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  1. don't hold your breath on that one, compendium armies are basically left to die.
  2. Skaven could use new sculpts but at least they have options, I showed the archregent and the other previewed rules to a friend of mine that plays FEC and he straight up thinks archregent and dragons are all you'll see now outside of ghoul summons. He agrees with me when saying FEC lacks list variety but he won't complain too much when his 2-3 viable lists all pack a big punch... my poor skeletons keep ending up ghoul food...
  3. allegiance abilities wouldn't hurt either but I think GW has really written them into a corner with end times and have no idea how to copyright there way into a tomb kings 2.0
  4. I'm still banking on slaanesh being in soul wars so i'd have to agree with sylvaneth vs fyreslayers or maybe something with darkoath vs somebody since that will probably just be a big Slaves/everchosen overhaul similarly to carrion empire
  5. I really wish settra was carried over properly, nowadays i use him as my corpse cart...
  6. KO could do with a larger overhaul than most factions, they need more infantry choices and battleline in general. There ships could use some retooling as well so I wouldn't be surprised if we had to wait longer for a larger update for them.
  7. The rules are sadly one of the main reasons I decided against KO for my second army, they just don't seem to work well enough in conjunction with one another and you lose out on a lot of shooting and hero abilities/magic for using your ships as transport.
  8. As an LoN player I don't run into this issue since most of my big stuff flies, but I can see where BR or other armies with a heavy reliance on grounded units would really suffer depending on how this is handled.
  9. So a thought occurred to me regarding the upcoming soulwars release... The entirety of the aelf races are quite literally built around souls stolen from the mortal coil by first slaanesh and then the new aelf gods. So what if instead of stormcasts and death again we got a soul wars box that was death vs slaanesh or death vs aelves? Or slaanesh vs aleves? I haven't gotten around to reading the soul wars books yet but it was started by nagash being pissed over sigmar taking human souls from the mortal coil to make the stormcasts right? Then wouldn't slaanesh and the aelves doing the same also instigate another theater of war in the soul wars?
  10. After some more thought I've come to a conclusion on how i feel about the new releases and the precedent it sets for future releases: To start i like that every army is getting endless spells and terrain, while the quality of rules and sculpts vary at least it's there, albeit some of the FEC ones look like they could have come from LoN. But this sets an... expensive problem. While endless spells are payed for with points and are entirely optional, the terrain is not optional and you're shooting yourself in the foot for not using it, which means that's one more kit you need to buy in order to play the army properly. To top it off these pieces all have weird base shapes so even if you didn't like the sculpt for the terrain, you would have a hard time making proxies you did like that matched the base size of the original terrain. Next I'd like to talk a bit about named characters, personally I like having named characters since I'm a lore nerd and enjoy seeing characters from the tomes and novels represented in the game. I know many people don't enjoy using named characters and like to forge there own narrative, I'm doing the same for a chamon themed slaanesh army right now. But I feel that each army should at least have that option for a named character, some armies not having one almost feels like that army is being left out in the grand scheme of the AoS narrative. Last point I'd like to touch on is roster sizes. Obviously the poster boy army is going to get the most releases, and rebranded WFB armies already have a head start in unit options, but it feels like some armies are just being left behind. I liked what they did for gloomspite and beasts of chaos to help out two of what i guess i'd call b-list armies, but seeing the previewed changes to FEC it just seems lazy, no new units and instead of adding new options for battleline they make dragons battleline? I could rant for a while about my wishlisting for FEC but all I'll say is that taking an expensive kit that's already overused and making it battleline doesn't solve the problem of having a small roster and limited list building choices. Just finished scrolling through the more recent messages and saw Rune's mod hat post on ranting, sorry for missing that!
  11. Just throwing in an aside after having spoken to a friend of mine who plays skaven, he loves the news. He was always happy with the skaven range, just wanted sculpt updates, and likes the idea of new rules so that he can start using some of his models that have been shelved for a little too long. I get where he's coming from as a death player there are a few units that I've just shelved and haven't used because of bad rules and lack of battalion support. I can see this issue already happening with stormcast too.
  12. I don't understand the negativity either. I played Vampire counts briefly in 8th edition WFB using a friends army and was glad to see I could get back to my vamps with LoN. Albeit seeing the past few releases I feel a trend is being set that they want every army to have some sort of terrain and endless spells so I wouldn't be surprised if the upcoming soul wars set will play out similarly to carrion empire and be accompanied by new battletomes, terrain and endless spells as an update for LoN or soulblight as well as some order army if not more stormcast stuff. Discussions go on endlessly about what changes or new stuff LoN could get but if any new models for the death range where to be released it would have to be for soulblight or a new death faction, comparatively death is kinda falling behind in the number of army options with only 3 real choices if you don't count soulblight compared to chaos' 7, destruction's 4-5 and order's bucketfull of armies. I'd love to see more small armies like fyreslayers or soulblight get the FEC treatment even if it is just endless spells, terrain and a tome overhaul but I also understand that they need to keep supporting the armies that sell the most. I'm sure we can all agree armies like KO need some love at least.
