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  1. It is believed he had syphilis, hence why the enormous cod piece.
  2. First of all I wanna say I’m loving this new army and thus I disagree with most of the complaints, but this one has a valid point and I agree. Not that I don’t like him, I love him, but he would be great on a chariot. And speaking of which, I believe this army needs chariots. They would look crazy!
  3. Nah! StD will just take a little longer. I wouldn’t worry. It’s just that... AoS is more narrative and seasonal, right? And we’re still in Death season, we’re still in Soul Wars mode, Slaanesh is practically still missing, and Chaos isn’t the no1 threat atm. Archaon is making his move right now, calling forth and seeking new champions as we saw in Warcry. Chaos is in preparation, but not ready yet. Same with the release.
  4. Ok that’s it. I’m making a Death army! I mean WOW!
  5. Niiiice. I’m now hyped for Death, sigh. 😬
  6. Could work @Overread. I suppose Spire Tyrants would fit the vanilla marauder fetish if anyone wants those. Nudes as not plated mortals I meant @Walrustaco😬
  7. Let’s be honest. We will be ok for now if they release reworked WoC and Marauder kits, to fit into god specific armies, but at some point we do need a few god specific models. I’d say Slaanesh Warriors and nudes, Tzeentch Warriors, Nurgle nudes and beastmen for everyone except Tzeentch.
  8. That’s what I thought of it too. It’s a shot up Aquila.
  9. Imagine if the Marauders kit gets replaced by a new double purpose kit that can make either vanilla combat based barbarians or magic based chaos cultists, and the last 2 Warcry warbands have no kits cause you can make these warbands out of the StD kit!! Yeah, I know. I’ll see myself out 😬
  10. Now that we have seen how awesome the new Underworlds starter is, I only have one thing to say: Release a Slaanesh warband GW, you cowards!
  11. I absolutely love Beastgrave. Perfect box content, just perfect. Moving the game forward, new faction, new board aesthetic. I can’t wait to see more.
  12. I wish, but this, even though it looks like it should be a Chaos Mortal sculpt, could easily be a preview of the Spire Tyrants.
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