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  1. Need some tips on how to counter a horde list. I have trouble with list that has 100 rats for example. I can use the mushroom endless spell but I feel that isnt enough. I run 12 rockguts and 6 fellwaters in unit of 2x6 rockguts and 2x3 fellwaters. I have some grots also but would like to try to figure out how to deal with them with only troggoths.
  2. This is the list I will try out: I think it can be fun and hit hard!
  3. Thermalrider Cloak on fotboss is really useful, +4 move and flying. I use it all the time when I play smaller lists, he becomes a mini-mawkrusha.
  4. Waagh only affects melee weapons of Ironjawz units.
  5. Sorry my bad, I read the old rules, ghb2018 says otherwise, nevermind my post.
  6. *scratches head* I am reading the rules of MD and it states that you cant run. Im missing something? ?
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