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  1. Buffed them twice with killing frenzy so they do a mortal wound in addition to normal damage on 4+ to hit and hit normally on 2+ to start. Blood stoke them so they re roll 1s to wound. Blood secrator opens the portal for 1 extra swing, aspiring death bringer command ability for another, wrathmongers running behind for another. At that point the basic dudes are bringing 6 attacks each with enough re rolls to basically ensure things are dying, then the soul tearer usually just deletes things from existence. Also dont forget the champion has the mutation that gets extra swings as well, that can do a decent amount of damage. The skull take battalion makes them even more absurd but I have been running gore pilgrims and dont like going with double battallions. I just recently started bringing skull reapers and they've already got a reputation as one of the scariest units in the game among my play group. They will kill anything, just point them at it and apply the proper buffs.
  2. If your trying to go primarily mortal khorne nothing comes close to putting out the damage that buffed skull reapers can do. They're an absolutely ridiculous unit, even for the high point costs. I've had them single combat phase a great unclean one and horticulix slimux, 9 crypt flayers, 9 morsaar, and they pretty much blend apart anything they touch.
  3. I'm not an expert but I would highly recommend gore pilgrims, it turns the army up to 11, and slaughter priests are one of the dumbest units in the game if you ask me. I agree with the guy above me, go big groups of blood warriors or dont bother with them, the gore cleaver is a wrecking ball and without it they dont have enough punch. I take them in squads of ten usually but have tried 30 man blobs before and they can be effective. Skull reapers are basically a must take, i hadn't played them until recently but with a couple buffs they will easily kill well above theyre points cost, i killed a great unclean one and horticulux slimux in a round and had wounds to spare with them... thats absurd. Two 5 man squads of them seems pretty solid. What I've noticed with khorne is your hero slots are the most important part of your army, almost every hero you have is legitamately good, except maybe the exalted deathbringer, but even then take the spear and mark of the destroyer and you have a ridiculously murderous dude to blow up anything you charge him into. Khorne can fight pretty much anything, the only problem we have is mobility which you have some options to fix, your never going to be deepkin but you can move decently quick. Summoning is a good way to quickly hop onto objectives and getting blood tithe points is pretty easy if you tailor your list for it, gore pilgrims with 3 slaughter priests w/ blood sacrifice and some reavers/shade spire units can easily be pumping out big units by turn 2. The bloodhunt battallion can also be really solid, especially with lots of blood hounds. The way i get around the mobilith issue is the mighty lord of khorne with violent urgency and the talisman of burning blood, you end up with +1 to runs and charges, can re roll charges, and you can roll three dice and take the top two dice, couple that with a blood stoker and your essentially guarenteed any charge you need to make, even a twelve inch charge is easy to do with +4 and three dice re rollable.
  4. Im currently painting up khorne and i have benign essential tremor so i am probably the worst person in the human race at edge highlighting, the trick i use is to be liberal with splattering blood on your guys. If it wasnt for blood for the blood god technical paint my army would look awful.
  5. This scheme is awesome, i love the choice of color for the hair and pelts. Your lines are really crisp and clean too, well done.
  6. Played my first game at 2k points with bloodbound against nighthaunts today. Was a really good game and khorne managed to almost table my opponent and win big on objectives. My list was: Gore pilgrims battalion: 2x slaughter priest, blood secrator, 2x 10 blood reavers with twin blades, 10 man blood warriors with twin gore axes, 5 man blood warriors with gore fists Heroes: mighty lord of khorne with talisman of burning blood and violent urgency, blood stoker, exalted deathbringer with skull gouger and mark of the destroyer. Battleline: 2x 10 blood reavers with twin blades, 5 man blood warriors with gore fists Other: 2x khorgorath, magores fiends, riptooth, gareks reavers, 3 mighty skull crushers Opponents list was a dread blade harrow, knight of shrouds on spooky horse, a vampire lord, 2x guardian of souls, black coach, 15 bladegheist revenants, 2x 20 chain rasp hordes and 2x 5 hexwraiths. Oh and that black coach battalion that lets you fight in the charge phase on a 9 up. We rolled up battle for the pass as our battleplan which definitely had me worried about ghosts wrecking my backlines and picking up 5 victory points off my objective. Deployment was rough with how many models i had to put on the board and i felt a bit overwhelmed due to inexperience with the army, but i ended up bubble wrapping myself pretty well from the half of the nighthaunt army that spookily came in on turn 2. I made a line of out of my non gore pilgrims units and then essentially dropped my entire gore pilgrims battallion on my backfield objective and used the blood reavers to bubble wrap the backside of my army. My opponent put his black coach in the center of his deployment and bladegheist revenants on the left so i ended up putting the 10 man bloodwarriors behind some reavers on that side to eventually jump into combat with them and hopefully eat them alive. He had hexwraiths on the right side and the other squad on his rear objective. The vampire lord was chilling by the black coach along with a guardian of souls and a knight of shrouds. My opponent chose to go first and ended up putting divine shield on the black coach, which leveled up twice. He ran most of his units except the black coach which got dangerously close to my front lines. The knight of shrouds and hexwraiths ended up holding the right objective and the bladegheist revenants ended up holding the left objective. He charged into a 5 man squad of blood warriors, and a squad of blood reavers with the black coach and killed 6 blood reavers and 3 blood warriors, i thought it would have been worse, the blood warriors managed to bounce a mortal back onto it and did 2 wounds with some good rolls on theyre way down. Then i pinged 2 more wounds off of it when i got to attack. I think charging the