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  1. I think you just want to stick it.... Slaanesh noises intensify
  2. Just go Khorne and cherry pick the units from BoC that you want. BoC do better in almost every other Chaos God army out there than in their own (not sure about Nurgle) and with the buffs and abilities from those armies our fairy cheap and mobile stuff can punch high above its own grade.
  3. Funny of you mentioning this. It made remember all the artwork and the Malus Darkblade book series. The drakespawn should definitely be bigger and more ferocious than what they are. Maybe not the size of Chocobos on regular basis, but I remember that Malus mentioning in the book that the breeding process resulted in different hatchling. His own... Scorn was its name ? ...or something like that, was a smaller breed when compared to other Cold Ones, but instead it was smarter and more cunning then its brood kin. Meanwhile his Lieutenant had one of the biggest Drakespawn in the company that towered over his own. Regardless of the size a Raptor of such a size should be be able to pose quite considerable threat on their own and as such its a pity they are not up the task regarding their rules (buffing the to Wound to 3+ and adding a -1 Rend would make the Cold Ones, however even after the Seraphon update there has been no change to Cold Ones in general which is a shame).
  4. Thanks @Kaleun for at ment. me I didnt even know these girls are already out. Will definitely snatch one box for myself. The Hag Queen with spear is absolutely stunning! The Melusai and SoS are fairly good too. The two WE are very dissappointing miniatures though. They looks like they got hit by a sledgehammer and turned into witch dwarfs instead of elfs. @Gotz I am sorry to say, but the Archer is nigh unplayable in Warcry. I tried a lot of different setups, but her statline is just bad.... so bad (like all the elite DoK units in Warcry) that for those point I phased her out and replaced her with a Slaughter Queen, who can at least pull her own weight. The 1 to 6 chance to actually do something while fun when it happens makes extremely unreliable and feels just like a points sink, even in friendly matches. (2A S3 DMG1/5 is a really bad statline for such a model that costs some odd 170pts). Anything the Stalkers can do, the Sister do better, and even the sisters are amongst the low tier elite units out there, even when compared so some native Warcry ones. But to be honest I havent played my DoK warband. With more and more old armies getting their own, the balance is getting more broken than ever and DoK are one of the worst warbands I have played so far (I have BoC who are really fun to play, their abilities are meh, but the stats are fairly reliable, from natives I got the Cabal which is very fun as well, though lot of their skills are terrain dependent.). My girls will most likely see table only against native Warcry armies where the stat line is more tame, unless they receive an update in the future warcry books with some noticeable improvement to the Khinerai and Melusai. But regarding the underworld warband > they will have their AoS rules so that makes them usable outside of Warcry and I really like that HQ with spear.
  5. There has been a lot of talk in this forum about alternative miniatures to give your CoS army different flavor and aesthetics. I just got this in my newsletter feed and though I`d share it with you guys. Someone might find it interesting for their thematic CoS project.
  6. The top one is too much scifi-esque in my opinion. If you would want to go with the second one, why not just get Wildwood ranger heads instead? they pretty similar if not the same aesthetics as these ones.
  7. I have 4 of these and they are very nice piglets. Definitely worth to get! Just wait until Mierce has one of their discount promotions. They tend to do things like buy 1 unit get +1 for free, or 50% specific unit type etc etc. It makes one wonder how the heck did someone in GW come up with that hideous sculpt called razorgor, that spawned endless memes. It should be replaced hopefully soon after all these years. Especially since they have so many nice looking boars for Orcs these days. But I get it, Beastmen dont get any love for the most part for whatever reason.
  8. First paragraph: Very interesting take on it. I have experimented with Phoenix but this is actually quite an interesting synergy. Honestly ater I found out that they can take City spells, I dont think they are subpar any longer. Sure not great due to the restriction on their native spell, but not horrible either. Also great point about them being a 130pts 10w Wizard "character" with a very good speed. Second Paragraph: Not sure I would use WR for screening. Honestly I`ve been considering Outriders as a possible screen lately, especially after I went unprepared against an Ogre player and got my a*s completely handed over to me (admittedly there was an extremely lucky long distance charge on his side, a double turn and the sheer fact my list was absolutely not suited for it, which wasnt helped by me doing a stupid thing during movement phase and exposing myself either). Possibly Dark Riders, since they are faster by a slight margin and can still act as chaff/chaff hunters.
