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  1. Ah hah! I knew that was a death world plant!
  2. Nothing obvious about it. Could easily be a Deathworld plant.
  3. You'd better believe FEC and Skaven will be getting new SC! boxes with the new heroes. They'll probably do that for most of them.
  4. I think it'll be a mix, a Warclans warband.
  5. Been wondering where they'd take the game after beastgrave. Would we go deeper into it for season 4? Could be. There's lots of interesting lore that could be derived into, like the silent ones or whatever the previous inhabitants were called.
  6. I'm a bit late to the party but my wild and likely incorrect guess it's from the DoK warband for underworlds
  7. So I guess this is what the next few months are going to be like. People attacking and defending aelves, people who play aelves hating on people who play different aelves, and everyone complaining about Teclis' model. Cool cool cool.
  8. I have to reload each page twice here now on my phone. First time I just get an ad, then reload to get the actual page of the thread. Anyway, wasnt there something about Grungni going into a depressed funk after everything that happened, and recently there was a blurb about him being reinvigorated and setting off to help his children? Or am I massively confusing things. Also I wouldn't read too much into the year of the rat thing. It's likely just memery or marketing tactics and not an indication of something.
  9. He definitely will not have an alternate profile without the mount.
  10. They fit perfectly with the Skitarii IMO.
  11. That Nurgle underworlds warband! 🤤 They look disgustingly fantastic! The artwork didn't prepare me for how good!
  12. Cue Icegoat. These are some exciting times for AoS! We likely know the next 3 releases and 2 of them are new!
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