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  1. Its obvious to me the Frostlord needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine.
  2. The Imprecations of Daemons: One of my favorite warhammer books of all time, short story but fantastic. Basically the exorcist in Age of Sigmar. I also like the Gotrek Books, and Gloomspite was just very cool and thematic
  3. agree with this 100%. This is a stylistic preference, and if you like that kind of setting that's fine. However, for many others the dark edgelord hopeless stuff (the 90's style fantasy/sci-fi/music/movies overall overarching theme) doesn't really play anymore with some people in the hobby, particularly newer players. To add to the unpopular thread, when "the Old World" comes back the following is what I predict: -Slight scale change so the old models cant be used anymore in game. -Rank and Flank will be back, so will the demand for massive (20-50 model) infantry/archer/cav blocks. -These will all be forgeworld so expect to pay 100$ for half of a usable unit with the current rate of price increases. -Warhammer Old World players/fanbase will soon gain the reputation as Horus Heresy/30k do now: Its a game only people with the most disposable of large incomes can play/enjoy, who are the saltiest about every aspect of rules/lore, and generally perceived as the most difficult/problematic to play with.
  4. Ok thanks, didnt know it was still considered an attack or not. And you guessed right-its for 5 protectors
  5. Good evening fellow translocees OOC: Does Unleash the Hatred Holy Command (plus 1 attack one time for one unit of Paladins) affect the Starsoul maces as well? Or just the base weapons?
  6. You mean Torglug? He wasnt a Stormcast when captured IIRC. Or are you speaking of someone else?
  7. Tooling around with a few lists with SCE for an upcoming (told its friendly) 1000 pt campaign/tournament. Finding it pretty tricky at 1k but here goes: Stormhost-Hallowed Knights, Scions of the Storm Battallion: Brotherhood Command (Magnificent bonus- extra holy command-Unleash thy Hatred) Triumph-Inspired, Holy Command-Call for Aid General: Lord Relictor, Command Trait: Envoy of the Heavens, Prayer: Translocation Hero: Lord Arcanum on Griff Charger- Artifact-Arcane Tome, Spells- Chain Lightning, Celestial Blades, Mount Trait: Aetheric Swiftness Endless Spell-The Burning Head Battleline: 5 Sequitors (3 grandmaces) 5 Sequitors (2 maces and Redemption Cache) Other: 5 Vanguard Hunters (with astral compass) 5 Protectors (2 Starsoul Maces) Grand Strategy-Hold The Line 1000 pts, 6 units/drops, 59 Wounds
  8. Been lurking for a few days reading this thread, interesting stuff, returning to AOS from about 1.5 years of 40k. SCE is all Ive played in 1st and 2nd ed. Since I haven't seen anyone mention them, curious to why no one is mentioning the Ballistae anymore, they were everywhere last I played (I have 2). Not worth taking these days? Also, what of the Venator? I played 2 test games (against Fyreslayers) and even getting the vaunted 6 MW shot to hit for the first time ever against his Magmadroth last game, by turn two he recovered every wound by rolling well on Heroic Recovery. Worth his points at 175 or no way?
  9. as a SCE player I love when I get assassinate. Always breaks in my favor between my 30 wound leader and my longstrike sniper really gets to shine
  10. If you see anyone that looks like this: keep in mind that they are weaker than anything but the Eagles in close combat and can't shoot at anything that's within 6 inches. We also try not to move them much so we can shoot twice when we can, even just making this guy move around will limit his effectiveness when he has to kill a lot of dudes to earn his point cost.
  11. I played 3 games over the weekend, Ive found that objective based games are tough for SCE because while you can be killy, only your eagles can move fast and I've only had them live against ANY enemy one round before dying once (out of six eagle melee fights). The opponents learn that trick quickly too (flying them up to claim objectives) and adapt. Yes, I CAN burn that double to make my guy move faster or I can use warning cry or onslaught to help kill someone-so I have a tough choice to make every game. Fast armies with lots of cheap models like beasts, crows, etc are probobly best against SCE. When it comes to straight up killing things one on 3 and surviving they are great (Ironjaws are even better though they cant shoot) but that doesnt win games most of the time on its own.
  12. Hey Stormbros! Just wanted to ask any strategy tips/hints for the end of or GW store's Forbidden Power Campaign, I have a chance to win the thing, but im facing an army I lost to at 1000 points, a FEC Blisterskin list. Basically all he uses is Flayers, ghoul king, Infernal Courtier with the hexstone deal, and the Chalice endless spell. My army is mostly set due to what ive taken before/what will almost certainly win the painting competition, it includes: Lord Ordinator (general) with the realmstone wand making him a caster with plus 2 to cast Knight Azeros (i was planning on taking verdant mantle for the endless spell dispel) Lord Exorcist Lord Arcanum on foot Celestant Prime 2 Ballistas 2 Units of Evocators (one all blades and one 4 staves and one blade) 3 liberator units Comet Celestian Vortex Soulsnare Shackles. Main idea was try and slow him down with the shackles, deepstrike the liberators in to serve as chaff to hold them back a turn or two, and shoot/cast as long as I can, get the Evocators to counter charge and targer the Courtier (I killed him last game) than bring in the prime turn two to take on the king. Any thoughts? (was thinking on consummate commander for a trait)
  13. Im thinking of running STormcast Vanguard in this if possible
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