  9. At first I read this threads name as Cosplayer" and went like "Oooo this person is doing a CoS cosplay ?" Anyway, those minis look nice, I like some of them more than others but all are good in general. First 3 and Living city Alt are my favorites though. If you can make those shields removable (maybe magnetize them), you can easily play them as Freeguild Guard Spear/Halber/Shield option. For my FGuard I have the models with Halberd, but since I have them painted in 3 different color schemes if they are representing different setup I always tell my opponent which color is which (spear is never used, and I dont tend to mix them up usually, so they tend to be all with shields or all with halberds usually.) In the future I am planning to buy arond 20 more and customize the halberds into axes and glue the shields on, to have a properly looking shield variant
  10. Oh, THIS is interesting! Thank you! Yes this makes them actually a viable option. I didnt know this because I always thought that for a WIZARD, to get to choose a Lore spell they must also have HERO Keyword. This makes them actually much more interesting. With that I can see them being very good in Hollowheart! Heck maybe even in Anvilguard with that armor negating spell.
  11. I fail to see how Sisters are any good. The spell affects only Wanderers and the target must be immobile. Meaning you cant move, run or even pile in. If their spell wasnt restricted by either movement or Wanderers keyword I could see them being somewhat decent. As they are now I just dont see how they would help, since any Sylvaneth ally would lack the required Wanderers keyword in the first place. Am I missing something ? Skaeth's Wild Hunt actually works for Sylvaneth and you get some low output damage out of them if needed (though these warbands are usually taken just for their leaders and their abilities. Same with Grashrak despoilers who you take just because of his spell has so much utility in a BoC army. Anyway thanks for the recommendation guys. I have a model nicely fitting for Drycha so I was hoping to get some mileage out of it, but looking at the Treeman, it seems as the better cheaper choice for what I need him for. So thats back to the drawing board for me I guess.
  12. Which one of the Big Boss Sylvaneth characters would you go with if you had to choose just one ? Go for powerful 6dmg combat tree monster of terror, slap on some nice artifact and hope you get a 9" charge after deploying, or instead run all Guns&Roses, firing wildly and then getting almost guaranteed charge due to being able to move after shooting with Drycha ? So far I though that Drycha is the better choice just due to the nature of her being to move and then charge if she gets her ranged attack off after deploying, but facing against Ogors and their insanely powerful Hero on a Mammoth combo I am starting to think that being able to dish out 3 attacks, 6dmg each might be the better choice in cutting them down.
  13. I am not using dwarf infantry so the names might have gotten mixed up. As long we all know what we are talking about. The substance of my comment was about something entirely different > this being only price changes not warscroll redesigns.
  14. Remember guys that at the moment Warscroll changes are not really an option. The intent is to compile price adjustments instead of Warscroll updates, since this is for the oncoming GHB update, and those address only points changes. So for the Longbeards, the only current solution available is dropping the price.
  15. Regarding price hike > I think Scourge runners are a no brainer. 10pts, possibly 20, but no more. The thing with this tome is that things need to be priced in a way, so that there is competition. We have some 50+ unit profiles, if all of them had to be separated by always increasing price tiers, and nothing could have the same price as another article in the book, then the units that now compete with another similar unit would be treated like the worse one, despite it not being so. Because now with the price gap they are competing with a unit that is one tier higher than it. What I mean is it would slide a lot of units down the ladder into "worse unit" territory, when currently they are just fine. I really dont see an issue with Outriders/Pistollers and Handgunners/Xbowmen. They are essentially the same unit, doing the same thing, in two different ways. None is better than the other especially with the additive bonuses. Therefore its a foolish thinking trying to split them up with a price gap will do them justice. If anything Xbowmen should go down by 10pts. But upping either to 110 puts them into the Shadow Warriors territory and those are vastly superior to either since they require much less buffing to be just as efficient (essentially all you need is a piece of cover...). Same with the cavalry. 10 points puts them into the Darkriders zone and at that point there is the argument of why not just run those instead since they are much faster and can still shoot and even fight if charging. Regarding Hurricanum.... slight price hike on the hero version might be logical. But upping the points to much... I mean the issue is not with the price of Hurricanum, the issue is that Luminark is over-costed for what it does since its effects are much less contributing to the army`s overall performance. And at the end of the day, a support piece is still a support piece. Driving its price into the level where there are things slowly starting to appear, that can single handedly wipe out units, is not something a support piece should be aiming for.
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