  13. Well given the past few battletomes and the updates to skaven and FEC, they seem to want every army to have a terrain piece and endless spells, so even if we don't get a straight up new battletome i wouldn't be surprised if for the next soul wars installment we got a suppliment of some sort that gave us endless spells and maybe terrain pieces for soulblight or legions graveyards.
  14. Huh, fair enough. I've personally only used soulblight for a path to glory but even then dropped it for legion of blood in a subsequent campaign due too having better options. Well with flesh eaters getting an update maybe we can expect to see soulblight, if not LoN entirely get a makeover, Nagash knows we need new battalions and some rebalancing on certain units.
  15. I've seen a few people run a ghoul king to summon ghoul fodder, seems like a decent idea since we lack reasonable fodder of our own and don't want to blow too many points we could be using for more bloodknights and vampire lords.
  16. Not to mention it's also part of one of the weirdest battalions we have (not that it means much when we only have 6 of them), a melee and movement based battalion that works off of proximity to this weird non-coven throne that buffs a mortarch you don't normally want in battle anyways? What's the point? Sure extra movement on vamps is nice but it's not like neffi get's much benefit from the rerolls since you can't stack chances for her instant kill and while ebon claws are nice they aren't quite the murder weapons VLoZD has.
  17. I wouldn't be surprised if we got another traitor legion codex when that happens, it'd be kinda neat to get a month of slaanesh where we got hosts battletome and emperors children codex all in one go.
  18. While destruction wouldn't get any love quite like what's being discussed here, I wouldn't mind order to get more steampunk, chaos to get more daemon possessed metal stuff and for death to get living siege constructs made of bone and magic, kinda like the old tomb kings constructs but less stone egyptian artwork and more arcane weapon sort of design. If freeguild gets there battletome it will probably include some allegiance ability/terrain if not a full on unit for the cog fort.
  19. Someone breaking an NDA is on the individual bound by the contract, once the info is public there's no stopping it from spreading. Besides, where's the fun in stopping absolute madmen from throwing out there nerdy wishes, half-truths and straw grasping hopes for all to discuss? Also, i'll admit to owning beige pants...
  20. Many of us seem to forget that zombies are a thing with all this bone being thrown around. We need more rotting corpse units!
  21. Well for my current path to glory warband I have Vlad Von Carstein, last of the elector counts, true emperor of man and lord of the midnight aristocracy... because i'm using my old Vlad model and wanted the guy back in AoS... But i'm working on a mounted Slaanesh lord for another path to glory that I will be kitbashing a model for, taking a steed of slaanesh and setting it on the side of a 60mm base (for a mounted lord of slaanesh) sort of in the same style a a mighty lord of khorne or skarsnik and taking a slaanesh icon from the sprew for my warshrine to make a banner to be planted in the back of the base, then magnetizing the center so that i can slot in my slaves to darkness lord of chaos on foot, who's helmet i will be swapping out for the more greek style helmet os either a hellstrider or maybe see if my idoneth buddy has any spare helmets kicking around. Since there is artwork out there of greek themed slaanesh mortals his name shall be 'Dionadys of the untold odyssey' with his goal in the path to glory campaign being for his exploits to be written into a great story (figured it would be a decent enough departure from most peoples ideas of a slaanesh lords goals while still staying artsy and a little pretentious)
  22. Hello wargamers, lore nerds, dice fiends and 'that guys'. I figured I'd open up the first post to this blog by talking about something I hadn't put much thought into until recently, player morale. Naturally we nerds like to share our hobbies with others and love to see more people get involved in our not so little game of toy soldiers, but sometimes people lose the enthusiasm that keeps us going through those downtrodden times of broken armies, sub par battletomes or lack thereof. My local wargaming community is pretty casual. Most people play for fun and like to try goofy lists, a lot of us proxy frequently to experiment with neat army ideas and instances of 'that guy' syndrome are few and far between. We've got our competitive players that only roll up for tournaments and our casual players that play whenever they get the chance, but we've also got a few people who just can't seem to catch a break. For example we've got a gaming lounge in my town that I frequent for AoS and occasionally 40k. Naturally the owner and the employees are all a bunch of nerds who enjoy warhammer, D&D, magic etc. but don't often get many chances to play since, well they have a business to run. One of the employees, the owners brother, is an ironjawz player. Nice enough guy but is kept busy by work and doesn't get to put his army to the table