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  1. The "rules as written" way of playing isn't used in my local meta but I do find it interesting. I don't really care about rend all that much because I play LoN mainly and a skeleton will die to any amount of rend and bedsheets don't give a damn. But this does make things interesting for the multitude of stormcast players in my area, suddenly reroll fails for sequitors(i believe it's dequitors that can get reroll failed saves) is less effective as rend will create a pocket in the dice pool where say with rend -1 a result of 1-3 would be rerolled but a 4 is considered a success before modifiers so wouldn't be rerolled. With rend -2 this get's crazy with results of 4 being unavoidable and anything less than a 6 failing post modifier. This definitely brings down armies with save rerolling down a notch and would make wound negation builds more common. Personally I ask my opponent which way they want to play since I play pretty casually anyways.
  2. Tried doing a 30 day challenge over the holidays, figured it would be a good way to make progress on my Emperors children army for 40k. It was mostly builds for the first 5 days and the rest was painting, a hellbrute here, terminator there. Figured at least for days i didn't want to do any serious work i'd just paint a marine to keep the streak going, but between my other hobbies (mainly weekly D&D games i run), work picking up again with my contract renewal and my last semester of college starting, I lasted 19 days before life sapped me of the time and willpower to put paint to plastic. Good thing most of my friends don't give a ****** about unpainted models but here's hoping I'll find the time to finish my backlog of paint projects... doesn't help that I keep adding to that list... hosts of slaanesh here I come...
  3. The GW base size chart lists both slaves and hosts chariots as using 120X92 bases so i'm fine there, might slaaneshify my chariot if i end up liking hosts as an army. I'd like to use my daemon prince since it being able to interupt pile ins seems pretty useful. I'm really not a fan of the official keeper and have yet to justify spending the money on the forge world exalted keeper (but damn are FW greater daemons awesome looking) so i'll probably see if i can kitbash something once i get around to getting a slaanesh daemons box or two.
  4. I suppose i can use my tau battlesuits or vargheists, they have 60mm bases (size up from terms which i believe is 60 anyways), i could run knights and use marauder horsemen for hellstriders, i've got a few horsemen lying around somewhere. I guess if i have to drop belakor i could proxy him as a daemon prince and see about fitting in that warshrine for more consistent charging and some survivability, Now for the real important question: Seekers for the long distance rush and charge or stack my units and go for pretenders for a swol lord?
  5. Hey all, I've been interested in trying hosts of slaanesh, wanted to try some stuff out before committing to buying models and mostly still using stuff from my slaves to darkness army but i'm not sure which host to go with. My local group is fairly casual and is fine with proxy models being used for list experimentation so here's my list i've made with what i can reasonably proxy: Lord of slaanesh on daemonic mount (general, enrapturing, allure of slaanesh, since it's a 60mm base i'll probs use a terminator sorcerer or vargheist from my death army until i can get around to kitbashing one that isn't a hunk of metal) keeper of secrets (proxied using terminator lord from my emps children army) masque of slaanesh herald on exalted chariot (proxied using chaos chariot) belakor(ally) Lord of chaos 3 X 10 warriors w/shields 2 X 5 hellstriders (proxied using chaos knights) I also have been considering taking a warshrine or marauder horsemen, i also have marauders my friends wouldn't mind me using for daemonettes. Any thoughts on what changes and host would work best? I'd also like some clarification on invaders rules i'm not sure i quite follow what it means. From what I can tell the only command abilities invaders would be relevant for is the 3 from the core rules?
  6. I would like more pose-able warriors, otherwise the other plastics are fine. I just don't like the stiff poses the warriors have. We can bet on marauders being phased out by darkoath but we could definitely use more in the ways of spellcasting and heavy infantry, chosen are all we got for heavy infantry and those kits could do with a remake, as for our sorcerer he's good but he's pricier than his monogod cousins and doesn't have a spell list to choose from, same goes for the new shaman lady tho that entire warband seems meh and a bit too geared towards fighting stormcast. I would also like to see some more darkoath specific heroes and characters since right now most of our stuff can be used in mono god lists so it feels like we don't have any real unique hero choices outside of warchief and queen. Edit: we do have Sayl but he's forgeworld so i hesitate to count him fully
  7. I know they want to step away from characters a bit with AoS, but I would like to see more factions get characters and some fan favourites to make it to the table again. FEC doesn't need much but it would be cool to see them get ushoran as a character hero. I would likewise like to see abhorash or one of the von carsteins for soulblight.
