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  1. I'm of the opinion that the one thing Settra wants more than to rule, is to fight nagash. Soul wars is all about Sigmar and Nagash's little feud so who better for Sigmar to throw at nagash than the one man who literally wouldn't give up even after being rendered to a disembodied head? Besides Sigmar is constantly reforging the souls of human heroes so why not reforge the soul of a badass who's been around almost as long as he has? (if not longer, I'm a little iffy on my old world timeline) I'd hope this throwaway line is a teaser for what's to come for the next soul wars box, seeing Settra released with the imperishables either as a new order army or at least a stormhost/chamber. Settra may not kneel, but he may be inclined to accept an offer of new bodies for him and his legions to go and dispense several cans of pain unto the legions of Nagash. Makes sense from that sort of perspective, Sigmar needs a Lord Celestant experienced in fighting undead, so why not the guy who was undead and hates undead? A few eons of experience and skill certainly don't hurt either. Soul wars could be the narrative vehicle that brings us back even more beloved oldies, I could see Sigmar bringing back even more human heroes, or Nagash resurrecting old champions like Vlad or Krell to refill their empty seats as mortarchs once again (considering we've only met 4 of the 9 from what i can recall) Shoot, why not get other soul related factions in on this? Why wouldn't the Aelven gods resurrect the souls of legends like Alith Anar (hope i spelled that right) or Malice Darkblade? Why wouldn't slaanesh bring back the soul of his/her/it's favourite son Sigvald? If the pivotal matter of soul wars is the exchange of souls through the mortal coil, and how the gods disrupt that by yanking some for their own ends, why not involve other armies doing the same thing or revive other heroes who's souls may still linger?
  2. While the spread of disease can mark one with nurgles blessings may others can find themselves unknowingly marked by a chaos god. A town executioner or honour obsessed duelist can be marked by khorne for obvious reasons, a scholar who falls victim to his own pursuit of knowledge can catch the eye of tzeench without knowingly seeking chaos. An artist or really anyone trying to uniquely express themselves or master their trade can catch the notice of slaanesh. Well at least if one thing can be said it's that nurgle probably cares more for those he 'blesses' than the other gods do.
  3. If there's going to be a 'good' undead army it's either gonna be TK 2 electric boogaloo or some edgy anti-nagash vampire rebels. I'd be happy either way but if that stormvault opened and some bone boys in golden armour walked out i'd start playing order in a heartbeat.
  4. Settra might not bend the knee, but maybe after fighting his way through the warp, slaying countless daemons only to have his socks rocked by khorne himself, would Settra strike a deal with Sigmar to be reforged as a celestant. Part of the deal may involve having a bunch of TK souls being reforged as well, forming this unit of 'imperishables' he leads. It might be less of a 'you work for me' and more of a 'i'll just point you in a direction and you do your thing' type of agreement. Sigmar provides the power and bodies (both literally and figuratively) and Settra uses his literal eons of skill and experience to curb stomp anything stupid enough to be in his way. If this is what's in the next soul wars release then for once i'd actually eat my shoe and say i'm happy to see a stormcast release... GW prove me right, but please prove me wrong....
  5. Slaanesh also has a lot of units that can debuff hit and wound rolls, and their summoning requirements motivates you to pick fights with heroes and central units anyways. Only drawback is lackluster allegiance abilities and no dedicated spell lore yet, but all in due time...
  6. Been seeing some discussion on the daemon engine teases, looks to me like it's all for 40k models if not one large model. We've seen armour, a heavily modified marine power pack, a chain weapon, crab claw and bolter. I wouldn't be surprised if this is for a new slaanesh daemon prince or slaanesh themed lord of chaos or some new hero variant for 40k, probably as either part of the next black legion push or the hopeful release of emperors children as a stand alone codex. On the bright side (for folks that don't play 40k anyways, for people like me who play emps children it's just icing) new slaanesh stuff for 40k means possible new daemons/sculpts that can be used in AoS and lots of new slaanesh bits for conversion projects.
  7. Update on the tournament I went to: Pulled 2 wins and 1 loss, all really close games. First match was against another grandhost player, we couldn't push each other off of the objectives so it came down to kill points, I came out on top due to killing his morghasts, terrorgheist and VLoZD. Second match was against DoK, lost by 1 victory point in a down to the wire match where my opponent pulled a win by pushing through my grimghasts and dire wolves with a massive stack of snake ladies. Morathi tore through my skeletons for 2 turns but fell in turn 3 to arkhan and the mortis engine. Last match was against SCE, Pulled a 2 point win by maintaining objective control using my better numbers. The match came close near the end however due to a ballista/castigator battalion tearing up my fodder. All in all, the battalion worked great even if I didn't do too many wounds with spells, the debuffs got there money's worth however. The corpse cart did wonders for nearby dire wolves and kept my wizards going. Every match my VLoZD lived way longer than he should have and managed to tie up and weaken a lot of big units in each game. My biggest issue was probably having too many heroes on one board side, leaving nothing but my VloZD to anchor my galives and wolves on my other flank, bit of a drawback inherent in my battalion choice but still a fun time.
