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  1. What's the strategy behind this list? Do you do a lot of ambushing? Can you lay out a typical T1 game plan?
  2. They did this same thing to Legion of Grief and never answered any questions, like whether or not you could take NH battalions in it.
  3. Got any links to those lists? What's the gist?
  4. I like taking the ethereal amulet on krakadrak and just making him super super tanky
  5. I have a WarQueen to throw in but i want Bellykor to lock down the block of 30 reapers I know i'm going to be facing and the Bloodsecrator for +attacks...and yeah I have just 20 warriors...should I take out 5 maruader horse and summon them instead?
  6. ok gonna try out this list tonight against nighthaunt, any thoughts? RAVAGERS Chaos Lord on Chungus Dragon - Master of Deception, Mark of Khorne, Aura of Khorne, Ethereal Amulet Chaos Lord on Foot - Mark of the High-Favored, Reaperblade + Daemonboundsteel, Khorne marks Bloodsecrator Be'lakor Chaos Warriors x15 shields Chaos Knights, Ensorcelled Weps Chaos Marauder Horse 10x Chaos Warriors 5x Bloodmarked Warband Chaos Chosen 5x, Khorne Command point 2000/2000 -------------------- Got 40 marauders to summon in and surprise charge his backline....but just realized they only summon in ten. Should I drop the 5x warriors and CP for a unit of marauders (axes)?
  7. where did you get that mammoth he's lovely
  8. My Azyr app says that the Bloodsecrator exudes the Aura of Khorne, do all marked allied heroes do that?
  9. Questions: Does Bel'akor exude the Undivided chaos aura? Can you take Archaon in non-HOE lists?
  10. how do you get the marauders to 4+? Isn't it 5+ with shields?
  11. ok what if you just took like 30 marauder horsemen in an archaon list, 30 shots at +3 +2 -1
  12. We can argue about whether the book is *good* or not all day but it's not gonna change anything, also remember there's a supplement coming out very soon that I assume will have new ****** for us to use so keep that in mind. Now I have some important questions. Axes or flails for marauders, and Mark of Khorne or Slaanesh in units of 40 with Archaon? Lances or Swords? I like lances aesthetically and took out an entire unit of evocators with the charge plus the D3 from karkadark charge with them last time but they are ****** poor off the charge. Is is dumb to screen with marauder horses? Do we think the Karkadark is worth the hefty price tag, esp with etheral amulet? Honestly I kind of want to ditch Chaos Warriors entirely and just run knights, horsemen, and chariots with Archaon in an all cavalry list. Think this is viable in any way?
  13. So the Gorechosen Chariot and the Ruinbringer Warband bonus both give D3 damage on a 2+ on the charge, would these abilities proc seperately for 2D3 damage on two 2+s? Or just once?
  14. Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc up to 180 points, kill me Shaman down to 150
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