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  1. Found an old picture I once took for size comparison between GW models and an alternate hard rubber Giant toy I found on the internet for 5 bucks and fast painted. All of these guys have been re-based to round bases and the Gorghon is now also painted, but its kinda funny how they resemble the Volume/Sound Icon often see. Just though I`d share, for light amusement 😛
  2. Thats something I have been wanting to try for a while now. Dont have as much time for games as I wanted to, but its good to hear the chicken airforce is doing well. Would be fun to incorporate a unit of skyfires or a chimera into the mix, since its an autohitting D6 MW. Granted for that price you get two more cockatrices soo How many Roosters (coz the other word is not allowed *rolls eyes*) of doom does it take to fly to freedom ?
  3. I am well aware of the Mierce Miniatures friend Already in possession of several of their Beastmen characters, great looking Minotaurs and "Bestigors", whom are nice and dynamic looking sculpts, when put next to the rank & file bestigors who just dont lookg as good once out of the movement trays.
  4. Well one things Gors had going for them was the Beast Banner BSB, which was the usual way to run them effectively. Two hand weapons, Beast Banner BSB, and as many shaman buffs > usually Wyssans Wildform, you could possibly squeeze out of your around the Herdstone dancing Shamans. As much as I like BoC, I never had as much fun back in the day with the army as I had after it transitioned into AoS. The army was pretty bad actually. Most of the wining lists had chariot spams, banking on rolling high Impact hits. If you ran minotaurs you HAD to play a Minobus with kitted out Doombull. Good lord, the army was so dull and uninspiring. Even the ammusing stuff they thought off like Cygor > a monster that is also an artillery, fell short due to crappy rules and over excessive point cost. And lets not even mention the Gorghon. I do miss the harpies though. 9th Age did a nice spin on Harpies, renaming them Gargoyles. T4 S3 but +1S on charge with 2 attacks on a fast flying platform, made for a pretty decent light skirmish unit that could also hit some medium level lightly armored stuff, rather than just hunting warmachines and archers (not elven ones lol). The army as is, is good. Sure it has its up and downs, and sure I wish we got some fresh models, return of some Iconic synergy units like Beast Banner BsB, new lore based stuff like Khorn/Slaan/Pestigors, who would receive similar treatment like Tzaangors have (few different units and a character). Some more Beast types to broaden up the theme from just Goats, Bulls and Horses. Horned Boarmen, Bearmen and Werewolves if we wanna keep the forest theme, or some more crazy looking stuff of non forest origin. Same with the big gribblies. As far as models and units go the army has the most potential for amazing looking new stuff, that would put the whole 50+ unit rooster of Stormcast to shame.Some price adjustments and maybe rework and rewording for some of the rules on unit sheets and battalions, and the army would be gold. Haaah >______< I`ll keep on hoping, no one saw BoC book coming until it hit, so who is to say we wont see at least some expansion in the form stuff being released and added additionally ? Also, new centigors bullgors and more dynamic poses for bestigor gors and ungors, would be very nice.
  5. Now in regards to the Gorghon I must say, its actually a pretty decent monster for 200 pts. Sure its not the best thing ever, its biggest weakness is in my opinion lack of higher rend, like a -2 on the flesh hooks and -3 on the bite. But unlike bullgors it does hit on 3, and can benefit from pretty much all the battalions that matter.
  6. I hope those are not all the price changes. MInotaurs seriously need some price drop, to at least be the same cost as Dragon Ogres, otherwise they are just trash tier overpriced meh unit. Skyfires not reducing in cost is absolutely pitiful. Considering Enlightened went up (not unexpected though)
  7. I do prefer the Brass Despoilers over most. Desolating is nice but to me is worth only if I run with 40 Raiders, Cygor and a Shammy with +1 to Hit when ambushing artifact. Which is not always something I wanna go do. Brass is easy to do, and while there are units that benefit less from the effect than others, some benefit form it rather nicely. Like a bunch of Minotaurs and Gorgons.... oh yesss... Brass Gorgons are the Jam! Though I`ve been toying with the idea of a Chaos Sorci thrown in the mix. Brings pretty nice spammable re-rolls of 1s to the army.
