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  1. Has anyone actually seen the LOG rules yet or is it all YouTube stuff
  2. Same, I just had two more dragons arrive earlier this week. Found'em on ebay for $30 a pop. I absolutely cannot wait to see the look on my gloomspite buddy's face when three dragons and fifteen horses slam into his boingrots on turn one
  3. Taking the Grudgebound Warthrong and GA:O means you also have access to Tempest's Eye firestorm city rules, giving you an extra +2 move and +1 save on Turn one, meaning you can run your dawi 10" on turn one and try to get into position better. I ran a similar list to yours a few weeks ago except with 20x Irondrakes and 2 units of elf Reavers for objective jumping and it actually worked out really well. gonna try one with the artillery instead of cavalry next time i play it's even better against Chaos lol, my unforged did 8 wounds to a big rat abomination and killed him
  4. I have a 1500pt 6 player Triumph and Treachery game this weekend and here's the Mixed Order list I'm planning to run, any thoughts? the tree revenants are for teleporting and objective stealing then the idea is to have the elves and warriors phalanx for the irondrakes Leaders: Archmage on Steed Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix Battlelines: (we're only doing two BL units) Warriors 10x Warriors 10x Other: Organ Gun Irondrakes 20x Phoenix Guard 20x White Lions 10x Tree-Revenants 5x
  5. I have a bunch of elf stuff so I don't mind doing free cities. But how does this tunneling work?
  6. So I've been doing some research into quick, speedy allies after having been forced to just sit and be unable to contest unguarded objectives in my last game. What are everyone's favorites? My ideas so far are: Reavers - 15 shots and 14" move, plus their free 2d6 move in the shooting phase, is very nice, and i already have some Silver helms I could convert Freeguild Outriders - rend shots, can run and shoot, grenades Stormcast Birds- cheap and fast Doomfire Warlocks - fast, wizard for unbinding, rend in melee, but a tad expensive. that spell could be super nasty though I guess I really want to stay away from Stormcast though lol
  7. What list do you use, if you don’t mind? I just got a whole bunch of elves in a lot and trying to figure out how to build with them.
  8. My king is on a 40 just because I’m an idiot and didnt check the sizes before ordering runebases from Etsy but who cares he looks awesome on it
  9. Had my second game out with my dawi tonight, with mixed results. 2k points, Dispossessed against Troggoths. Game was The Better Part of Valor, ended 18-14 after a few poor decisions on my part and some bad luck. Once again the Irondrakes were the star; everything else literally melted away the second any trolls got close. My opponent ran a Troll Hag and a Colossal Squig, lost 6 of my 20 hammerers immediately to her vomit before I managed to snipe her out with the irondrakes — but then the Troggoth King or whatever he is got in close combat and they too melted away. Hammerers ended up doing barely nothing, but I also lost a few to battleshock when I forgot that I didn't need to roll. I ****** up and didn't read the rules right, not realizing that a cogsmith's aura of effect on a gun is just ONE freaking inch, are you kidding me? The cannon did big damage, especially with the reroll; the organ gun, not so much. Still not sure if the artillery and cogsmith was worth it. My Thunderers performed pretty well too until they got backed into a corner and vomited to death. I just get so frustrated with how fast everything dies and how little it feels like they're able to sometimes; my warden king, even with rerolling saves and Scales of Ignax, did no damage and was just mortal-wounded to death by the colossal squig. By the end of the game, all I had left were 3 thunderers and the cannon to his Troggoth king and colossal squig with 1 wound left, but I could never challenge his unguarded objectives with the exception of the one the irondrakes and king pickaxed on to. Definitely need some kind of fast allies, thinking Reavers maybe? I probably should have just ran the warriors and longbeards towards his objectives and left him stuck in the middle lol, their rerolling saves were negated by the -2 rend everywhere. Here was my list: Warden King Runelord Runelord Cogsmith Warriors 20x Longbeards 20x Hammerers 20x Cannon Organ Gun Irondrakes 20x Thunderers 20x (i know it's technically violating ally limits but my buddy agreed that it was microfaction ****** and I should be able to take artillery) his list: Troll Hag Colossal Squig Rockgut Troggoths 6x Fellwater Troggoths 3x Fellwater Troggots 3x Shaman with mushroom hat? Tiny Shaman guy Cauldron endless spell Squig Gobbba Any advice as to what I should have done?
  10. The grudgebound were victorious! 3-1 on objectives thanks to the reavers quick speed, who other wise did maybe 3 wounds between them the entire game. 4s and 4s is not good. Irondrakes are insanely good. I definitely need better speed allies though
  11. playing a casual game with my dispo force for the first time today, how ****** am I Allegiance: Order (Tempest Eye) Warden King, Ignax Scales Runesmith Unforged, General, Relic Blade, Legendary Fighter Battleline: Warriors (20) Longbeards (10) Warriors (10) Reavers (5) Reavers (5) Other Units: Ironbreakers (10) Hammerers (20) Irondrakes (20) Thunderers (10) Grudgebound warthrong (170) Total 2050/2050
  12. Greetings fellow grudgebound! i got Battle For Skull Pass for Christmas and went with Duardin and finally am getting around to turning it into a proper army with the discovery that a buddy had a full Dwarf Battalion box new on sprue. heres what I have so far, what do I need to round out? What’s more important judging from this list, more hammerers or ironbreakers? 42 warriors 10 thunderers; 16 more unbuilt ? Ranged units 14 hammerers 18 miners I’m gonna run as long beards 10 ironbreakers 20 irondrakes warden king 2 runelords unforged 2 cannon organ gun cogsmith
  13. hello fellow regents, I am new to FEC and forming my own court right now and wondering what's the best way to put everything together. I have an SC! built (Royal Zombie Dragon, 3 horrors, 10 ghouls), endless spells, an SC! NIB, a carrion empire half, and a vargulf coming towards me. Between that, I have 9 Knight models to build. Here's the list i was thinking of running: GC: Blisterskin Abhorrent Archregent AGKonTG AGKonRZD 30x Crypt Ghouls 3x flayers 3x flayers 3x horrors Royal Mordants Battalion Chalice of Ushoran Throne 2000/2000 What do we think?
  14. I do actually have the malign sorcery set to go along with it. I was thinking about running the spearmen as Phoenix Guard, the 4++ seems really strong
  15. Hey guys, So I've been recently been bit by the hobby ADHD bug and have a chance to get two of the High Elf halves of Isle of Blood and may have accidentally won another 18 spearmen on ebay last night. I also am sitting on a bunch of dispossessed (Skull pass dwarves, 10 ironbreakers, two sets of Irondrakes, cannon and organ gun, cogsmith) Is there any way for me to run some kind of reasonably competitive GA Order list with my Sylvaneth that won't get stomped off the table and leave me depressed at having spent $75 on a squatted potato army? What should I look at for generals? What if I later wanted to add in, say some wanderers or DOK?
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