loosing hope and then the battletome came out....Ima gonna be honest here. I`ve never had this much fun with my Beastmen back in the day as I have now with BoC in AoS 2. The game sits well with me, and the army is so much fun. Right now the army is in better shape then ever (though it could use a lot of polish on the internal balance of some units). We even got Chimeras and Dragon Ogors back to the fold...and even Tzaangors ! BAAAAH! Love those Birdgoats! No actual BoC exclusive toys to play with, true (was really hoping to get Slaan/Khorne and PestiGors as well but ah well, that ship has sailed with Khoren and Slaanesh releases over with and nothing of that sorts being announced), but overall ? Since BoC came out I`ve not only hold off from selling my good old Beastmen, but actually more than doubled my collection with bunch of cool old-new stuff that we did not have access to before. Now the point of this little rant was to say > I get it, I really do. But as seen from my story above, I wanna say that dont expect much and you might yet be pleasantly surprised. Granted to those people whose armies have been squatted, this is gonna sound meaningless, but to other who like me, merely wait with clenched fists unsure what is gonna happen (I DO have an Empire army as well just to be clear here). Stay positive, hope for the best and dont get anxious and stressed out over this. Rather than trying your best to find all the faults you can, try finding the positives. If nothing else there will be SOMETHING that allows us to bring some of the old toys back in the game, even if its just a half as*ed concoction of a sort. Sure I didnt want a Dwarfs/Elves/SCE/Humans book either. I wanted to see the glorious Empire of old in new colors. But I`ll certainly take it over nothing. So just wait it out for a little bit longer and stop all the negativity. Its fine if you wanna went, but other than that its not gonna help you. On the contrary its only gonna make you more anxious, angry and hateful. And thats really not what hobbies are for. But hey, thats just my two cents. I am not preaching to anyone, just sharing my little story, hoping to show things can also get better when least expected. Take it or leave it for what its worth
  13. I think the important difference is that the Gorghons wound table has lower degradation rate than chimera has when losing wounds. Plus depending on the target you might be able to pop Bloodgreed healing up a little. While not super relevant I remember one game where I managed to get back 2W from it, and it was just enough to get me to the dmg tier above the one it was. That extra attack was enough to help me win that combat, though I believe it got murdered shortly after. If only we had an actual reliable heal spell, it would be very amusing to try and keep your spellcaster close to the big gribblies, making sure to keep them healthy and stacked up with bunch of attacks
  14. The oldest lore states that first beastmen were mutated livestock and wildlife as well as human mutants. Beastmen as a species are farily old, older than humans, and possibly as old as elves and dwarves, as they were essentially mutated animals, both life stock and wild life, created by the power of Chaos, and were around ever since Chaos made its entry into the mortal realm. There were also beastmen tribes formed of human mutants. If a child was born with mutation, and the parents didnt have the strength to kill it, they abandoned it in the forest, where most of the times they would be adopted by raving bands of lesser beastmen and human mutants. So your memory does indeed not betray you on this one There was a lesser mutated Ungor character > Ungrol Four Horn, who led a band of ungors and human mutants, and hated everyone equally since he was cast out of his own tribe, thus forming a ravaging band of opportunists on his own. I remember that guy 75pts and could be taken only in a unit of Ungors and only in the same way as a unit champion could. And like most old 7the Armybook Beastmen heroes, he wasnt really worth it. ... This is one of the sad parts of BoC release - bunch of cool characters got squated. All the named ones, regardless of if they had miniatures or not. So much potential wasted. I was hoping to see Moonclaw son of Morshlieb riding Umbralok in AoS. Sigh.. There was even a short part in some older books, where they stated that Beastmen "evolve" to suit the fears of the people in that land. Beastmen in the old world looked like goats and bulls, spurring huge horns and hooves as if to feed of the fear of the typical Satanic evil the people of the Empire associated the chaos with. Meanwhile the Beastmen in the Kingdom of Ind resemble Tigers, Elephants and wildlife associated with that region. And funny enough not spurring horns, as that is not something the people of those lands found as "scary". Thats how Chaos works ^^ It warps its chaotic children in a way to squeeze out the most delicious emotions of terror, anguish and hate from the mortals living in those lands. **I also heard from a friend of mine there was a mention of Aquatic Beastmen in AoS. I mean it only makes sense for there to be some, but I dont know where this info was taken from. Maybe Idoneth battletome ?
  15. Regarding Beastmen - there are lore backed lines stating that there are in fact female Beastmen. They are much tamer and docile than the war bred males, though they still dont care fo Civilization in itself, as that is the essential anathema to all Beastmen, and something thats instilled into them to hate on a genetical level by Chaos. Good example I can think off: There was a story of a female Chaos Champion who started as an abandoned baby, raised by female Beastmen. I also vaguely remember it was in one of the novels, maybe the Slayer series > the one where they fought Beastmen carrying a Herdstone that there was some mention of the Beastmen breeding at a high rate thus infesting the lands around them. Or something like that. Also there is the fact that Beastmen can copulate with pretty much anything that has sexual way of procreation. Ghorros Warhoof for example was a character described as the Father of Beasts, a Centigor warlord who pomfed anything and everything that wasnt fast enough (again... Centigor), couldnt fly, or climb up... in which case he pomfed the tree and some evil treant spawn was created (jk). He fathered all sorts of monstrosities, not just Centigors. I believe in the 7th Edition Beastmen army book there was a mention that when the Chaos Moon is high in the sky the Beastmen have orgies around the Herdstone and such. But I am not completely sure about this, its been a while since I cracked that book open for the last time. There are other lore snippets like these. Most of the are part of the Old world, but Beastmen aka Beasts of Chaos are one of those factions that fundamentally stayed pretty much the same as they were back in Warhammer Fantasy. Essentially your "thesis" relies upon: Because there is no model we dont know anything about it. Thats an incorrect assumption, as yes while there is no model, the Armybooks/Battletomes, and the expanded universe (novels, and games with official GW license) does answer some if not all these questions.
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