  8. I do agree on the Beastlord wholeheartedly. Its a Beast f*ing Lord. He should have at least one passive trait, that works well in synergy with our army, and as he is of the Brayherd type himself, should be also able to Run n Charge on default. I really do like kenshin620 idea for BLs command ability. Instead of what he has now (agree that huge paragraph of text is like.... why ? This could have been so much more simpler and shorter) > having a free use on one of the Rulebook command abilities (auto run, ignore battleshocks, reroll charges). That would actually BE GOOD, synergise well and make the BL a solid support, rather than just a one ride pony Artifact wielder. Personally I would like for him to have a passive trait > if the BL is the General all BoC units withing 12/18", regardless of type, be it Brayherd, Warherd, Thunderscorn or monsters, can chosse to use his Bravery value as their own. Just how like the generals used to work back in the day. Especially for our army that would mean some reduction to Battleshock, as most of our units are between 4-5 wih occasional 6 Bravery I believe. And yeah... its the motherFing BEASTLORD.... you know... the Lord of all Beasts ? Imposing his will over all members of the Herd ? Way to cool, to not do that Just a though > what about running 4-5 BL as a single unit, on 2K points you can squeeze in 2 artifacts. Gnarled Blade and Volcanic Axe, both of which are pretty deadly with BLs 6A re-roll 1s to hit. A little hero hammer that can cleave a lot of stuff be it hordes, medium elites and even some tough monster, for fairly decent point allotment.
  9. Interesting leaks. We`ll see soon enough which of them were true or close enough, and which ones were complete miss. Greater Beast God knows that Bullgors could use the price drop (and the battalions as well). 80pts Beastlord... yeah, I mean, honestly I`d rather see BL getting some extra passive, like All BoC units within 12" using his Dics. instead of their own for Battleshock test or something. Cheaper chariots > if its true, then they just got even better than they already were, to the point where Razorgors would become completely obsolete. Again, we`ll see soon enough. Lets hope for some good price drops *fingerscrossed*
  10. You are giving GHB update more credit than it deserves in my opinion. There wont be any major changes in the pricing as far as Beastmen are concidered. I mighty be proven wrong on this but I very much doubt I will. The units are pretty well priced, in general, its stats and ablities and their lack of that are amiss. And as our army is nowhere near the top, despite it being competitive enough due to some stuff we can pull, there is no real need for GW to shake things up radically for us. As for the grind to death ratio > Swampheart is absolutely correct about the current pacing of the game > things swing, and things die en masse. This no longer is the day of Warhammer fantasy where two blocks would grind against each other as it used to be. I have nowhere near the sheer volume of games under my belt as he does, however I can say that things melt quickly when combat is joined. And BoC units are especially of the "do or die" type. Anyway, we`ll see what price changes they bring. Honestly cant see bestigors getting more expensive. They are low tier elite unit, in other armies. Only thing that will get a hit, are Tzaan Exalted on discs,but we all knew that one was coming, when they are pretty much the most killy thing in the entire army for meager 140 pts. Wish they dropped Skyfires by 20 as well in recompense though. So, outside of the Gor discussion > Do we have any estimated release date for the GHB update ?
  11. I can appreciate your enthusiasm regarding Gors, but at the same time it should be said that bunch of people tried their best to justify Gors... and they were not able to do it in any actual capacity. Some limited use ? Yes, maybe. But full fledged dependable, good choice to pick ? ...Not really, no. Gors dont have a good statline and are contested by 3 other units that can do the same, and do it better in most of the time. Having 3+ to Wound, would go miles for these guys, They are for all intent and purposes just younger, naked Bestigors without big weapons. The stat line should be closer to that, rather than being pretty much the same as Ungors are. 30 Bestigors, are super cheep tarpit that can actually kill stuff with relative ease. Tuskgor chariots are fantastic in greater numbers. Single models are good, but 3-4 chariots in a single unit has the durability and board coverage, solid speed. They are pretty much a budget price Dragon Ogors. Ungors are able to strike 2" with spears, and as the same time allow other units (mostly Tzaangors) to strike through them with 2" attacks. Since they have 25mm bases, you can get 3 lines to attack through the gaps. And to put a cherry on top > Centigors are superior in every single way to Gors, at the same price tag. Sure, not a battle line, but who cares about that really. Filling out battle line in BoC army is super easy thanks to different general type bringing their big boys to the Battleline slot. So yeah, Gors have no real place to fit in. Trust me, I wish this wasn't the case. I wish they had more umpfh, or a special rule or something. I have 40 of these painted, and another 30/40 unpainted > mostly due to them being not worth the time since they wont see the table anyway with the plethora of other choices left open to us. Gors could be solid if they got fine tuned a little bit, but so could be said for most of our stuff thats not up to par with some other choices.