  8. I've never been in a game where a player conceded, but I have been in games where say, my 40 block of skeletons was making 70+ attacks into a unit of wych aelves and my opponent decided to save us time by removing his unit. The only real toxic thing I've experienced is when a game takes to long and the players argue over how to settle round 3 by assuming averages.
  9. *Ahem* Vampire coast crab leviathans, get on board or walk the plank
  10. I never bothered buying the endless spells box because I'd only ever use maybe 3 of them. I've fooled around with similar lists before, usually ends up with the dire wolves holding side objectives, skellies swamping middle objectives. My opponent unable to decide which hero to focus there range on and me taking ten years to do my hero phases because of all my spells. Also forgot to include the corpse cart for the extra +1 to casting, but if a wight king would be a better pick then I might go with that.
  11. @Malakithe @Honk I need you guys to weigh in then, should I drop the glaivewraiths for a wight king to be a tankier general? I'm hesitant to make the VLoZD my general because I want him to have some freedom of movement and not have to worry about him being near anything, the necros are already going to be hanging around my skellies so i figured might as well slap nagashizzar on one.
  12. It's however many you can fit into the space, any remaining models are basically considered to be spawn killed.
  13. You can't cast the same spell more than once per hero phase, the only exception that I know of is LoN has a rule that if you roll a natural 9+ with certain spells the spell resolves twice.
  14. I'm just praying not to be paired against the tzeench player that's going, It'd be a shame for all my magic to backfire 😅
  15. Trying out some shenanigans for a tournament soon: Lords of sacrament: Arkhan (soul harvest) necro 1(general, lord of nagashizzar, overwhelming dread) necro 2(ossific diadem, fading vigour) mortis engine VLoZD(ethereal amulet, vile transference) 2X5 dire wolves 1X40 skeletons(spears) 1X12 glaivewraith stalkers 1 purchased command point Any suggestions or criticisms?
  16. Playing against tzeench and seraphon lately i wish we could just add another 40 skellies 😅 Tzeench really makes me regret playing so much sacrament...
  17. I can see the argument here as a LoN player. I usually only get to revive half a unit anyways due to clever enemy positioning but I mean hey 20 skeletons can still do something.
  18. Yeah my bits box is starting to fill as well, shame none of my armies have any shared designs, but at least all the spare skulls from LoN can go with any army. A friend of mine started an SCE army because she fell in love with one of the stormhosts colour scheme and wanted to do a dark angel themed army with the vanguard chamber stuff. Fortunately for her, her bf was interested in playing SCE as well until deepkin stole his heart (and soul)
  19. Saw that happen with tau, after the codex nerfed commander spam I managed to get a couple of commanders for cheap.
  20. He can put down one "forest" a forest consists of 1-3 tree bases but if i remember correctly they all have to be within 3" of each other and I believe 3" from other terrain (someone should fact check me on that, I don't play sylvaneth but have played against a few in my area)
  21. My local hobby shop buys and sells used models, so between that and the local buy/sell group building my armies on the cheap has been easy and swapping out units I start to dislike isn't so bad. There's always some death models floating around here due too the abundance of players and chaos marines are a dime a dozen. Just a shame tau stuff is harder to come by wit me and the 4 other players buying up anything decent that pops up. Kinda wish slaanesh had a little more love, I can't find slaanesh stuff anywhere in my local area.
  22. I just can't get behind the idea of changing armies so quickly, partially because I'm still in college so the money is barely there to support my current armies, never mind starting new meta armies, but also because I start armies because I'm a lore nerd and latch onto cool army concepts. I suppose I was just fortunate that I liked Vampire counts back in WFB and picked up LoN.
  23. I kinda agree with this, but at the same time there has to be a buffer of reasonable play. I play emperors children and tau for example, my tau are painted viorla because I'm a lore nerd, but I usually run them as tau sept or farsight enclaves because i prefer there rules. I also have plenty of crisis suits and terminators with varying weapon loadouts (one of the downsides of buying second hand) but tend to run units with consistent weapons across all models, in these cases I use little sticky notes on the bases to make it clear that all my terms are power axe and combi-plas or my crisis are shields and missiles. I feel that so long as you use some sort of tag or other visible identifier to make it clear to your opponent that these weapons or colours are not representative of what you're playing then you should be fine. But yeah, just saying your dark angels captain is a blood angels smash captain without using something to identify it as such is unreliable and can be scummy if you don't make it clear to your opponent.
  24. I've come to realize some things about the business model GW has going. SCE and space marines are the poster boy armies and have fairly vanilla mechanics when compared to other armies in their respective games, this mean a lot of new players will pick them up first when they're learning the game and then branch into other armies (I was one of these people with 40k starting with space marines for kill team before branching into tau near the end of 7th edition). Because of this trend SCE stuff will naturally sell more, which means they will get more support and box sets, which just reinforces this cycle of them being the 'starter' army and will eventually go the way of space marines where they'll bloat to the point of actually needing new books just to restrict what you can and can't take from their ever growing list of toys.
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