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  1. How does doppelganger cloak work against locus of diversion ? without Gristelgore and savage strike! if my Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist fights against keeper and demonettes and I have to activate it, can i fight with doppelganger cloak first or only at the end?
  2. Thanks for the tip, that's a good idea 😀
  3. and how big are your flayers units? do you have a list for 1500 points? I'm playing next Thursday against beast of chaos with 1500p
  4. I think if GW Gristlegore nerft then they must also nerf the 2+ ability of slaanesh (where a unit may only fight at the end) , both are very strong and unfair skills but GW only nerf Gristlegore .... if my main opponent were not a slaanesh player, maybe i would not care , but with Gristlegore I finally had a chance against slaanesh and now she is gone again.
  5. how do you roll the scream of the flayers in a bigger unit( 9+) ? each one individually ? or all together ?
  6. that sounds very good, I will test, thx! 👍
  7. What is a good blisterskin list ? I've only played Morgaunt and Gristlegore so far. I have 18 Flayers and 18 Horros ;D I always build something from both.
  8. I love Beastclaw Raiders, they are my favorite Race right now, but I have made the mistake that I have built too many Thundertusk , i have 3 Thundertusk and only one Frostlord on Stonehorn and the Frostlord on Stonehorn is my second favorit ( first is the Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist ) Unit in the AOS Game, but I have already bought a new start collecting box ;D
  9. Hey guys, what do you think about the stupid Gristlegore Nerf? I'll cut it short: I do not like it , Why does GW always have to take everything good from the FEC? first the ****** with Ghoul Patrol, now Gristlegore, all my favorite Feature will be destroyed , In the meantime FEC are no fun anymore ......
  10. Wieso dire wolves ? english: Why dire wolves?
  11. Ich habe auch erst vor kurzen eine Path of Glory Kampagne gespielt, meine Kriegerschar sah so aus: Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist und eine Einheit aus 10 Crypt Ghouls, mein Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist hat im Alleingang die feindliche Armeen gekillt und ich habe somit am Ende die Path of Glory Kampagne gewonnen ohne auch nur einmal eine Schlacht verloren zu haben. Daher kann ich dir den Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist nur empfehlen. English: I also recently played a Path of Glory campaign , my Warband was Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist and a unit of 10 Crypt Ghouls , my abhorrent Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist single-handedly destroyed the enemy armies and I won the Path of Glory Campaign without ever losing a battle. Therefore, I can only recommend the Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist Abhorrant.
  12. okay thx. where can i see the list of Adepticon?
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