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  1. Holy ****** someone is willingly starting a brettonia inspired army...

    We need more cav heavy armies in this game. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. As for lore inspiration, you could take the obvious idea of vampirism being a respected trait among nobles. Or you could take a spartan approach and have the orders of knights see death in glorious battle as the ultimate honour and a right of passage before they end up a black knight in nagash's endless legions (as i doubt a single corpse in shyish get's to rest in the realm of the great necromancer).  And how about a dark twist? The entity they worship as the lady is merely an aspect of nagash, as the soul of the fey enchantress is one of the few used in his resurrection, that absorbed soul became an aspect of him, and guides the living into knowingly or not, serving his grander machinations. The 'avatars' could be similar to the nagash we see in tabletop, a small fragment of the gods power sent out to enforce his will where his legions falter. With 'the lady' being a weaker aspect of himself, it must be fueled by the devotion of 'her' followers and brought to life by prayer and the souls of 'her' slain enemies.

    The ramblings of my inner DM aside, it's a cool army idea!

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  2. Just now, Kramer said:

    I’m ambivalent to my wallet. On the one hand I love it, but only when I spend it.... my girlfriend however seems to have a much clearer plan for the content of my wallet 😅


    Being fresh outta college I am glad that is not a concern of mine yet... instead I've got the government breathing down my neck on student debt... yeah that chosen conversion may take a while to happen lol

  3. 4 hours ago, Kramer said:

    alternatively I've seen some great conversions based on the 40k sisters of silence. (Not my work)


    I personally will try the drukhari incubi as base models for my chosen as soon as I get to see them in person to judge the size. 

    If they don’t fit the size my back up is deepkin thralls. Bare chested to feel maximum pain, already armed with brutal and big weapons that can easily be changed but the posing will still work. 

    But again mirror guard is thematic, cool and just so curious to see the results of that :) hope this helps. 

    I think the incubi might be a bit on the small side but I do like the idea of using sisters of silence for the basis of my mirror guard, would also help diversify my army with some more female models since the only one I have is the valkia i'm converting into a winged war queen. If i swapped out the shoulderpads and maybe the helmets, then with the right paint job and some bits i could replace the rest of the imperium iconography with a more chaos look. 

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  4. Do it! Sign a pact with nagash for your soul in order to motivate you to meet the deadline for fear of becoming another expendable bedsheet! I've been tempted to try for armies on parade as well, I'll see what I can do for my Slaanesh/Slaves to darkness since It'll also motivate me to finish the kitbash ideas i had.

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  5. 12 hours ago, Lightbox said:

    It's worth it for me though, i love converting so having a full army project I can mess around with has been nice. Thankfully I've kept costs down due to having a rather large bits box nowadays so only needed to buy kharadron stuff mostly.

    Yeah my bits box is starting to fill as well, shame none of my armies have any shared designs, but at least all the spare skulls from LoN can go with any army. A friend of mine started an SCE army because she fell in love with one of the stormhosts colour scheme and wanted to do a dark angel themed army with the vanguard chamber stuff. Fortunately for her, her bf was interested in playing SCE as well until deepkin stole his heart (and soul)

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  6. 20 hours ago, Lightbox said:

    For me it started when i got the conversion idea for shadow pirates and my doppleganger cloak admiral kitbash. The project sounded so fun i had to do it!


    No clue about everyone else though. It's odd for what is a rather poor army to see a large surge but probably mostly comes down to aesthetic. They're such a unique and very AoS theme. But I'm not sure really I'm afraid!

    Well I hope GW shows them some love, it's such a missed opportunity to not push an army with this much creative potential. I look forward to seeing how this turns out for you.

  7. As a broke college student at least half of my models are second hand so I feel you on the painting troubles. I've seen a lot of people start KO armies lately, what's the hype about? They look great but from what I've heard there performance is pretty sub par and they ain't the cheapest to collect (I know money isn't an issue for some people but still) so what's been the big draw to them lately?

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  8. Tried doing a 30 day challenge over the holidays, figured it would be a good way to make progress on my Emperors children army for 40k. It was mostly builds for the first 5 days and the rest was painting, a hellbrute here, terminator there. Figured at least for days i didn't want to do any serious work i'd just paint a marine to keep the streak going, but between my other hobbies (mainly weekly D&D games i run), work picking up again with my contract renewal and my last semester of college starting, I lasted 19 days before life sapped me of the time and willpower to put paint to plastic. Good thing most of my friends don't give a ****** about unpainted models but here's hoping I'll find the time to finish my backlog of paint projects... doesn't help that I keep adding to that list... hosts of slaanesh here I come...

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