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  1. Twinsouls look great imo (well they all do). And yeah, good point on the Direchasm characters being the marauder equivalent. As another Slaanesh mortals fan I agree. We should celebrate this one.
  2. We finally have proper Slaanesh mortals. I am now content. (Seriously I would love some with more skin showing, for example if those are warriors, to see the marauder equivalent, but seriously, I am content). Edit. By more skin showing I don't mean old boring Slaanesh is sexy, I mean more fur and less plate on Slaanesh barbarians.
  3. And Slaanesh players which was totally unexpected ☺️
  4. And speaking of themes. Am I the only one thinking Splintered Fang look great in a Slaanesh army?
  5. I think the Slaanesh warband are the four on the box art. The hero with Shield and spear (vertically), the beastman, the veiled dancer with spear (horizontally), and the archer we don't have a silhouette of yet.
  6. Yeah, the Direchasm box will be mine. For the Shadow and Pain box idk. I already have too many of anything that's in it, but the Lord of Pain looks amazing. I'll see how it goes. I do hope GW will focus more on Slaanesh mortals in the near future and these releases are indicative of it.
  7. As a Slaanesh mortals fan, my wish is finally (kinda) coming to fruition. Do you guys think we'll be getting the heroes separately?
  8. It is believed he had syphilis, hence why the enormous cod piece.
  9. First of all I wanna say I’m loving this new army and thus I disagree with most of the complaints, but this one has a valid point and I agree. Not that I don’t like him, I love him, but he would be great on a chariot. And speaking of which, I believe this army needs chariots. They would look crazy!
  10. Nah! StD will just take a little longer. I wouldn’t worry. It’s just that... AoS is more narrative and seasonal, right? And we’re still in Death season, we’re still in Soul Wars mode, Slaanesh is practically still missing, and Chaos isn’t the no1 threat atm. Archaon is making his move right now, calling forth and seeking new champions as we saw in Warcry. Chaos is in preparation, but not ready yet. Same with the release.
  11. Ok that’s it. I’m making a Death army! I mean WOW!
  12. Niiiice. I’m now hyped for Death, sigh. 😬
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