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  1. 1 minute ago, Malin said:

    Probably without run and charge, so he can't keep up, with 6" range wholy within ability bolstering mounted Varanguard. ;)

    Just joking, but hope for some cool looking model.

    CSM already received a lot of cool models quite recently so it probably ain't something for them, unless there are Emperor's Children on the way.

    If it isn't a varanguard on foot or plastic chosen then it better be phoenix guard terminators for emperors children.

  2. 1 minute ago, Mungrun said:

    Yes, even the Carrion King betrayed him if I'm not wrong.

    To be fair the carrion king was the closest thing to a nice vampire we had before nagash gave him the vordhai treatment. Literally every other vampire backstabbed him (if it hasn't been retconned that ushoran is the carrion king)

  3. 1 minute ago, Rogue Explorator said:

    Are we sure it said ally? I don't think Nagash ever had one of those in the World-That-Was.

    Aside from Neffi and Arkhan? Nah, even his other mortarchs where forced into it or had ulterior motives. Vlad was only in it for the promise of Isabella being resurrected (nurgle beat him to it), manfred is waiting for a chance to betray him as well. Krell is basically the closest thing to loyal as it gets outside of nagash's inner circle.

  4. 35 minutes ago, EccentricCircle said:

    Yeah, I've always been quite interested in trying to see a more nuanced take on Chaos. For ever ravening berserker who has been entirely subsumed by it there must be dozens if not hundreds of people who aren't as far along, and are still balanced between the darkness and the light.

    I'd like to see a slightly more positive take on the norscan view of the chaos gods, have khorne be viewed as a god of law and honour, slaanesh as a patron of the arts and fertility, nurgle for familial bonds and the cycle of life and tzeench for history, knowledge and change (really tzeentch is pretty neutral already since change and sorcery isn't inherently evil.) It'd be cool to see some chill darkoath folk just livin a peaceful life and have some overzealous sigmar worshippers be the bad guys trying to kill these folks who just wanna cooperate and survive.

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  5. I like the idea of seeing darkoath tribes working with free peoples, yet openly and casually talking trash about the others gods while doing so. In a sort of, "yeah your god abandoned us and our gods want to do all sorts of nasty stuff to everything, but hey we're both human and the rest of the world is out to kill us"

    I'd also like to see more vampires that are just kinda chill wit living amongst the living and aren't constantly scheming or bootlicking to the mortarchs, It'd be cool to read a story about a vampire that serves as a champion in a freeguild army or a mercenary warband. 

    And hey, the philosophy of gork and mork is a highly debated topic amongst orruk scholars... the whole two of them.  

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  6. Well as much as i'm loving the new warscrolls, I gotta say the cost of the KoS kit is brutal especially since I want an extra one to make hellbane. $170 CAD is highway robbery, making it one of the most expensive models in the sigmar range along with posterboy models like archaon. Feels like a scam when compared to the other greater daemons kit prices. I'll be grabbing the book, fane and spells but man it'll probably be a while before the keeper graces my shelf. Will probably grab the epitome and another start collecting at least to pad out my current collection.

  7. 16 minutes ago, Mayple said:

    One does not always have a choice in the matter. Backing out of an alliance/partnership/whatever with any of the gods will rarely work, or lead to happy endings (unless you're Slaaneshi, badum-tsh!) :D 

    every ending is a happy ending for us slaaneshi 😉

  8. 29 minutes ago, Sleboda said:

    I keep seeing this, and it still baffles me. Sure, do we all want more and more stuff? And does it make us jealous when others get more than we do? Yep! 

    Still, that doesn't mean what we get is bad, lacking, poor, incomplete, substandard, etc.

    Why not just enjoy the awesomeness to come?

    For instance, I'm a big fan of Skaven. I thought for sure that their book was being pushed because GW was talking time to get a new model range ready. Nope! I was wrong, but the book was great anyway.

    Note, too, that Skaven is a chaos power, and they didn't get any new demons - just one new mortal unit in the whole book. Plus, they lost a relatively new model.

    Still great.

