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  1. Been a while since I posted into the CoS forum but I bear some good news for people who have been wanting to do something more unique with their CoS. My favorite "non cannon Warhammer factions" company Titan Forge is releasing yet another KS after the success of their Amazons. This time its inspired by the Warhammer Araby, and these models are absolutely amazing. This also opens up some options for a crossover with LotR Haradrim, which have smaller scale, but you could possibly add the Camels, and the Mumakil from that range and convert them into further units. So yeah, some amazing new models on the horizon for all of you who would like to give your city a specific look and theme
  2. So lads. It seems there might be a possible Slaanbull on the horizon. GW just had their update notice, with bunch of new stuff (mostly for 40K) but for AoS Sigvald is getting a pretty darn nice new model with lot of potential for conversions. Plus a warband of his own for Warcry. But thats not why I am writing this comment. On the pic of his warband, in the background there seems to be a some sort of minotaur miniature. However it doesnt seem like any of the current line. Could it possibly be a Slaanbull ? Unlike the other Warcry monsters that we do not get becasue "*insert bunch of nonsense and stupid reasoning why not, that doesnt really work (yes I am still salty we cant use those warcry beasties as regular BoC units)*", I dont think they would deny us aces to this one if it indeed is a Slaanbull in all its glory (hope its rules are not Slaanesh only, but work for BoC as well). But what do you think ?
  3. Basically, even if we disagree on the role I think we all can agree on the fact that Gors need help. I mean I personally would absolutely love for Gors to get 9/12" throwing weapons, they could chug at the opponent, and a Rule that would allow them to do so when Charging or being Charged. Add to that one extra attack in combat (let say they stay at 4+ Wounds as they are) and you have a fun to use unit that can fill in several roles. Then again, I am also someone who thinks Centigors should have access to the same bows as Ungors do, but with a point of rend to its name. Because, centaurs with bows are cool thats why (or two split profiles with different points cost. Something like Centigor Marauders, and Centigor Hunters. One more combat oriented, the other ranged skirmish cavalry) Be it as it may, there are few units that struggle with their identity in our Book. Gors are one of them. Whatever it might be, I hope the update of this book in a far distant future will be a good one, and these boy will find their place back on the battlefield once more... heck I have 60 of them just sitting there collecting dust... discounting those few I bring for games of Warcry, so yeah I would absolutely love to field them. As I would like to do with other units in similar positions.
  4. You are completely disregarding everything that Bestigors do, what their role is, as well as their stat line in your comment. Gors get buffed, go pack to 80 pts. Now they wound on 3+ and can get extra attack and hit with numbers. Bestigors are still better even if Gors are buffed, because they have superior stat line from the get go regardless of numbers, have a charge bonus, have rend and higher save. However the most distinct difference is that unlike Gors, for Bestigors the most efficient way of running them these days is MSU. With gors you want the bodies to create a padding that can soak hits. Complete opposite of what you want to do with Gors. The problem is that Gors do not grind. Like not even a little bit. Even tanky units need to be able to kill at least something in their weight category. Gors dont do that. The Gor issue IS resolved with simple buffs. You dont need to rewrite the entire warscrol into something completely different. Gors always worked they way they were designed ever since warhammer fantasy days. The problem with the current Gors is they lost extra attacks from paired weapons, their passive is a bad joke that scale to late for it to count (to late as in with too many numbers, where even one loss makes it no longer function). What GW did with dropping their price to 70 was only a hot fix not actual consideration what is wrong with the unit. Its the same with Gorebulls. They need a buff to be the beefy hammer they were always intended to be, not be a cheap pseudo elite wannabe unit.
  5. This. Have been advocating for them being just naked Bestigors, with easier access to their passive buff from the start. I would say for their Passive buff something like: "If 10 or more +1A, if 20 or more +1 To Hit in addition to that". Simple effective and makes them worth running both as MSU and as blobs, since with bigger numbers they are subject to more enemy debuffs many of which in the game target Hit rate of units so this would compensate for that nicely.
