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  1. I mean hey, it's not just getting high and laid that slaanesh is about. Pursuit of martial perfection, the desire to accrue a legend and tales about ones victories, the pursuit of pain through combat, the desire to defeat all opponents and overcome all champions. There are a lot of fluffy hooks as to why slaanesh worshipers would pursue war.
  2. It's a fair point, I do it all the time because their are so many shooting armies in my local area. But by that same logic the same goes for the other gods as well so the disparity for slaanesh in comparison to the other gods doesn't change. I would hope that if soulblight ever get's a full release that they'd incorporate flesh eaters and legions in some way since ghoul kings are technically vampires unless the new book retconned that. As for fyreslayers yeah they're in a bad spot for models but from my brief time playing against the new ones their rules seem to have gotten really solid at least.
  3. I missed the livestream due too work so hopefully someone else in this thread can correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember people quoting them as having said "mortals are not in this book because we haven't figured out how we want to do slaanesh mortals yet" Obviously paraphrasing a secondhand source here so hopefully someone who saw the livestream can confirm the quote. Besides they probably won't do a full book if they do get around to it and do something like a supplement book akin to the shadowspear supplements for 40k with just the new warscrolls and maybe command traits and artifacts specific to mortals. But if it does happen then it would definitely be much later down the line possibly as a foil to one of the major aelves releases for a dual box themed around a slaanesh jailbreak or something. Slaanesh being freed does sound like a good reason for a bunch of mortals to roll up on the aelves doorstep and for the aelves to get off their butts and start doing stuff in the lore so that all the bereaved high elf players can feed their addiction like the rest of us.
  4. I can see your point with the model ranges but I'll also point out that most of your examples are newer armies, meanwhile slaanesh has been around for decades and still ain't got squat for mortals. And yeah the slaanesh rules are disgusting and that's coming from a slaanesh player. Seems to me like they are a surprisingly well themed yet nonetheless reactionary counter to the growing prevalence of FeC and other 'fights first' rules being abused in the meta. If it's any consolation shooting looks like it will be the bane of slaanesh since we're losing the crazy speed buffs godseekers used to have and our low armour saves will leave us defenseless to shooting armies, especially ones with rend like shootcast.
  5. This one hurts me a little, but if we are getting a separate mortals book down the line then I hope we'll get some sweet new named characters and some mortals that can really play with the precedent set by hellstriders and have debuff gimmicks or buff up the more pain is being dished out. I could see flagellant type bdsm freaks that buff up or gain attacks the more of them die in a unit or perfectionist armoured knight type units that get bonuses for fighting other elite units. I'd be real happy if we saw the return of Sigvald or at least mirror guard but the former seems pretty unlikely. Still mirror guard as a bodyguard unit for your lords seems neat. I'd love to see a mechanic where the lord can admire his reflection in the guards shields and not be able to attack but in return the guard can take wounds for him
  6. They'd be great for undivided or khorne chosen, but they're a little too brutish for slaanesh chosen. Hence why "sleeker" looking models like liberators or sisters of silence will probably be my go-to since they fit the slaanesh look with a bit of converting.
  7. No I mean despite using the battalion as a means of taking bullgors and bestigors, they will only count as battleline if your armies allegiance is BoC, if you choose hedonites for your allegiance then they wouldn't fulfill battleline requirements.
  8. Fair point, Shagoths also seem like a good investment being a meaty hero that can heal for even more sweet depravity.
  9. I don't think bullgors and bestigor count as battleline outside of boc, just gors and ungors. Still ungor raiders that hit twice on 6's might be nice
  10. Because they always reuse old art and it's cheaper than commissioning new art for everything.
  11. Bite your tongue good sir/madam/incorporeal monstrosity! You defy everything slaanesh is about! And like I said in an earlier post, it's a shame that they're breaking the precedent on god armies, but at least our rules seem really solid out the gate, meanwhile khorne took 3 books to get to a decent state. Something can be said for unit bloat hurting rules coherency.
  12. Yeah, and while a lot of the khorne and nurgle stuff is from wfb, all three of the other gods have significant mortal choices that slaanesh lacks. So GW is kinda going against the precedent they set for chaos. On the bright side khorne took 3 books to get where they are now rules wise, meanwhile we may lack units, but we seem to be getting really solid rules. perhaps unit bloat does hurt the rules coherency of an army, but still having more than hellstriders would be nice.
  13. I feel like maybe they will take the extra attacks for kills mechanic and expand on that with a spear dedicated variant while the whips and debuffs get their own variant that are hopefully independently stronger at the cost of losing the overlap of having both abilities.
  14. They set a precident of not having god keywords on the darkoath specific heroes. Their might be named characters with god keywords but I woudn't expect much else.
  15. I missed the livestream but a friend who was watching told me they where still "thinking about how we will do mortals". Can anyone confirm this? If this is true then we'd be the first army to have two separate books for mortals and daemons which would be kinda neat but might go the way of chaos space marines and daemons of chaos in 40k. Still if they can come up with enough for a whole book that would be cool, especially considering khorne mortals can pretty much make up an entire book on their own.
  16. Being fresh outta college I am glad that is not a concern of mine yet... instead I've got the government breathing down my neck on student debt... yeah that chosen conversion may take a while to happen lol
  17. I mean if you really don't like your wallet you could shill out for 5 exalted deathbringers for big shirtless men to make chosen...
  18. this brings up an interesting question: If you had say a unit of castigators or a ballista on top of a rock that's 5" tall, and the entirety of the surface of said rock was taken up by said units, would a unit that cannot fly then be unable to charge them since there would be no space to put said units models on the rock or within weapon range? This is a surprisingly relevant question for some armies as it's quite possible to build lists for armies like Slaves to darkness that don't involve any flying or ranged units.
  19. I think the incubi might be a bit on the small side but I do like the idea of using sisters of silence for the basis of my mirror guard, would also help diversify my army with some more female models since the only one I have is the valkia i'm converting into a winged war queen. If i swapped out the shoulderpads and maybe the helmets, then with the right paint job and some bits i could replace the rest of the imperium iconography with a more chaos look.
  20. How many units even have AFF? I rarely see it in my gaming group and when I do it's because I'm running slaanesh and my daemon prince likes to crash the party.
  21. If it's any consolation, bloodreavers are literally meant to die, like that is their sole purpose.
  22. well seraphon do have a book, just no a 2.0 book. And a lot of the stuff from their 1.0 book is from the time when GW was leaning more towards narrative and apocalypse style games with 2500-4000pt battalions and crazy rules like neferatta turning heroes into vampires.
  23. To be fair the khorne book hasn't been out for long yet and slaanesh and slaves/darkoath don't have books yet so time will tell.
  24. Nurgle has like 2 units with ranged weapons and the units with them are melee focused anyways, slaanesh also only has 1 ranged unit. Tzeench is the only one you can kinda find ranged weapons for but their range is trash. Keep in mind all the chaos armies have other things that offset the need for range, nurgle is tanky, khorne has prayers for days, slaanesh is fast and debuffs and tzeench has a lot of magic and battleline that split into more ****** when they die
  25. Arkhan and nagash are both significantly more expensive to offset their relatively better survivability compared to slaughterpriests, plus they're characters so you can't run multiples of them. Also a warshrine will solve your no after save issue giving a 6+ after save within 9", an additional priest and a unique prayer for reroll failed hits in a khorne list all for 160pts
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