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  1. So, to follow up on my last comment where I talked about 3D printed Centigors.... I looked around and found some regular, decent looking centaurs. The problem though, was just that..... centaurs. So head swapping at the very least, greenstuffing fur and such more likely then not needed. As such I tried to give it a go myself, and used the "Hero Forge" application to create your custom build 3D model. The scale is a bit of an issue, as I need to do some measurements if I ever wanna send this to be printed out, but this is mostly a proof of concept, that.... YES it can be done! And to a decent enough degree! Proof of Concept - 3D Printable Centigors (different poses). To save myself the trouble, I opted for a fur themed costume and used a Dog head, instead of a human one. Not perfect but pretty close without the need to replace it. I kept the base in the picture to give an idea on the scale. Just slap some extra bitz or GS parts on it and there you go. Alternatively take any head and replace it manually with a Gor head. Done So yeah, its a viable solution. Depending on the price of the file and the price of the printing this might be a much more affordable and time saving option then going with the outdated GW ones, or painstakingly converting your own
  2. Hey guys so I was wondering.... Does any one have any decent 3D printable files for good looking Centigors ? I tire of converting my own, and the old GW ones are not only expensive, ancient but also scale wise smaller than the rest of our line. Rather than hoping GW actually gets of their ass and does something with these old sculpts (razorgors included. I mean look at the cool looking boars Mierce Mini have to offer), and or painstainkingly converting my own I was wondering if maybe someone out here has a 3D printable file for some correctly scaled, nice looking ones ?
  3. Nice DB conversion! I got my Ogroid ready for this as well. Just need to get an extra minotaur head, since I have no spare left.
  4. And here are some more news. Slaves to Darkness finally get an updated. New battletome and refreshed model range. (Meanwhile again, we didnt get new dynamic poses, nor new centigors, ectc... but, due to Beastgrave I am not yet loosing hope for this to happen). Since they are our only allied faction I am actually looking forward seeing their rules. Especially the Demon Prince and Sorcerers. Hope there will be some keyword CHAOS synergy for their stuff, to allow us some play as well. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/02/new-reveals-chaos-sororitas-tanks-and-moregw-homepage-post-1/?fbclid=IwAR3ulr-elEVoxGBbA_BUzTnDMlcvlA6BcqQO_Y03pPUOVORxe9SqVfXeBYk On the side note: 2 more new beasties for Warcry. A combat type Ogroid, and a big Kitty Cat, which is super adorable (and again I am sure wont have BoC keyword just like Raptorix.... coz hey, cant give them BoC players new things right ?)
  5. Just thought I share this with my fellow Beastmen Warcry latest faction > Spire Tyrants, has a Bestigor! At the very least he seems to be an elite unit, but looking at all of them my guess is he is the Leader ! I hope we can get more love as time goes on. But the sheer fact that there was Beastgrave BoC warband and now these guys have a Bestigor (Leader) included, seems like BoC has not been completely forgotten yet. Lets hope for more good news in the future (new centigors miniatures with at least 2 weapon options and updated warscroll. New model for Beastlord would be nice. Return of Chariot heroes or something, etc) https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/10/24/the-scoop-from-spielGw-homepage-post-2/?fbclid=IwAR26xjQZEhG0f2FIQ0RSJixAh94HmfUekTYuegV1VqeoaZlMmcsP1Q4Ndls
  6. Mierce Miniatures, have a few miniatures of Beastmen riding Razorgors (also their razorgors are very very nice looking, been using the unmounted version of these for Razorgors myself) if you are looking for something like that. The way I used them before I got enough chariots was, instead of a second rider, the Gor was placed on the base. I gave him a spear and a horn, making him something like a huntsman. Similar to how foresters and hunters used to be forerunners for nobles, tracking down the prey and then leading the nobles to it for them to hunt it.
  7. Same here. I got 3 of the orc ones, 2 scratch build ones and one of the old metal Beastmen Chariots, where the Bestigor looks the same as normal gors, only with a two handed axe, and both of them are about the scale of a plastic ungor rather than the Gors and Bestigors most of us are used to 😛 As for the crew for the crew I have 3x the good old Khazzrak with his whip as the driver. Managed to fish em up cheap and since Khazzrak as is is now not playable I found the miniature to be of great use driving the chariots instead. Though he takes a bit more space due to his pose, so fitting in another miniature is kinda hard on the orc chariots (the scratch build ones are nice and wide).
  8. Great idea. I`ve been lost for a while now, as so many varied CoS thread popped up in such short amount of time
  9. Ok so the Chimera wouldn't get a cover bonus. But still what about the part where you would use a different monster like Gorghon for example to cover the LoS ? I mean if bigger part of the model was obscured than visible by a different monster sized model, would that apply ? How do you guys deal with these things in your groups ? For us its fairly gentlemanly most of the times so usually the opponents can decide whether this or that are acceptable. In this case depending on the angle from which the LoS would be drawn, if only some parts of it were to be seen (wings, tail and such) I think most of the players here would agree that sure, its not a clear LoS.
