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  1. Oh i was thinking mainly because it states the banner effect is 6' from the model so wouldnt it make more sense mechanic wise to have more banners so ur range is wider? Or is there a limit? I would assume it makes more logical sense to have 1 or 2 banners but have the range be counted from the unit instead of the banner so as long the banner is alive its fine.
  2. I got a question regarding skeleton warriors. It states models in this unit may be standard bearers... so my question is since it does not state how many can it be all? Does the standard bearer have no weapon profile or does he use the units weapon profile? It makes sense if he doesnt so you get to choose between an attacking skelly and a bearer but if he does, wouldnt it make more sense to all be standard bearer beside the leader and hornblower since u get a bigger -bravery range. Also on this, does the hornblower have an attack profile like the rest?
  3. Thanks everyone for the fast reply. I will be taking into consideration getting a necromancer and maybe a wight king and vampire lord for additional hero choices. Im a little confuse by splitting 2x20 skellies. Dont i require 3 battleline? Or is it possible to have just 2 or even 1 battleline.
  4. Hi im also totally new to aos 2 and warhammer in general. I got it more for collecting the models than anything else. But i would like if possible to start playing it little by little. Im looking to start of at a 1000 point list and what i have is basically 3 start collecting skeleton horde, 1 nagash and 10 more skeleton warriors. So this comes up to 1 Nagash 1 Arkhan 1 Neferata 1 Mannfred 40 skeleton warriors 15 black knights/hexwraith What would be a possible 1000 point list and should i make black knights or hexwraiths? The guide is super helpful but i'm still very new so i would like some seniors advice ?
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