  6. So in one of the manga I am reading, there was a Greater Demon in the form of a Beastman: ) Has just the right amount of savegery, but at the same time those two long blades give it much more "high class" look. Like a deadly blade master. I REALLY dig the design of this monster, though the horns could be bigger or multiple of the long mane like hair reminds me of how I modeled my own Beastlord. Since I think its pretty cool picture I just wanted to share it with you guys. A Beastmen DP or a greater Demon just about tingles my fancy.
  7. I hope we dont get a new book for a good while.... We`ve always been amongst the first armies to come out and it NEVER worked out for us. Always half assed rules, and conflicting warscroll. Gimmick battalions and un usable artifacts. I would prefer much for the filth and confusion of new edition releases to first filter out properly, and this time let some other armies be the lab rats before we are introduced into the fray. At least once in my 10 years of collecting this army I would like to get the treatment some of the more popular armies are getting. Just once. Some new models to replace the ancient miniatures we still have (Shaggoth, Beastlord, Centigors, Razorgor....). Nice thick, packed battle tome with SOLID rules, GOOD warscrols where each unit has some potential on the field and is not ignored for better options. FUN synergy between the units and the army abilities and allegiances, etc etc. As long as we are not within the first 5 new releases we should be fine, maybe, possibly....
  8. 16 Cockatrice ?! Hahaha ! That sounds amazing I wish we could use Raptorix with our keyword, so you could use them instead of those ungors and go full Angry chicken swarm XD I love this so much. I need to test something like this just for the heck of it!
  9. Well that is some interesting news. Thanks for sharing. A Slaangor.... hoped, but never believed I`d see the day this happens. Now if only there would be a full unit > possibly a multi kit ala Engl/Skyfire follow up shortly after (and have the BoC keyword and be also added for us outright as an option). Possibly one Slaangor hero. Tzaangor is a fast tzaan aura buff caster, so the Slaangor hero, if it would happen could be like a fast nimble duelist great at taking down big ugly stuff (multi wound MW attacks on specific rolls for example)
  10. Personally I am a huge fan of any new Beastmen types. And while God-Gors are not exactly "new" per say, I always kept my hopes to see this Great 4 affiliated Bestigors make a comeback. And yet, Khorne came and went... no Khorngors. Slaanesh came and went and no Slaangors.... So yeah, I dont hold much hope to ever see them. I am grateful for Tzaangors, since its finally something else then cows, goats and horses. And I also like Tzeentch stuff so there`s that. Honestly I abhor the fact that the points costs must be unified through out the Alliegances. Why cant Tzaangors be 200 in DoT book and 160 in our book where the synergy is MUCH less volatile than in their native battle tome ? (140 was too low, 200 is too much. Same with Skyfires. At worst they both should be at 180, although I could see Enlightened at 160 and Skyfires at 180). Its just stupid and it really killed some of the comps we had going on due to the massive points inflation. I would like for Harpies to make a return. Yes we have super fast Centigors but having fly does help a lot. They could use same rules like those Warcry Devils for all I care. All in all, I just hope when the new edition comes and Tomes are reworked again, we wont be the first. This happened a lot in WFB and now in AoS as well and our army always suffers from it. For once let us come later once the new power shift has settled and let us ride the wave of solid, engaging and fun, instead of mediocre and subpar every single time.
