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  1. I don t care if its real time or turn based ,i hope to khaine it will have TWw levels of diversity(aka many distinct factions/races)and its fun.By Asuryans crispy nuggets i will have my cow elves even if i have to challenge Gotrek himself to a drinking contest!
  2. Yawn,Kurnoth is just a angry pointy eared hippy with a axe,wake me up when morathi slips and drops the iron heart in a coldren and we can get back the true big hitter of the old elves,your all to soft under tirion/teclis/molerion.
  3. Id prefer idoneth to have more ,''graceful'' and fast creatures. A big angry crab could be fun but it dosen t scream Idoneth to me.
  4. That be true, Teclis being the more zen part with the core infantry,and Tyrion to bring the umff with big stuff.What I m hoping for is for the army to have Tyrion/Teclis dynamic that they had in the old word,Teclis a mage with moon motif and Tyrion warrior sun/dragon motif.There both gods and imbody the same ''light'' with different aspects,the light of the moon and the light of the sun.But I m not holding my breath.
  5. Lel I know those are plastic but never cheked the dier avangers.Usually plastic=a bit of visual improvement.I think the avengers still look a bit derpy. And he be Faaaaat!I'l D-spam ya!
  6. ''Turns rock over'' Ya don t say. I m glad for the banshees but I prefer striking scorpions.I m mostly waiting for dark reapers and maugan ra(and I want him de chunked,to fat for a eldar).
  7. Still dreaming of the day of plastic Asurmen and Plastic Dier Avengers.
  8. Guilty as charged!! But with the TWW I turn a blind eye.
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