  12. Now I have seen plenty of very nice Slaangor conversions out there. Usually people use Gors for this type of thing due to the size and compatibility. You chosing to do ungors, is rather unfortunate as it rather limits what bits will fit with each other. Personally I would just swap their weapons for more sleek looking ones, and some random slaaneshi bits and adjust the paint job. Alternatively, if you are up to it, you can go for a kitbash-custom job, however I think this will be quite tiring as you need rather large quantities of Ungors and other stuff so... anyway: The way I`d go about it is replace their legs with demonette legs. As mentioned for Slaangors people tend to just add beastmen parts onto a demonettes body, but due to the size of Ungors this wouldnt work. Instead Id replace just the legs. Get some long sleek looking arms, and use non Beastmen weapon bits (something like Tzeentchs Cayric accolites have). If you have stuff like chains, hooks etc, you know things that would fit the Slaaneshi aesthetics I would add those sporadically here and there. The final part would be the appropriate paintjob in their gods favorite colors. Now.... I am not gonna lie to you > they will end up as ugly freaks of the nature. Ungors are pretty old, and rather ugly sculpts, and most of them also have bulging bellies, something that just doesnt fit in with the whole Slender, Slick and seducive Slaaneshi vibe as a whole. You`d be much better of going for Gors instead as they are much better for this type of conversion project. **Alternatively, if you Greenstuff skill is decent, you might just wanna give them a shawl and random bits of light posh looking clothing on them. You know, coz them Slaaneshies like the gooood stuff Fairly simple to do and the paintjob will do most of the trick. ***Alternate alternative > just use a completely different range of miniatures, ones that fit the theme you are looking for. Not GW shop/convention friendly though so be warned. If you however dont care about that stuff there is no need to worry about it (for example I dont: our LGS is not GW owned, and I dont go to GW only events either, most tournaments dont restrict the use of third party miniatures as long as they represent what they are. I got bunch of Mierce Mini minotaurs, and you can tell they are Minotaurs just by looking, and no one ever complained as the sculpts are much nicer than what GW has going on for their Bullgors.).
  13. Cold ones.... I think those might be really good actually ! I am unsure about the scale of their heads compared to DO, thus I have not included them in the equation, though I have briefly considered them for a sec. Any idea if Cold ones come with extra heads ? Or is the sprue done in a 1 to 1 head-body ratio ? EDIT: Can anyone recommend any alternatives for the heads ? Looking at the prices and the fact that bits shops no longer have these in stock, I really dont wanna buy the whole miniature just for the head. If you can recommend any good 3rd party that makes Lizardmen, and / or sell individual bits like Heads, I`d be more than happy to look at them.
  14. So guys a question for those of you who have a Seraphon army. Any idea which Seraphon unit Head would fit the Dragon Ogres torsos ? Would normal Lizardmen be fine, or do would Krogixors be better ? I have a strong dislike of Ogres and I cant those heads they going on. Plus I would like mine to look a bit more bestial, to go along with the Shaggoth model I have prepared (no not the super cool one thats too big to fit a DO base. The smaller, but still cool looking one 😛 kudos to those who put the breadcrumbs together and figure it out hehe ^^ )
  15. Lol for a second I though what you posted was an actual update for the GHB and was super excited Good changes overall, would be nice to see that. Especially the Allherd stuff. Desolate shard for Darkwalkers still needs some love though Wouldn't make Centigors into Battle line. And this is crucial. It would completely overshadow any other battle line choice. Especially the Gors and Warhounds, despite them getting buffed slightly. This wouldn't be good for the health of the army as a whole. I could certainly get behind most of this without a second thought.
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