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  1. Just to make sure, I can take a Herd allegiance AND the Khorne Battalion, right? Do people like the Khorne battalion?
  2. Guys, I'm torn between BoC and FEC. Can someone give me a quick run-down on how the BoC faction plays (keeping in mind I don't have any other chaos) and in general how is the faction doing these days? Or can someone link me to somewhere it's already been written? thanks
  3. Fellow bonemunchers, post armies! I am torn on what scheme to paint my court. I'm thinking about maybe a gray and purple shyishan tinge or red and purple to go with my Nagash? Help me with some ideas!
  4. With the addition of the 6 mortal wounds to LON terrorgheist do you think it’ll be worth it to take them now?
  5. Hello fellow corpse-eaters, I’m gonna be picking up a carrion empire half next week and wondering what are good builds to work up to? I don’t want to do gristlegore lol, what non-behemoth builds are people into these days?
  6. I do both, it's super fun. and I do recommend getting the newer, more expensive models if only because they are gorgeous models and look so cool painted up. this is absolute ******
  7. dear vallaya i hope so cause that's how I've always played it
  8. I won! Ironbreaker line held firm and I just hosed everything with the flamethrowers and cannons Also, I highly recommend putting the Sword of Judgement on the Unforged when going against Chaos, the double D6 mortal wounds is wild. He took out 4 hellstriders in one hit
  9. that's a great idea thank you. EDIT: just realized I miscounted and it's either runelord or gyro...and i'm gonna go gyro just for fun
  10. fellow duardins I need your advice Tonight I face off against the kazaki'dum of slaanesh. Here's my list Warden King Unforged (GENERAL) - Legendary Fighter - Sword of Judgement Runelord Hammerers 20x Ironbreakers 20x Warriors 20x Irondrakes 20x Thunderers 20x MERCENARY COMPANY - Blacksmoke Gyrocopter Cannon Cannon which puts me at 1880 what do I fill with the remaining points? 10 more thunderers? longbeards? a runelord? I hate having wasted points and I know the gyrocopter is dumb but I just painted one and I want to play with it lol
  11. Here's a list I'm planning on trying out at 2k Allegiance: GA:O (Firestorm: Tempest's Eye) Warden King (100) Runelord (80) Unforged (80) Warriors 10x (90) Warriors 10x (90) Longbeards 10x (100) Cannon (140) Irondrakes 20x (360) Ironbreakers 20x (280) Hammerers 10x (140) Thunderers 10x (120) Gyrocopter (80) Grudgebound Warthrong (170) -------------------------------------------------------------- ....which actually comes out to 1830 somehow I really think the universal rerolling ones to hit is so key for us, we need to be able to maximize what damage we can potentially do, plus with the new reroll ones to wound CP ability... what do you think I should add with the extra 170 pts? more cannon? another runelord and 10 warriors? two more gyrocopters? Archmage for 6++?
  12. I just came into FIVE plastic gyrocopters, anybody wanna pick one up for $30 or so?
  13. thanks man, it's not meant to be a super competitive list but I just love the idea of having all three big monsters going to town on my enemies. I was debating the utility of skeles vs rasps, it just seems a little unfluffy to take the ghosties. But skeles aren't much fluffier either, wish we had some vamp mortal thralls or something
  14. Ok guys this is gonna be my first ever LoB list, is this insanely stupid? I want to take alllll the dragons Neferata (380) Prince Vordhai (480) VLoZD (440) Dire Wolves (70) Dire Wolves (70) Skeleton Warriors (160) Blood Knights (200) Blood Knights (200) 2000/2000
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