  10. Also thank you for being frank here. I do appreciate that. However as far as my perspective goes, the conversation is still civil. If I name possibilities and you choose to associate with one or more of them, and choose to be insulted, then maybe there was some merit behind such an assumption. The reason I stated how long I`ve been around is to play an open hand. Its been long enough to see the game shift and evolve quite a lot, but its not like I`ve been around it since forever. I will absolutely admit that there are people > you included > who have several decades of Warhammer experience under the belt. However the changes in this last decade were off considerably bigger magnitude. Just the shift from WFB to AoS was one that shook the community to its core, and being around that does give me a decent idea and look on how things progress and turn out in the end. From what you wrote its clear that you do not see the power creep since there is an agenda. Clearly you have been affiliated with GW, meaning your agenda is covering for the company. Why you would do that I do not know nor does it matter, as no one is attacking GW here. But as I said, its like trying to persuade someone that something thats been clearly observed to happen is not happening. As for your experience > while I do not devalue them, it is experience and opinion of one person. I myself know people who played armies like Beastmen and Bretonia when they were the bottom of the barrel, and did win tournaments with them, and they will freely admit that the armies were garbage when compared to the current new releases, and they took them just to see how far they can bring them facing of the "new hot stuff". Your experience is not devalued by the experience of others, but nor does it devalue theirs. However when a majority of the people who are all experienced and have insight come to a mutual consensus It means there is a merit to what is being said and we can draw a pretty decent conclusion from it. I will leave it at that as I do not wish to partake in this conversation anymore to avoid unintended escalation (I will read and acknowledge your response should you choose to write one though). No direct offense was meant against your person, and if you interpreted it that way I do offer my apology. I have no desire insulting other fellow hobbyist for his opinion, despite inadvertently wording my response in a more crude way. I will however not back down on my reasoning, seeing how things always ended up with both 40K, WFB and now AoS armies so far from what could have been observed over the years.
  11. If you dont mind me to ask... How long you`ve been around this hobby ? If you`ve been with it longer then me (about 10+ years) and need "actual fact to back it up" then you are either blind, ignorant or have an agenda to push. Two examples right out of my head: *7th ed Demons *Matt Ward Grey Knights Nuff said.... Not looking for an argument, but that comment of yours is a factually dishonest. I am sure people will be able to count more examples, heck even trying out Googling this stuff will yield plenty of results then the two I have provided. There is no "authority figure" in 40/WFB/AoS wargaming to tell you "this and that is OP" with undeniable absolute assurance. As such going by the mutual consensus of the community on the most agreed upon points is the best indication. ETC and other large tournament event placing restrictions on certain units/combinations and such is also a very solid indication. The burden of proof does not lie with me on this one. EDIT: Just to clarify myself, because people love to get offended easily these days. I am not attacking you, I am challenging your opinion from a personal experience perspective. Been there, seen that, done that. I dont have beef with you but, telling me GW books dont have power creep in them after 10 years in this hobby is like trying to persuade me that the blue sky isnt actually blue, and an apple is not actually an apple, its a tuna sandwich. I might be a crazy goat person, but I am not that crazy (BAAAAH ?)....yet
  12. Seems to me that you are in dire need of some Beastmen allies my friend How about 80 ungor archers with Blades of Putrification on them. Watch them murder everything and anything as they empty insane amount of shots into the big gribbles and with blades turn them into rotting mincemeat! Or maybe you`d fancy bunch of Bestigors with a shaman in tow. Again buff them a little and watch them pay double their points in gory offerings. Its funny how BoC allied via the God batallions to have the God keyword and not use Ally limit are so much better with the other God armies than within their own.... Khorne BoC are crazy, and I wont even start about Slaanesh with BoC in their armies... And meanwhile BoC cant take anything else the StD allies for their own. Makes my furry heart weep manly (goatly) tears +++ MOD EDIT +++ Removed profanity - watch your language, this is a family friendly forum
  13. So talking about Chimeras.... Can a monster benefit from cover via friendly model, when its another monster ? eg> you stuff you Chimera behind a Gorghon, making it hard to target with LoS shooting and spells. Would that work ? Also very interesting idea with the Cogs. I dont like using endless spells thus never really thought of using them in conjunction with the Chimera for a cumulative +4 to charge (didnt think of it as a stacking bonus). Will have to try this out when I get back to playing (been indulging in some smaller games like Warcry lately 😛 so my AoS is on the back burner for the moment. Want to get back to it once CoS launches though) my Beasts again.
  14. It is a very nice model indeed. I got her for a female Beastlord conversion project, because at one point I decided that it would be cool to have 4-5 different looking custom built Beastlords (One typical goat made from a chaos chosen champion, one female one from the warqueen, one from a tzaangor and the last one another typical goat type but with different distinct look...), since the old metal one does not do it for me... instead turned him into BSB back in the WFB times. Maybe one day I might run a unit of 4-5 Beastlords, just for the lols ^__^ If you are also enjoying the hobby part, not just the gaming one, I would recommend getting one of these for yourself. Works great in vacuum but also offers great conversion material for some nice kitbashing
  15. Oh I remember that one. And right after them came the HE, who one upped them immediately with a banner that gave them 2+ ward save against demons, and with bunch of crazy units.
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