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  1. I'm really feeling the possibility of a Seraphon warband this season.
  2. Nah, looks like roots, or maybe a nurgle tentacle.
  3. Yeah, they were announced at an Age of Sigmar Open Day, which are special events, so of course they're going to tease something for further in the year. Crazy I know, right? 🤯 In the meantime they have a release schedule, and other product slated to be released. They don't tease everything with a few months wait time. So you'll see new stuff previewed and promptly released. Meanwhile people are coming up with conspiracy theories like GW is ashamed of the battletome, there's been a huge problem, etc. The only problem they've had was cutting all those miniatures without some kind of statement beyond an email asking you to buy the stuff that will soon be irrelevant. Y'all need to cool your jets.
  4. Why would it be crazy? They were both teased at the same time.
  5. It's being re-released with a warcry box and accompanying cards, so not until it hits pre-order this weekend.
  6. It's obvious you haven't read many of the recent posts in this thread.
  7. I think they could have put out anything with skeletons of multiple sizes and people would have screamed Tomb Kings. As it is, non-Western looking is enough. Will this play like Tomb Kings? Because if we're talking spiritual successors that's where the heart of it lies.
  8. Sure. In the same way that Stormcast are the Empire reimagined in the world of AoS maybe? 🤣
  9. GW does delete negative comments on their posts remember.
  10. They said that they were coming so soon that they weren't even going to talk about them because we'd know soon enough anyways.
  11. They're not skeletons. Plain and simple. Your comparison to Stormcast is accurate. They are suits of fused armor made out of magically forged bone and had some spirits shoved inside to control them. And they're not mindless automatons, they do have distinct personalities. Yes they're in service to nagash but they exercise their own actions.
  12. I've figured out what the infantry was reminding me of. Yoshimitsu from Tekken!
  13. Sounds to me like a way to sell lots more books. They said that each book would focus on two armies, so there's quite a few potential books out there. I'm not too big into 40k either but I was happy to see Eldar *finally* get new howling banshees.
  14. So to sum up a few things: - CoS and Orruks very soon, probably next week or two, and won't have traditional endless spells and terrain - they officially confirmed the mawtribe battletome in the q&a. Someone asked if it was a thing and they said they'd already confirmed it. Whoops - there's more OB yet to be shown, including a flying unit. I imagine most of what we haven't seen is alternate build for multi kits though. Sure I'm missing some other stuff that wasn't outright said in the article.
  15. I am genuinely surprised that he's wearing that thing. I totally thought it was going to be part of the base kind of, a big stone slab behind him. He looked cooler in the drawings unfortunately.
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