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  1. What do you guys end up summoning usually? Bodies? Flesh Hounds? Big man Bloodthirster?
  2. This is what I've come up with so far, I intend to test it in a near future
  3. I was thinking of running Belakor as an ally, anyone had any success yet? So far my list is basically a 2 drop changehost + belakor
  4. What do you guys think is the best loadout for MSU of Vulkites?
  5. What would a hollowmourne list look like? Heavy on the Horrors?
  6. 120 for 5 and 600 for 20 makes no sense... Its 120/400 just like it already was. The little star just means changed from the last GHB, as these changes happened with the winter FAQ if I'm not mistaken.
  7. With the GHB on the horizon, what changes are we expecting ? Increases in points for hearthguard? Decreases for the magmadroths? Vulkites?
  8. Could either drop the priest and purple sun, or drop the chameleon skinks to 5. Oh and maybe drop 5 saurus guards but I dont like losing the defence for kroak
  9. Trying this list out tomorrow as I want to shy away from Salamanders, expecting a big nerf in the coming weeks. Any thoughts? Allegiance: Seraphon - Constellation: Fangs of Sotek LEADERS Lord Kroak (320) - Spell : Stellar Tempest Slann Starmaster (260) - General - Command Trait : Arcane Might - Spell : Celestial Equilibrium Skink Starpriest (120) Skink Priest (70) Saurus Astrolith Bearer (140) - Artefact : Serpent God Dagger UNITS 40 x Skinks (240) - Boltspitters Celestite Daggers & Star Bucklers 40 x Skinks (240) - Boltspitters Celestit
  10. Anybody knows what was the list that took fourth at Shefield Slaughter? Ran by Andy Hughes
  11. When I see lists with, for example, 2 blocks of 20 HGB, 1 armed with Broadaxes and the other with Poleaxes, I often see the one with the broadaxes in the LotL battallion. Is there a particular reason for this or does this just come down to preference for the unit to swing twice?
  12. Has anyone tried the big boy himself Archaon in a tzeentch list? I feel like the agendas can really buff him up
  13. So, have you guys checked out the new optional subfactions for Slaanesh, if so, any thoughts on em' ? I think the invaders one has a great ability
  14. Great to hear your thoughts and would love for you to walk us through your list as well as that sweet conversion ^^
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