often. I was asked by a friend (stormcast scum) to come in and fill a spot for a 2v2 game because I play Legions of Nagash and my partner was a Vampire Counts player from 8th edition WFB who missed the AoS train due to a prolonged stay in Japan. So me, the ironjawz player, stormcast scum and vampire weeb sit down for a 3000pt 2v2 (1500pts per team member). My partner had brought a lot of vampires and bloodknights to the table so I showed him legion of blood (he was using grand host originally having not looked into the 3 sub legions) so he made his VLoZD his general, gave it the walking death command trait (6+ automatically damages without wound or save rolls) and then proceeded to roll hot dice all day and demolish 1700pts in units with just the VLoZD... His VLoZD got into combat with some brutes turn 1 and proceeded to mulch all 3 units of brutes the ironjaws player had over the course of the game (with a little help from my skeles in round 2) We where using realmgates so come round 2 the ironjaws maw crusha was warped to the opposite end of the board to deal with some skeletons moving on an objective. By round 3 all the ironjaws player had left was his maw crusha while this VLoZD was sat there belly full of orruk with 4 wounds left. Me and stormcast scum where mostly at each others throats all game over a center objective with my Arkhan taking the heat of the ballistas off of weebs VLoZD. Me and stormcast scum are used to defeats as we face each other almost weekly having a good laugh trying to one up each others lists, but our ironjaws friend was feeling pretty down having just his lonely maw crusher by the end of round 2. None of us had particularly competitive lists that day but apparently ironjaws has been on a bit of a losing streak. That paired with how infrequently he gets to play, it seems like he's losing interest in the game despite how much he seemed to enjoy it when I first met him. Weeb was loving the game at least. Always glad to see someone get back into the hobby, especially when they join the objectively best grand alliance (totally not typing this while painting the masque of slaanesh) Anyone else have stories to share about discouraged players? Ever been a discouraged player yourself? Anyone have any ideas on how to help raise the spirits of players feeling down on their hobby?
  23. I used to run grave guard as backline screening to deal with ambushing,teleporting units since most units with that kinda mobility don't tend to like rend. GG have their uses but competitively fall short. While i don't personally use grims, i find big 40 stack skeletons to be more useful due to shear number of attacks. I've taken GG out of my recent lists in favour of more magic boosting like corpse carts for my overly long hero phases lately and just find myself proxying my GG as more skeles for the grinder. To be honest there are definitely other units i'd like to see rebalanced before GG. Maybe if having rend became more useful in the meta people would start using them again over grims due to more potential attacks.
  24. This is too true, with the exception of maybe blood, the legions lack any identity to them. The others can be broken down into 'arkhan with punchy skeletons', 'arkhan with better magic' and 'sure i can ambush but i want my units on my side anyways 'cause slightly better skeletons' Doesn't help that arkhan is the only decent mortarch for LoN...
  25. @ianob has the right idea, while i'm always in the camp of getting new stuff for my armies, the existing stuff is in need of changes. I'd like plastic bloodknighst for a start but aside from the models the rules for them need some reworking, they don't feel like the uber cavalry they should be despite their points cost. Wight kings also feel overcosted for what they can do, Vamps are objectively better in every way with options for flying, healing and spellcasting at just 20pts more. Vargheists need a little tweaking as well, I love the buggers but they never seem to live up to there cost to me unless they get into some fodder infantry or a non combat hero. Black knights could use some tweaks but idk whether that should be a price change or rules change. Everyone is of the opinion that morghasts need some love, hell I wouldn't mind more freaks of bone and magic in the same vein as morghasts. As for named heroes, arkhan is basically a must take for me, but neffi and mannfred are nowhere near worth there points. Nagash is too big of a risk to take imo give his cost but I've done really well with vordhai. I wouldn't mind getting a new LoN mortarch that's a departure from our mounted trio, maybe an infantry vamp mortarch or a good spellcaster one like arkhan that isn't mounted so you aren't paying for a monstrous mount. Nagash seems to like the idea of keeping 9 dark lords/mortarchs and so far we only have 4, so come on GW. I would like to see changes that would support more non summonable units so that we don't feel quite so obligated to run 40 stack skeletons and dirt cheap wolf packs all the time, as fun as it is to drop a bucket of dice on my enemies, moving all those models is a pain, I'd just like to have some heavier infantry with some reliable punching once in a while.
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