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  1. Necrarch, my good sirs. I'm not familiar with the fluff for the Old World's ending, maybe they killed off the entire bloodline? They kind of compete with Necromancers, and Arkhan the Black. I used to run a lvl 4 Necrarch lord sometimes, but no vampire thralls, necromancers were cheaper and better.
  2. Awesome model, the rules looks a bit lackluster though. Why do you field it, except for 'cool model'? What's its purpose in your army, not better served by investing 280pts into something else?
  3. What's the deal with Vhordrai, I assume you take him for the extra round of attacks he can give to a fellow VLoZD? Because without Ethereal Amulet /Doppelganger/Dark Majesty etc, he's much less survivable than your generic vampire lord.
  4. Arrr, I remember back when ye olde Luthor Harkon first set anchor outside the shores of Lustria! http://warhammerfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Zombie_Pirates Such much awesomeness flavour, take a look at the glory - http://sgabetto.free.fr/Telechargements/War.CZombiePirates.pdf Some of these units I recognize in the trailer above. And isn't there a Mournghul? Back then, the Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast rules were part of the Army of Sylvania, which was another way to play Vampire Counts. The Grave Sites of Death in Age of Sigmar are Army of Sylvania Grave markers, just a bit different. Zombie pirates has that comic relief/horror going, maybe there's a market out there?
  5. Would you say Hexwraiths are a competitive choice for a Death army? Nighthaunt army?
  6. Didn't know it existed, and neither does Battlescribe, apparently.
  7. I've had my first game now, Ethereal Charm on VLoZD worked like a ...charm. Not sure I'm following you here, why is Doppelganger Cloak good against monsters - is it because you can usually be sure to knock on them first, and taking them down a tier or two (unlike when fighting units with lots of models), plus monsters otherwise being threats against the Black Knights? And how can Doppelganger Cloak 'shut down' entire armies of Deepkin? I know basically nothing about them, but I'm curious. @Ravinsild threadjacking alert!
  8. Are unique anniversary data sheets allowed in tournaments?
  9. As written it works against all attacks (both cc and shooting). Nice.
  10. Btw, does Mastery of Death and March of the Dead stack for a nice 7" extra move? Both takes effect at the start of the Hero phase.
  11. Gotya, found it in General's Handbook, pg 49
  12. Old timer here, played Vampire Counts until 8th ed Fantasy, since then 40K, but feeling the pull of Death again. So bear with an AoS noob, but what is wound triumph? I assume it's the small part in the basic rules: What's this about 'previous battles'? You guys playing campaigns?
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