black coach was a mistake here, he was basically swinging at chaff and ended up getting it seriously duffed up in the process. My turn i pop the MLoK's command and pick the khorgorath the ten man blood warriors and the blood crushers. The blood secrator opens his portal, and I bloodstoke the bloodwarriors to guarentee they get theyre charge. The slaughterpriests dont do much because one failed to cast blood boil and the other one rolled a one for his damge on the black coach. I run some reavers into annoying positions to block follow up charges if my opponent gets to go first next turn and my khorgoraths and bloodcrushers move up to beat up the right objectives current occupants, the blood warriors move up and get ready to charge the bladegheist revenants. My exalted desthbringer wants to eat the blacm coach so he moves towards the middle. Everything makes its charges, the MLoK with that artifact and command trait seems like hes simply amazing for an army thats as slow as khorne can be. I take a risk here and go with the bloodwarriors first hoping my opponent will pick the hexwraiths rather then the black coach to attack next, i know how dumb bladegheist revenants can be so i want to severely thin the squad. I roll a bit below average and only manage to kill 5 which is brutal. He picks the black coach and ignores my exalted death bringer and ends up killing the blood warriors and puts all his hooves into the reavers and leaves the squad with two alive. The bloodwarriors once again bounce a mortal and take a wound or two off it on theyre way down which feels great. I activate my bloodcrushers and anemically kill one and a half hexwraiths, they respond by killing 1 blood crusher and scratching another. The khorgaraths activate and roll decently but the nighthaunts player rolls decently as well on saves and it leaves the knight of shrouds annoyingly on one wound. The bladegheists end up rolling poorly and kill 2 bloodwarriors who dont manage any kills on the way down. The exalted deathbringer goes next and takes out the black coach which feels awesome. I lose the roll off for turn 2 and my opponent replenishes a bunch of revenants, i deny all his spells thanks to riptooths re rolling unbind and the blood secrator making him re roll sucessful casts. Khorne is awesome. He brings his full army into the table and warps the dreadblade into my back lines and brings the hexwraiths on his back objective with it. The 2 chain rasp hordes end up behind my right flank and one near the front of his deployment. the bladegheists retreat so they can charge. The knight of shrouds retreats forward behind my right flank. The hexwraiths end up charging a 5 man bloodwarrior unit and killing two, they drag one down with them. The bladegheists end up doing some serious damage to my bloodwarriors and end up wiping the unit but on the way out they absolutely maul the revenants leaving them with 3 models, this was probably my favourite moment in the game. The khorgorath end up eating the hexwraiths and then my bloodwarriors kill another hexwraith on the other flank. He fails a charge with his chainrasps. On my turn i end up blood boiling away the remaining hexwraiths and my other slaughter priest bloodboils the knight of shrouds and takes him off the table. I pop my MLoK command and choose the khrogoraths so they can head back and deal with the chainrasps, my deathbringer so he can tie up the central rasps, and magores fiends because i want them to clean up the revenants. I move my reavers around to continue being meat shields ( meat shields im really starting to love btw ), and move around for better charge positions and get a few more bodies on some objectives. The khorgaraths make theyre charge along with eveything else, i choose magore first because im scared of revenants and i had done a ****** poor job of killing his heroes so i needed to wipe them. Magore ends up eating them with his belly maw which makes me profoundly happy. The chain rasps tickle the khorgaraths and one goes down to 2 wounds, my exalted death bringer only manages to kill 2 rasps and they end up dealing two wounds to him. The khorgaraths end up grinding ten chainrasps into ectoplasm and 4 more decide they would rather not be fighting a giant pissed off monkey demon that collects skulls and book it for shyish to make it for tea time. At this point ive basically done way too much damage for my opponent to realistically come back but theyre is a chance he can possibly spike some dice and maybe chew through 20 bloodreavers and 4 khorne heroes to get to my back objective. Its 10 to 5 after turn two, things are going well. On turn three i lose the roll but i spend my blood tithe points to give my whole army no respite which feels brutal seeing as my opponent needs to get me off my obejective to have a shot at even getting close to back in the game. He warps some chainrasps around with his dreadblade harrow and i deny a few spells. He has two 9 inch charges to make and needs to roll exceptionally well in the fight phase to get back in, but theyres a chance... then he missed his two charges and conceded. Overall i liked my list, except the blood crushers who i want to replace with good old fashioned wrathmongers. My opponents list seemed solid but i think the ammount of models and attacks i brought were just too much. It was a fun game and definitely a good start for my khorne army, they are way too much fun to play, super aggressive and deceptively fast and they feel fair and rewarding of good positioning and decision making.
  7. I actually like using both of them, garrek is a cheap blood tithe point and riptooth is a really annoying model that can sit quite easily out of sight and unbind. Also magore and garrek both are very killy compared to a regular squad leader, not amazing by any stretch but they do put in a little bit of work. Mainly i like having riptooth as an extra unbinder thats annoying to deal with and has a good model.
  8. If you were going to make as competitive as possible list that was primarily mortal khorne what would that list look like? Also what can khorne to do combat eel spam from deepkin other then just mob objectives and bend over? I'm new to playing khorne in aos but i love the way bloodreavers look and thought the blood tithe abilities were really good. I saw the gore pilgrims battalion was used a lot but in ghb2018 the price seems like alot, 200 points is alot of bodies your missing out on, then again i don't know how badly the army wants extra range on the skull portal and more reliable prayers.
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