  8. I've seen a lot of suggestions for soulblight armies but i'd like to see a soulblight army that is distinctly separate from aristocratic style of vampire we see in the legions (so avoiding the traditional bloodlines) and instead introducing bloodlines formed in and shaped by the mortal realms. The books and battletome mention several tribes and cults of vampires with distinct themes like barbaric vampires that glorify becoming a vargheist. It would be cool to see rules and sub allegiances that represent a more flavourful spread of vampires from the mortal realms now that we aren't bound by the old VC style (tho i would admittedly be the first to pre order a model for a returned vlad or isabella) For example the vargheist loving vamps could be a bloodline that gets vargheists as battleline and have a beefed up vargheist hero option or character, there rules would likely be built around making more vargheists out of some sort of weaker fodder vampires and have an aggressive playstyle. How about a Vampire bloodline from chamon that has a gothic crusader aesthetic? Maybe they fuse metal into their flesh since being superhuman that ****** wouldn't outright kill them, they could have rules for better armour saves or ignoring rend -1. How about ash vampires from aqshy? They could be themed around the use of ash clouds for mobility and stealth and maybe be able to burn there own units to produce more ash or get buffs. How about a bloodline from ghur that practices bonding with beasts and granting their mounts and companions the bloodkiss? All these themes do admittedly create a very mixed bag of a faction so maybe have several common units and a few hero models unique to each bloodline, then consolidate it as some sort of nomadic army or fleet of vampires and their thralls that travel the realms doing nagash (or perhaps some greater vampire or lesser death gods) bidding? This way you could have elements of fan favourites like the vampire coast with ghost ships and a naval theme with allegiance rules built around maybe having a ghost ship model on the board similar to the herd stone or graveyards that you could deploy units from or use as a transport or have shoot enemies with a command ability? Then each bloodline would add smaller flavour rules like the legions sub allegiances that would apply to the vampire units in the army. Just the ramblings of a guy with a hard on for a better vampire army, got thinking about these ideas while making a warband for a path to glory campaign. (My warband will be themed as the revenge of vlad von carstein and features the man himself as my champion)
  9. @Honk I might try the nagashizar necro idea but throw in a wight king for even more attacks
  10. I do wish they'd take this as an opportunity to diversify legions of nagash a bit more. Make each legion a bit more unique by making sacrament more reminiscent of TK, blood a proper soulblight army and keep night as the VC representation.
  11. The local meta is a lot of stormcast, khorne, sylvaneth and a few death and skaven players. There's also seraphon and tzeentch that come into town on occasion but idk if they'll be there for this one. My partner will be running lady Olyander, KoS, and is debating between loading up on spirit hosts or reapers.
  12. I can borrow the last 10 skeles off my buddy. Currently thinking of trying night or blood. For night i'd go 40 skeles, 5 wolves, mannfred, necro, wightking(Curse blade) or drop the wight king for black knights For blood i considered neffi but she seems like too big of a target and unlike mannfred she doesn't hold up as well in a fight so 40 skeles, 2X5 wolves, necro, VLoZD(VT, Dark majesty and either orb of enchantment or ethereal amulet) I guess sacrament is still valid tho with the battalion i had the problem of low early game board presence presence so maybe drop the battalion for 1 necro, arkhan, mortis, skeles and wolves.
  13. Hey all, I'm competing in a doubles tournament next month and i'm looking for advice on how to make a decent 1000pt list. My partner is bringing nighhaunt and will definitely be bringing olyander and mounted KoS, he's been trying different stuff with spirit hosts and seems to really like using those as well. I can't decide on what would be best to complement nighthaunt. (for the record, the organizers are banning cross-allegiance synergies like invocations healing nighthaunt units despite meeting all keyword requirements 😢) I've tossed around the idea of a sacrament list with arkhan for casting shenanigans, but A blood list might be more beneficial with extra bravery debuffs. Night could help add to the mobility and defending objectives within our deployment zone as well. Does anyone have any list suggestions? I've got my mortarch magnetized so all 3 are options as well as a VloZD/Vordhai. I've also got 30 skeles, both variants of wight king, 2 foot vamps, 10 Grave guard, 10 wolves a corpse cart, mortis engine/coven/palaquin half and half build as well as glaivewraiths, vargheists and black knights. I've had a few practice games using different lists but continually run into the problem of a lack of board presence (admittedly my last game was a lords of sacrament battalion with 2X5 wolves and quicksilver swords, our opponents stacked a lot of points early on for objective control but by the end we turned it around, can't contest an objective if everything dies to magic after all 😁) I'm up for any suggestions but currently don't have the budget to buy new kits for a while.
