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  1. I was about to ask the same, although I would have probably verbalize it differently I have a tournament in February but have to send the list next week and I have no idea what to play yet, so I was thinking on looking for lists to play. I think about the one on the previous post, mainly 3x20 mortek, Arkham Liege soulmason, and the shield corps. Not sure yet on the extra 400 if go with 6 stalkers (less drops and more focused on killing big thingsa and taking advantage of the extra atacks) or 2 crawlers (2 snipe heroes and units in objectives). Is there a better option to go semi blind? I would test the list a lot before playing the tournament, but unfortunately I havent played much before sending the list and I havent figure out the most optimal list yet... Thanks!
  2. Hi there! Dont know if you wanted confirmation, but I've just received the dice in Spain. They look amazing, photos really dont make them justice, they are great! And thanks for everything!!
  3. Hi there fellow Ossiarchs! I was just wondering, the lack of information yesterday means that the earliest we will have models available is the Halloween`s weekend correct? Next weekend we will have the announcement, one week of news and information, then they go on preorder and available the following weekend. Im sad because that will mean I wont have them for a tournament November 17th (Im not sure Ill have time to build everything, not talking painting) but I guess it makes sense to release the spookie units around that holiday.
  4. Thanks! I already do it, or at least try to thin down the paints, I would add more water and go for 2 coats thanks for the advice!
  5. Hi there and good afternoon! Since it is the 10th and I just finished my Dankhold Troggoth (ended going with full paint following the Warhammer TV video) I figured out it is a good time to post an how Im doing post and to receive feedback and motivation. Sorry for the potato photos, all were taken with my phone. I ended up not touching morghast and Arkhan (yet) as I wanted to be optimal with the use of my paintings, and that werent going to be used in other models yet. So progress 0% And as for the gloomspite, lets go to show them! Family picture 3 rockgut trogoths (tabletop). Skin almost finished, base finished. So around 25/30% completed. 6 rockgut trogoths (tabletop), unless im missing small details, finished. A little bittersweet because Im xtremely proud of my bases (first time trying to do something special and I think I nailed the rock efect with the cardboard) but really dissapointed with the faces, as Im pretty sure the colors I choice dont go well together. 2 Dankhold troggoths (tabletop). I would call this 80% completed. Once is fully finished (with the warhammer video) and the other has layers on the skin (but not really like it, is a technique I definetely need to polish) and rest of detailes have base colors and shade pretty much all of them. So with a couple of more days of work, and finishing the base, it will be over. Completed (and pretty) one Not so pretty one 2 gobbapalozza wizards to use as fungoid (tabletop). I would say 70% finished one, 20% the other. The almost finished is because I love the model, and put much effort that on the other one. But honestly Im gonna have to fight the urge to finish it at a better lvl because I love it, and that would made me not finish the contract the other one the 10 boingrot (tabletop). I honestly dont know what to say I would call them finished, but I dont like the ropes as black and Im thinking of doing test in some of the bits of the rockguts (the gobling hanging). That would put them at 70% and again I wont have time to finish everything on time for the Ossiarchs to arrive. So dont know what to do. Somewhat happy with the end result. And last the moon (tabletop) only advanced in the bigger parts, so 20% completed. Overall pretty happy with my work this first full third, and my games are looking more awesome now with less grey. But my confidence on ending everything prior to receiving my first Ossiarch to build are going down xD. Im loving the contract this far though because is the boost of confidence I need to pick up the brushes and just get the work done, and overall Im learning tons looking for new techniques and asking for feedback. Speaking of that, anything goes and pretty much say wherever you want, im fairly new to painting but I love learning and any comments are welcome. You all keep the good work, there is still plenty of time and you can do it!! And thanks for reading!!
  6. Perfect thanks!! Im relieved I arrived in time, the dice look amazing!!!
  7. Hi there and good morning! At least morning here in Spain. So im gonna do the payment withing a couple minutes after breakfast and I have 2 quick questions. Well first of all and obviously, are there still dice left? Gloomspite gitz ones, Im gonna pay for 40. And second, I dont need to do any kind of conversion from Euros right? That PayPal will allow me to choose currency. It is going to be my first manual pay through the platform and Im not sure if it is necesary that I do the conversion. Thanks! Edit: Money sent, I hope everything was correct
  8. Hi everyone! This is my first time participating in this iniciative and honestly Im really excited, Im gonna try post pics about my progress to get motivation to continue my work, even though my painting lvl is pretty noob as I just started into this part of the hobby. In anticipation of Ossiarch Bonesplitters release, where Im gonna be heavy invested, I figured Im not gonna have time to anything else in the next couple of months other than building, priming and painting this army. So im gonna challenge myself to finish my 1.5k list of Gloomspite Gitz, and finish my models for my Ossiarch army to a more advanced lvl than tabletop. Im gonna do my contract for: 1 arkhan and mount. They are tabletop lvl now, im gonna do layers and give my first try at highlights. It would be one of the centerpieces of my army, and I want him to be the best I can do. 2 morghast. Same, layers and highlights. They are now tabletop lvl. 3 Rockgut trogoths. Going for tabletop lvl, they are right now only primed. 6 rockgut trogoths. Going for tabletop lvl, but they are pretty much finished now, only missing a couple of details (they have tons xD) 2 Dankhold trogoths (one regular and one trogboss). Tabletop lvl, now only primed. 2 wizards from goobalpalooza to use as fungoid chamans, tabletop lvl, now only primed. 10 boingrot bounderz, tabletop lvl, now I have 5 missing only a couple of details, the other 5 only primed. The bad moon scenery, tabletop lvl, now only primed. I think is a good list for my first month with a painting contract and I will for sure need motivation as I dont have really much time to paint with my current job. Lets see how it ends. Im rooting for all of you, keep the good work!
  9. How do you guys feel about Kurdoss? Played an event this weekend and got a credit store coupon as prize, and it is the only unit Im missing from the army. Could get more harridans or anything similar with it but I love the aesthetics of this model. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi there to all! Not a regular here because Im mainly Nighthaunt player and only recently started playing LoN and Sacrament in particular, but had a mini tournament this weekend (12 participants) 1.5k and was able to finish 3-0 pretty happy with my result, the list was pretty straightforward with Arkhan, VLoZD, abhorrand allied and chainrasps and reapers units. Truth to be told I also was lucky to face armies with low mobility and won all games by points (round 1 Khorne, round 2 ironjawz and round 3 nurgle). But Im liking the army a lot this far!
  11. Im only been playing since Soul Wars, but as far as I know, every year they release a book called "Generals Handbook". This year it will came around June if im nto mistaken. And in that book they add tables with the updated profiles and the cost in points for matched plays for all the allegiances. I think they can change rules, make some anotations, and yeah the more important is that they tweak the point costs.
  12. Remove one word from one of our habilities, and we become really good (maybe top tier). Just make wrath of terror 10+ charge. Cogs will mean we get an additional atack every 8+ charge. That is just nasty. +7 with the black coach batallion. That is just my opinion though.
  13. I was thinking just that. In fact, I got a carrion empire box because I think it is really good and I can see myself adding it a ton. He is super cheap for what he brings.
  14. Could you share a list? And thanks for the report!
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