  11. IF Morghur were to return, I would like for him to be a really really beefy, mean "sun of a bi...goat!" While I would be happy to see ANY character for Beastmen so that we have at least something interesting to play with as well as finally getting a named character of our own.... Personally I never cared for him that much. I was always a big fan of our other characters, even those that had great concept but never saw neither a model of their own nor actual use on the table. For nostalgia sake, these are the memories of the Beastmen Armybook when I started this hobby and my Beastmen: I always liked Khazzrak the one Eye! Cunning beyond belief, not merely by instinct but by the fact he learned the ways of his pray, adapted and overcame them. A bad ass duelist and a Beastmen leader who utilized actual tactics when fighting, and also the only Beastmen to ever wear a full plate armor and swing a round a blade whip! Malagor the Dark Omen! The Crow father! The Greatest Shaman alive, bringer of doom for all that is civilization on his mighty black feathered wings! The prophet of the Dark Gods! (and look what happened to him now... they clipped his wings and sell him as regular Bray Shaman...) Gorthor the Beastlord! This is THE one greatest Beastlord that ever lived! He who united the biggest herd the old world has ever seen (outside the grand Chaos Invasions lead by *spits on the ground* the oh soo great Chaos Warrior Chosen lords, long they be damned baaaaah!). So Impressive was he in fact he had his own coach (chariot pulled by a very angry, yet admitteldy kinda cute named Razorgor ) and his own Coachman (yop he had his own personal coachman who was taking care of the ride while he was stabbing everyone with his spear). Gorthor the one who hunted down and killed a unicorn lord and then paraded its head around as a trophy! Many legends were sung of his exploits in the feasts around many Herdstones around the world. Ghorros Warhoof - The Beast Father! Sire of 1000 young! The most drunk and horny daddy goat horse you`ve ever seen! He`s been alive for a very long life as far as not just beastmen but other races as well are included, And when you live that long you of course crave for some creature comfort! So horny he was in fact that many of the strange creatures roaming the world, not just centigors are of his bloodline. He is the only character in our army that had his own retinue of loyal bad ass bodyguards called "Sons of Ghorros". Taurox the Brass Bull - This absolute rage filled monster of a Doombull personally defeated and DEVOURED a mighty Chaos Demon possessing a mortal body! This was so impressive and amusing to the Ruinous powers, mostly Khorne that is (hence Brass), the he was cursed/blessed with a body that turned into a living furnace of which the skin turned into hardened Brass! Albeit since the big 4 are all bunch of Aholes, he was left with one squishy spot under his head, kinda imitating the legendary Achiles. Should someone strike that place and run a blade through the monstrous bull would be slain outright. Only the blood of his enemies could momentarily soothe the burning pain and rage that filled his inside as he cut swathes through the lines of his enemies with two mighty axes! Slugtongue - Blessed by Nurgle, this shamans very presence wilted and withered those enemies that dared to approach him. Unlike most of our characters back in the day, he was actually somewhat playable and could be used on the table without having a massive handicap that felt like shooting yourself in the foot while your hands were bound behind your back, that most of our characters had back in the day (rules vs price being the cause). And my personal favorite that seeps with amazing potential but it never got to see the light of the day: Moonclaw Son of Morshlieb, on mighty Umbralok! A beastmen born out of the raw energies of Chaos itself on the Chaos moon of Morshlieb. He who slammed into the old world in the form of bright burning Comet, riding a massive two headed beast and heralding the end of all things and the inevitable new Age of Chaos! Moonclaw is the closest thing for a Warp demon to permanently manifest itself within the mortal world. He is however not a demon and does not answer to any of the gods (possibly Malal, considering he is Chaos of Chaos sake ). Moonclaw represents Chaos itself, in all its horrible glory! And yet this character never had a model, nor good rules, but cost an arm and a leg to field in an army back in the day. So much lost potential in terms of characters it really breaks my heart just thinking about what they did. Thats why I say GW never really loved Beastmen as an army, because you can see the lack of care and interest. Honorable mentions: Kolek Sun Eater - The oldest Shaggoth alive, the size of a mountain, whose mere shout can lay low entire armies of mortals. (Admittedly he never was part of Beastmen army since Beastmen split from Chaos and became their own playable thing). Ghosteater: The unique lion headed Beastlord who had the strange ability to devour the souls of slain enemies and absorb their memories. This character appeared in a novel and I was really impressed with him. It was the natural evolution of a Beastlord. Thanks to his mind being