    I mean to be fair Slaanesh is one of the big 4 and is compared to the other 3 as such, the horned rat just kinda joined the boyband during the end times and got shoe horned in. Plus skaven have a large roster of units, slaanesh being a decades old army does not. Slaanesh arguably has the least units of all the old armies.  

    Edit: I should add the caveat that for a long while all of chaos was basically one army, but once they splintered off slaanesh got shafted compared to the other 3 only getting one mortal unit and two mortal heroes, one being a named character (who was quickly demoted to nameless ****** like vlad or queek because like 90% of characters they got the axe in the end times) .  As for daemons every god has a lesser daemon, 1-2 heralds, a greater daemon and 1-2 "monster" daemons like fiends and flamers. Of course this isn't including cavalry/chariots like seekers and bloodcrushers. So the disparity is purely in mortal representation, which is kinda a major longstanding aspect of the armies of chaos since their inception.

  9. Just now, Greasygeek said:

    So anyway..

    Anyone got some interesting knowledge/rumour or wishes for Forbidden power and Warcry? Maybe im a bit slow here but just discovered that the twin pyramid piece with magic energy between them from Forbidden Powers is the similar to the piece used for Nightvaults scenery. Whatever they means I guess that for at least this piece we can rule out that it is not an endless spell. So following this thought Im starting to think that maybe Forbidden powers isn’t endless spells at all OR maybe its a different kind of endless spells that summon scenery. 

    Or maybe its small scenery options that will have a point cost generic for all factions to use.




    Since it's on a base I'd say it's either an endless spell or some new game mechanic.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Sleboda said:

    Granted, I didn't catch the stream, but how does leaving them out of the book mean they are gone?

    They still have warscrolls and the Slaanesh keyword, so they are 100% legit, without even having to use allies. Right?

    Armies are more than just the units in a single Battletome.


    I mean, I just played in a major tournament against a Nurgle army that had a non-allied war mammoth in it, and that thing certainly isn't in Maggotkin. Not seeing the issue.

    The "issue" (more of a gripe really) is that every god army can take StD stuff but aside from slaanesh the others have a good few mortal choices unique to them while we don't.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Sleboda said:

    Granted, I didn't catch the stream, but how does leaving them out of the book mean they are gone?

    They still have warscrolls and the Slaanesh keyword, so they are 100% legit, without even having to use allies. Right?

    Armies are more than just the units in a single Battletome.

    Tell that to the fyreslayers.... Jokes aside they are really old models so I'm not surprised, we'll have to see if the warscrolls stay around in the app and on the webstore. Still sends a bad message across regarding slaanesh mortals.

  12. 1 minute ago, Sleboda said:

    The new Keeper and Fiends are awesome, and (maybe I'm on the fringe here) I like demonettes a lot. I think this army is going to be gorgeous in the table.

    As to the axed units, what do you mean?

    before we had 3 mortal units, those being hellstriders and 2 flavours of lord. The two lords are getting axed. Meanwhile the 3 other chaos gods still have 8+ mortal options with khorne having in the ballpark of 20 counting all the hero variants. And I agree the resculpts are gorgeous and that daemonettes are a good sculpt. 

  13. Just now, firebat said:

    "Not my army, I don't care, stop talking about things I don't care about".

    There are times when I feel this but I also like to ride the hype train regardless of whether it's my army because damn the new stuff is always so cool out of context

  14. 40 minutes ago, Sleboda said:

    Not sure where is "clear" dropping of the ball is. To me, this new book looks like a major home run.

    From a rules perspective yeah they seem to have knocked it out of the park, but from a modelling perspective we got the complimentary spells and terrain that every army is getting, a resculpt of two really old models and two new models. Meanwhile they axed two of our 3 mortal units. The other 3 main chaos gods have had larger releases with mortals included and with the exception of maybe tzeench, have had big story hooks with their army release. While it's not dropping the ball when compared to smaller and newer armies like fyreslayers, slaanesh is one of the four main chaos gods and has existed as an "army" for years so there is a precedent to follow there.

  15. Just now, Mayple said:

    I agree with your point, but to play devils advocate to your devils advocate; Most Slaanesh players (unproven statement, requires backup), aren't going to prioritize rules over models/lore anytime soon, and it is in that regard that the disappointment exists. I'd be surprised if anyone claims that the new rules are terrible (heck, I think they're pretty good based on what we've seen so far), but that's not where the issue lies either :)

    As a slaaneh player I am quite disappointed but I also don't want to drag on complaining when geedubs has clearly dropped the ball and isn't prepared to pick it up.