  14. yet sepulchral are still GA locked? Lame, well not that self reviving skeles are very useful, especially with the small unit size, but they're weapons are interesting and add some flavor.
  15. @Honk, @discoking Castellans falls into a weird limbo, it's only keyword is death, which makes taking it a bit nebulous. Similar things with just the death keyword like the sepulchral guard for example can only be taken in GAD but i don't know if such a restriction applies to battalions.
  16. @Honk Now if only prince V had the right keywords... That's seriously broken tho, may give me good reason to run neffi again, Arkhan spell bombing has been my bread and butter lately but of I can get even more mileage out of my vampire lords then i may just go for a face smashy bravery bomb.
  17. Thanks all for the advice! I'm thinking i'll grab a hosts start collecting and the wrath and rapture to fill out my daemon stuff (I'm also starting emps children for 40k so i needed daemons for summoning anyways), maybe an extra fiend for that 4 model unit bonus. Right now i'm thinking of using warriors to hold objectives and knights to screen for the squishy daemons and a warshrine to help with charges. I do own a masque of slaanesh but don't know if it's any good and i'm debating on whether to run my lord of chaos as a slaanesh marked slaves lord for the daemon prince/spawn luls or to run it as a normal slaanesh lord. I mighgt be able to get some mileage out of my marauder horsemen but I can see where normal marauders would just be worse daemonettes.
  18. Hey you drug addicted bdsm freaks! I've got a slaves to darkness army that i want to convert to slaanesh, been thinking of getting the slaanesh half of wrath and rapture. What from the slaves roster is worth taking in a slaanesh army? And which host is better? Invader, seeker or pretender?
  19. I thought only the bloodlance/sword was affected and not the mount portion of the profile. Seems silly for a VLoZD to get extra attacks with it's claws and maw...
  20. Malal more or less feeds off of pure chaos itself, as long as chaos exists so does malal. He exists as the manifestation of chaos' self destructive nature, think about it, the end goal of chaos is the ruination of all, but since living beings are the source of chaos it's a self destructive goal. Malal represents and feeds off of chaos' march to it's own destruction.
  21. Malal has been swept under the rug and rewritten so many times i'm not sure what the current "official" description is, but he's essentially the antithesis or pinnacle of chaos, he represents chaos' inevitable end as it turns in on itself in self destruction. The chaos gods are a fire given life by the universe and malal is the flame sputtering out in a sense.
  22. Why not kitbash a mix of stormcast and slaves to darkness bits?
  23. just to throw my two cents in after all the mathhammer has already happened. I usually run a 30 block of skeletons (mostly because that's all i own for normal bone boys) and have done really well with them, sure i'm not getting all of them into a fight but slap VDM on those suckers and they have deleted anything that picked a fight with them, only time in the past while i've had concerns with losing with the skeletons is when daughters of khaine charged two consecutive shrines into them with some extra witch elves peppered in, or when i go up against the uber buffed beatdown sequitor squads of one of my stormcast friends. GG on the other hand i don't tend to get as much mileage out of but for the sake of filling points and having some more reliable rend attacking i keep a squad of 10 in the rear to guard against deep striking or teleporting units like tree revs or stormcasts.
  24. Enrapturess definitely felt like the support slaanesh needed when i saw her profile. Keeping her and a warshrine behind a screen of warriors while a lord of chaos leads a daemonette charge seems like a decent strat. I've also got plenty of knights to handle objective grabbing or at least contesting with their bulk and cost effectiveness. Archie would definitely make for a nice distraction while i bring in KoS or other daemons with enrapturess or a sorcerer. Here's hoping slaanesh gets a tome soon with more support like enrapturess, though it's looking like the next chaos tome will be darkoath/slaves/everchosen 2 chaos boogaloo
  25. @Lightbox Thanks for the advice! I'd planned on grabbing the slaanesh half of the box set anyways for summoning shenanigans since I already have an Slaves army to convert into the bulk of my slaanesh army. Think there are any key heroes I should take outside of archie and the keeper that could build up a decent amount of depravity? Most of the slaves heroes are pretty underwhelming when compared to their equivalents in other armies.
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