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  1. On another note, I also got a bloodstoker and some bloodreavers with the rest of my pre owned chaos. Are they worth taking? I've considered using the bloodstoker to buff knights or to help marauders swarm objectives, but I just can't justify bloodreavers when marauders fill the same role. Bloodreavers just seem to specialized for the khorne allegiance and won't hold up in non khorne armies.
  2. Hello you blood, drug, disease and magic crazed heretics! I've been considering picking up Archaon for some time now but have a few questions: -Can he be taken into any chaos army? -Does he benefit from his host armies rules due too having every keyword? (for example my main chaos list is currently an undivided STD list, so would he benefit from the rerolls the allegiance grants heroes? And would he extend those buffs to other STD units like other heroes?)
  3. Well you need tzeench marked heroes to apply the bonus so it might as well be a wizard to be thematic. The mark of the undivided artifact is also a good choice if you ever decide to run units of different marks in a single list
  4. Some good points have been brought up. It would be smart to bring in mortal death followers aside from the necromancer. I like the idea of each legion getting unique stuff, I could totally see sacrament getting a TK vibe. Settra was another character I considered for a death rebel faction but as I recall as of end times he was left as a severed head in the desert. Soulblight in it's entirety could be expanded into an elite army with vampires filling every role with a compliment of more vargheist style monsters for monster mashes and bat variants for fodder. Death had a lot of cool unused concepts as well back in WFB, like the necrofex colossus, literally a golem made of wood or metal with zombies sewn in as muscle, with a heart made of still living victims and infused with the souls of the necromancers victims. The things where supposed to be huge and I believe the large ship constructs in vampire coast are a pirate themed variant. I thought we'd be going more in a direction like this when the morghasts where revealed, with nagash back in business it would make sense to see more abstract death units not bound by the conventional means of resurrecting a corpse or spirit.
  5. So perhaps an anti-nagash faction like vampire rebels would be fitting? Maybe bringing back Isabella Von Carstein as the central hero since she could within reason have survived the end times? Then you could include living thralls or some other more unique units.
  6. Arkhan's battalion get's you a sweet 7 spells per turn with the mortis engine and a little protection for the bunch. If that isn't enough for you then some vampires on foot or necromancers for even more magic. You'll be able to out magic nearly every army except maybe a spell heavy seraphon list. My sacrament list is the only one i don't bring vargheists in simply due too the spell nuking doing enough wounds, I just invest in more summonable stuff to tie up units and objectives, plus the summoning gives me an excuse to use all the extra spell casts.
  7. With the recent reveal of the Vampire coasts for Total War Wahammer 2, I can't help but look at that and wish we had that in AoS. Death feels very... generic, and this is coming from a VC fanboy from the days of 8th edition fantasy. Nighthaunt was a cool addition to the alliance and flesh eater courts have awesome lore despite their small roster and samey appearances. Looking at the other alliances, there is so much variety to be seen even among same race armies. KO and FS despite both being duardin (that's the new name for the dwarves right?) look completely different and play completely different. I feel death doesn't quite have the same flare. Your options are vampires and zombies/skeles, ghosts or cannibals. Pretty meh when you put it like that. But vampire pirates? That's a little more eye catching. I'd even be behind legion of sacrament getting tomb kings units or being expanded into a new tomb kings successor army, giving a little more variety to the bone boys that make up the fodder of many death lists. I'd also like to see the death "constructs" be expanded on. More stuff like the morghasts and the abyssals, I like the idea of "let's build this thing and shove a soul in it and see what happens" It's a cooler concept to me than "zombie this" or "ghost of that". Anyone else have any ideas on what could be done to bring more style to death?
  8. I've been using vargheists in my legions of night and blood lists though I only own 3. In my night list I throw them with Mannfred and vordhai in the ambush and while the vampire bromance takes the pressure I'll use the vargheists to slap around support and ranged units. They've been a decent way of dealing with ballistas and castagators my SE friend loves to bring. In my blood list I hold them back a bit and use them as a hammerto complement my bloodknights as an unconventional hammer and anvil. Usually by intercepting cav or heroes with mediocre saves with the bloodknights and bursting wounds between them and the vargheists. Been surprisingly effective so far, but I also found them useful in breaking up skele vs skele blobs when facing other death players since with even 3 your gonna put out enough wounds to overwhelm most model regen outside of hero spam lists. Admittedly this is all in games where none of us are overly competitive, I myself play my armies based on lore and gimmicks, but I wouldn't discount the value you can get out of well placed vargheists. I just wish they counted towards the extra attacks blood legion gives, I mean vargheists are vampires after all.
  9. I can't help but feel that since nighthaunt got expanded into a full army, that maybe soulblight will get the same treatment... eventually... Nagash may have eternity but GW does not. Then again they still haven't made armies for the two main elf factions (shadow and light) so we could be waiting a while. But given what soulblight units currently exist, as in nothing anyone runs other than bloodknights and vargheists, there is plenty of room to expand to add infantry like vampires swordsmen or living thralls and maybe make units for different creatures other than humans that have been victim to the blood kiss. It'd be nice if they got named characters as well, like say bringing back Isabella Von Carstein as a hook for old world VC fans, they could easily handwave her existing in AoS by saying her having the Von Carstein ring let her survive the destruction of the old world, plus it would be a cool lore reason to have undead armies that want to tell nagash to stick it where the sun don't shine. But in their current state I find myself running legion of blood over soulblight for when I feel like running a vampire list, extra attacks for bloodknights and vampire lords along with a bravery debuff aura trumps the mediocre bloodline buffs from soulblight in my opinion. Anyone have any ideas on how soulblight could be expanded on or how to make a soulblight list comparable to what you can do with the legions/grand host?
  10. So I recently started Darkoath/STD when a bunch of cheap preowned STD models fell into my lap. I've had a few games with them with about a 50/50 win rate mostly against stormcasts and death armies. We tend to house rule things from time to time to make things interesting and with the lack of a proper chaos undivided army, we decided that heroes from other chaos armies (provided they still remained within the 400pts of allies) benefited from the keyword bonuses of STD. So with that in mind I made a undivided list with what I currently own: Chaos Undivided 1960pts Heroes: Lord of chaos -mark of the undivided Chaos sorcerer lord -nurgle Valkia the bloody Ogrid Thaurmaturge Masque of slaanesh Units: 2X5 marauder horsemen -javelines -tribal banner -horns -khorne 1X20 marauders -flails -tribal banner -drummer -khorne 2X10 chaos warriors -sword and shield -banner- horn -tzeench 1x10 chaos warriors -2 weapon -banner -horn -nurgle 2X5 chaos knights -glaives -banner -horn -slaanesh 1x1 gorebeast chariot -great weapon -slaanesh
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