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  16. 8 minutes ago, King Taloren said:

    Slaanesh.... five heroes, endless spells and terrain. Oh and we cut out the only mortals in the actual faction. And there isn’t anything big happening either, Nagash is the Gaarosh Hellscream for 2.0 and we don’t want to detract from that right now. 

    I'll play devils advocate and say that at least we are getting banger rules out the gate whereas most of the larger armies have either bad rules or useless units. So perhaps roster bloat is a bad thing, especially considering khorne effectively went through 3 books to get to the point their at now.

  17. 30 minutes ago, Overread said:

    Furthermore if AoS 3.0 were out chances are they'd be rolled into it; or it would be an expansion book rather like hte recent one Chaos got for 40K wherein its just rules and updates not a full functional army on its own. 

    I've been suggesting something similar, do a shadowspear and roll them into a dual box with aelves or something. Just have it be a suppliment booklet with warscrolls and maybe some command traits and artifacts specific to mortals.

  18. 1 minute ago, Izotzuhure said:

    I know, I know, but I think they were talking about Endless Spells and that should be ok, right?

    Allegiance locked I'd think, but idk we don't exactly have many situations with armies using other armies endless spells outside of nagash and the nighthaunt spells and that's because it's explicitly stated he can cast them.

  19. 4 minutes ago, Izotzuhure said:

    It technically only says Chaos Slaanesh Wizards, so any wizard from the battalion should be able to do so. On the other hand, if you go heavy BoC in a Slaanesh army you could do the same thing with their Endless spells. I say heavy because that way you wouldn't suffer the side effects. 

    you only gain access to their respective spell lores if you are their allegiance. If your allegiance is BoC then you don't get the hedonites spell lore, because you are not a hedonites army, even with the depraved drove as you still have to choose your army allegiance at the end of the day.

  20. Just now, King Taloren said:

    Here’s an interesting idea. Mortal unit that rerolls all hit rolls but if they roll any 1s on the reroll they suffer-2 leadership as they freak out over failing to be perfect.

    i want 20... albeit the immune to battleshock spells and warshrine prayer do mitigate that issue, unless the debuff also counts towards bravery tests for spells and abilities like nighthaunt.

  21. 4 minutes ago, King Taloren said:

    Yes I’m not saying that snu-snu is the only draw though I am curious how big it is in WoG from the developers. (As a fervent enough worshiper of Slaanesh in my tendency to excessively collect things...)

    It would be nice to have had at least one or two units and a mortal hero or wizard that is actually the in the faction. Marked units kind of barely work, it’s just slightly better than allying in units. 

    It would be pretty cool to see a duality of wizards, one who seeks pleasure through magic and is a healer with some healing bound spell and one who seeks pain through overcharging their magic and risks hurting themselves for better casting or something. See geedubs? Designing slaanesh isn't hard! Instead we get the generic sorcerer lord, but at least he somewhat helps with our poor armour save problem and his spell really helps daemonettes if their losing out on the reroll from the banner.

  22. 3 minutes ago, King Taloren said:

    Lorewise Slaanesh should probably be on par with Khorne or even exceed mortal converts to his side just for what he represents. Though I guess it could be argued that they are too busy with excessive pleasure of the flesh to go out and be a presence in war. Not enough tempted by excess of murder and violence so his demons still do the brunt of the work...

    And the rules make for a good counter of ASF builds and armies. Like a control deck in Magic the Gathering, he’s got some really good things to work with and playdown the attrition on beat down armies that have poor sustain. 

    Which also fits lorewise since even he other three gods are scared of him because he can feed of them if they go too much into their own powers excessively.

    I mean hey, it's not just getting high and laid that slaanesh is about. Pursuit of martial perfection, the desire to accrue a legend and tales about ones victories, the pursuit of pain through combat, the desire to defeat all opponents and overcome all champions. There are a lot of fluffy hooks as to why slaanesh worshipers would pursue war.

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