lifted due to the souls he devoured he understood that Beastmen are just a laughing stock and a tool used and discarded by other Chaos Forces. And he HATED it. THIS is what I love about him! He was cunning, he was smart, but most importantly.... he understood and had a VISION for a new future for Beastmen! In the book he plays the Chaos Lord leader of a local chaos fortress for a fool and his clan shows them the long end of the horn. Angor Wildmane Chosen of the Beast God - My own Beastlord whom I painstakingly converted and had painted by someone with better skill than mine. Have a whole lore thought for him and his herd (my Beastmen basically). Will share some of it since I am at it A mysterious Beastlord who has been uniting herds all across, regardless of what type of Beastmen they are. Unexpectedly calm and collected, he carries with the might and domineering respect of the Beastlords of Old myths and legends whose names are known only through stories spoken by the pyre under the Herdstone. Sometimes he feels old, ancient even. His signature name stems from his long flowing hair that seems to have a life of its own, each strand strong as a steel wire he is often seen using it if it was additional limb or two. He and through him his Herd as well despise the Ruinious Powers hate being treated as tools, despite being the direct children of Chaos in the mortal world. So much in fact they prefer to engage into fights where the Forces of Chaos and Order clash, lending a hand to the surprised worshipers of Sigmar. On some occasions they even saved caravans and people from the Cities when under attacked in what the herd considered its territory. However not free of charge. Not much is known about his herd only that they worship something they call "The Great Beast God". The doctrine they subscribe is strength through survival. Adapt and overcome. Unlike other Beastmen they dont perceive civilization as antithetic to their beliefs, although they still do sneer at the weakness the giant wall cities invite. Their weapons and armor upon inspection unveil signs of proper forging and actual craftsmanship. His herd shows signs of structure and gives a sense of primitive and simplistic yet surprisingly functional society, rather than a rubble held together by the will of the strong like other herds. He is often seen to ride into battle atop a razorgor pulled chariot and accompanied by his trusted Bannerman a former Beastlord of his own, whose herd was the first to join in one with Angors. His tough, muscular body is covered in a durable armor of dark steel plates that has seen him through countless battles. And while his rune enchanted axe is scary, his signature weapon is a massive shield of black Iron with a strange metal casted wolf head adorning it. Whenever the stream of magic gets thick the deep dark holes on the wolf head sculpture start to glow bright red the more magic it devours. Picture of Angor and my metal BL converted into BSB - Battle Standard Beaer (which also no longer exists because BoC cant have nice things AoE aura buffs ). Nowaydays I use him as Banner carrier when running a big block of Bestigors. Ahhh... this brought back some sweet memories :3
  12. They can Run and Charge from the get go if you include the horn blower, so the CP is necessary only if you fail the charge But other than TShaman, none of the other characters will be ale to keep up with them so giving them that CP might be a bit more troublesome than it would at first appear.
  13. Whats that? Concept Art Design ? I would love new Centigors, the ones I converted from Chaos horses and Mierce miniature Beastmen are very nice and bulky (the MM Goat type Beastmen are slightly more bulky and tiny bit bigger than GW ones) for what they are, yet still give the vibe of a being swift on their feet (hooves). Only reason I dont play more of them is because the conversion process is slow and cumbersome. Still have a box of SoThorn waiting to be converted into female Centigors and somehow just cant get myself into the mood of doing it (admittedly I am spending more time with my CoS now, since BoC just isn't fun for me anymore due to the massive power gap with many armies that I face). When I get the mood to kitbash I am trying to finish my Beastmen Demon Prince conversion (almost done!), and hash out the remaining 3 DragOgs with cold one heads.
  14. Those Armite models are really really nice Also good thing about Mierce mini, while their regualrd prices are higher than GW, they do 50% off discount quite regularly. Stuff like buy one unit, get one for free and such makes it really worth being subscribed to their newsletter. Thats how I picked up some of their Bestigors. They had 50% off for all metal range miniatures. Mierce mini is definitely a valid choice for us Beastmen players, especially with nice variety of types when you are bored of the cows/goats and horses we normally have and want to add some flavor (Rhinos, Elephants, Dromedars, Bearmen, and whatnot). Edit: Just to forgot to mention, that the size of the Armite is not important. If you have the STl file you can adjust the % scale, so even if they are cavalry sized, you can easily upscale them before printing
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