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  1. Wow this is huge! Totally missed that they have both weapons. Thanks!!! Those monks are amazing!
  2. With the 1 Attack of staves how do you get to 7 attacks? Even with all buffs I don´t get to that number. What do you mean by warpstone token rule, isn´t that only helpful for Skyre units?
  3. Amazing! Especially the suspicious stone on my Warpseer was a real pain for my opponent as that Verminlord became unkillable. He plays DoK and I had some hard time especially with my Nighthaunts against him. Now with the Skaven and the many monks I fielded the tides turned. Monks were able to compete with his fully buffed Witch Aelves.
  4. I´ve two questions I´m not sure if it´s correct: 1) The Suspicious Stone artefact (negates an allocated wound or mortal wound on a 5+) - Does this artifact work after I used the Protection of the horned Rat ability? Would make the Warpseer very immune to any damage. 2) Can I use the more-more Warp Lightning of the WLC only with the Warlock Engineer warscroll or also with the Bombardier and Arch-Warlock who both have the Warlock Engineer-Keyword?
  5. Just to be sure I played correct: 1) Can a unit of 40 Plaque Monks be equipped with Contagion Banner and Icon of Pestilence as well as a Doom Gong and Bale-chime? 2) For a unit of 40 Clanrats will 2 Bell-Ringer add 4 (instead 2) to run rolls?
  6. I’ve a question on the artefact Blistrevous when put on a Priest on Plague Furnace: does the re-roll of Hit rolls for attacks count for all attacks on the warscroll (including the fortis blades etc.) or just for the one staff attack of the priest?
  7. Tonight I´ve my first game with my Rats against DoK. One question I´m not sure how to handle is about the Skyre warpstone sprarks when used to buff missile damage. In your shooting phase, pick 1 friendly CLANS SKRYRE HERO. Then pick up to 3 different friendly CLANS SKRYRE units that are wholly within 13" of that HERO. You can add 1 to the Damage characteristic of missile weapons used by those units until the end of that phase How does that work with a WLC or Warpfire Thrower? Is it 2 mortals wounds per dice that roll 4+? Doomwheel is D3+1, correct?
  8. Still relative new in AoS and looking forward to my first match with Skaven. More of a general question: With 25mm bases Clanrats that are in base to base contact between themself and enemy unit can they attack with 2nd row models, too? Same for Stormvermin, with their 2" range. This allows them to attack from the third row?
  9. Sorry if this came up already, but I´ve a question on Gnawholes: The rule says you can use 1 Gnawhole at the start of your mvmt phase. Does that mean I can only use one hole per turn or given I´ve heroes and units at different holes that I can use each hole once per turn?
  10. The marker must be thin enough to lay under the scenery. I think of something like the official WHFB blast radius tools but in 6 inch. Those were of thin plastic that fits under scenery.
  11. Transparent round 6 inch markers to place on objectives would be nice.
  12. Thanks for your feedback. Some thoughts regarding range and rend. Unfortunately imo the Nighthaunts don´t have any really good range unit (beside one ability of Lady O and the missle attack of the Chainghast). So it will always get close combat. Rend I´m not afraid of, because NH ignore rend, I just have to watch out for my allies. After going all out attack last time (with mixed success) my DoK player already announced that he´ll play it slowly this time and wait to get his to hit/wound buffs before he comes to charge me. If he sticks to this I´m happy to come over to his side of the table first You´re right regarding the Khinerai, have to watch out for them to not steal any objectives-
  13. Thanks for your feedback. Yes it´s a lot of drops but I already gave up to have any chance to decide who´s going first turn. My opponent uses Battalions and deploys all of that units at once….so I would´ve to reduce my units even more to have any chance (and I´m no friend of our battalions). 40 Rasps is all I own and depending on the mission (which we roll for just before the game begins) I like to have some flexibility to distribute two units of them to secure mission objectives. Kurdoss actually worked quite well for me so far. His dmg output can get quite ridicules if you roll one or two sixes on the wound roll. Last game he took down one Cauldron all alone. My idea is to deepstrike 20bladegheists, 30 reapers, banshees, kurdoss, 1 guardian and the knight onto his Cauldron, Shrine and witches.
  14. My next match will be 2500 points vs. DoK. Those Daughters seem to be pretty tough to fight with their Temple (5+ extra Save on MW) and MW they deal back to me when I attack (some units if I roll 1s, others when they defend with 6). Due to their Allegiance Ability they get stronger per round. Under this circumstances is it a good strategy to hit hard with an all out Charge using Cogs to get as many units as possible into the battle in the first round? If someone has some advice for me how to fight them it would be much appreciated. Here´s my list I plan to use.
  15. OK, thanks for the quick replies.
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