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  1. I did, and they told me they couldn't help me. "Unfortunately we are not able to answer rules questions through the customer service line because only our rules writers can provide official answers"
  2. I love these ideas and I’m so happy to get a chance to incorporate some KO into my army without having to go all in
  3. I love I LOVE this idea. I'm fluffing my free city as a majority duardin fortress called Khazad Dal-Valai, founded to be a safe haven in the wilds of Ghur. The city keeps a strong airforce of gyrocopters and kharadron airships to cover ground quickly and keep the beast population in the surrounding areas in check. Unusually hospitable for dwarves, the worship a half-remembered conception of the old goddess Valaya and believe that someday she will return to be Sigmar's consort, who they also venerate. I'm gonna get some kharadron airships and run them with steam tank rules XD or i might just run them as airships with Tempest Eye rules, haven't decided yet.
  4. my fellow dawi we're back baby
  5. So I have an absurd idea for a list I want to try and I'd like some feedback. Do you think this could work at all or am I an idiot? The idea is to keep Dark Mist on Nagash and have him be an attacking powerhouse with immunity to rend, rerolling saves of one, with -1 to hit. GRAND HOST OF NAGASH Extra Command Point Leaders: Nagash 850 Neferata 380 Cairn Wraith (Aetherquartz Brooch) UNITS Chainrasp 40x 280 Dire Wolves 70 Dire Wolves 70 Dreadscythe Harridans 15x 240 TOTAL 2000/2000
  6. I am absolutely going to run my thunderers as freeguild handgunners and run the warriors as...something else and im going to stick a dwarf in my steam tank and I dare anyone try to stop me it really sucks they boned us like this but the resilience of the dawi will win out in the end yeah that was extremely uncool but I'm turning my dragon princes into blood knights
  7. then why why why WHY would you call it a legion and fluff it like it is????
  8. I am super psyched about getting into Legion of Blood and just ordered a Bloodseeker Palanquin. Looking at this list right here, what should I use the extra 100 points for? LEADERS BS Palanquin 300 Neferata 380 VLOZD 440 VL with Wings 140 BL: 3 10x Chainrasp Court Battalion 150 and 5x Bloodknights which puts me at 1850.
  9. I've been having a hard time coming up with ME lists for LOB because of how much of a drop in power it is for skellies at such small numbers. Perhaps chainrasps would be better, because they can reroll ones to wound, immune to rend, and can still be activated for Van Hels? I won an ME last week with the following list: Spearhead Vamplord, flying horror, ameythstine pinions dire wolves 5x MAin body: Vamp Lord on Zombie Dragon, Aura of Dark Majesty, Ethereal Amulets, Pinions Skeletons 10x Dire wolves 5x Rearguard: 5x blood knights
  10. Are you still looking for a high elf dragon? I have an unpainted one I’m trying to sell for a very reasonable price
  11. I was extremely excited for LoG when it first came out but now I'm just so frustrated with GW's lazy, half assed rules writing. Why don't we get access to any battalions at all? Why would you give Lady Olynder a legion and then block her from being taken by locking the key piece of it (the -2 bravery command trait) behind taking a random unnamed hero? Why are all the artifacts just variations of "do 1 (ONE!!!) mortal wound after meeting these requirements? I played a game last night against new IronJawz and got absolutely destroyed. I had all my squishy heroes behind a line of 40 chainrasps and it still didn't matter; he charged across the table with his insane +4 to charge, fired off 4 WAAGHs and gave his ard boys 7 attacks each, hitting on 2s, rerolling 1s to wound, and they just chewed through them like butter. Course I was rolling god-awfully but I don't know what I could have done to stop it
  12. What's your allherd list look like, if you don't mind?
  13. If this will let me play dwarf +ironweld soup competitively and fluff my own Karak I will be so happy
  14. ok this is the list I have concocted and list of Stuff To Buy, please let me know how you think it'll go Bray-Shaman Doombull Beastlord Dragon Ogor Shaggoth 20x Bestigors 10x Bestigors 10x Ungors Ghorgon Cygor Chaos Gargant 3x Dragon Ogors Brass Despoilers Wildfire Taurus 1990/2000
  15. So after some wheeling and dealing I have ended up with this starting army Doombull Brayherd Shaman Brayherd Shaman 20x Bestigors 2x Ghorgon/Cygors Chaos Gargant Endless Spells If I'm planning to paint them red and run them as Khorneskins, what is my next step from here? 10x more Bestigors probably, right? Small units of Ungors or Gors?
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