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  1. It’s funny since I’m doing the similar conversion this week This is my version of ghorgon/cygor, which will be my 3rd KoS.
  2. So I have started kitbashing a new model (Beastmen's Cygor/Ghorgon kit) to make my 3rd KoS. The pendulum looks bit unstable since I'm still working on it. I need some greenstuff tomorrow.
  3. 1. I meant the total CP/turn. 2. I give the frenzy spell to my epitome in general. The mirror works a lot when the spell hits hard. I know the Sword of Judgement build, but haven’t tried it yet. But yeah, I agree that the epitome is not the always-to-go option
  4. Being competitive, I prefer Sybarites to Cavalcade battalion. The battalion usually provides 2 CP/turn that is extremely useful. Another note is the usefulness of epitome (my personal thought). IMO the locus is our strong point, and the second chance of locus given by the epitome was huge for me.
  5. The cloak was painted using an airbrush and Vallejo paints. The other details (e.g., jewels) were processed with brushes and Citadel paints. P.S. And I think your color scheme is very cool 👍
  6. Totally agreed. What a weird joyfulness for hedonites 🙃
  7. A game vs Endless Tide of Undying Ghouls (2000 pts)
  8. A game vs Khornite Beastmen (2000 pts)
  9. Thanks @ManlyMuppet88. It's my great honor to hear that!
  10. So I got my first series of games with the new battletome. I'd like to share my experience with you. Please note that the atmosphere was quite casual and friendly rather than being competitive. Game 1 vs Khornite Beastmen The game was tilted in the very early stage for two reasons. First, my opponent brought a lot of bulgores that acted as a great DP source for me. I actually summoned two keepers and an unit of three fiends while my opponent managed to summon the single blood thirster. Second, in this mission only heroes and casters could secure an objective. My opponent's list had only a few heroes and no casters. He fought to the last with an honor, but his army was tabled out in turn 3. Game 2 vs Flesh Eater Courts The army was something like 'endless ghouls'. The main force of my opponent was a unit of 40 ghouls with many bonuses (rerolling hits of 1, rerolling wounds, reviving, etc). This unit charged to 30 daemonettes in the early turn 2, which continued to the end of game. His dragon charged my Shalaxi, but locus'd, and then killed - he later said it was the biggest mistake in this game. Meanwhile, my keeper flied over the ghoul mobs (thanks to the thermalrider cloak) and then sniped at the ghoul king in the backyard. At the end of turn 3, he lost most units, except for the ghoul mob. However, that ghoul mob kept scoring with more numbers of models than mine. We tied 9:9 at the moment, and decided to cease the game as it was too late. I think the game would have been easier if I had sniped at his heroes earlier (I didn't know the FEC mechanism at that time). All in all, I'm glad HoS finally became strong. I and my opponents all agreed that the locus of diversion was the biggest threat. The opponents hesitated to charge my units as they were afraid of being locus'd. Shalaxi was a real monster against enemy heroes as I expected first. I'm also very satisfied with the contorted epitome, espeically with its second opportunity of giving locus. I completely forgot to use the retreat-and-charge ability for all these games Unless, both games would have been much easier. If you are interested in more pics, please check the link in my signature. Thanks for your reading!
  11. Thanks @Frodeck, @Tommy, and @kaaras! I'm currently working on my fiends. I'm not sure of using them on the battlefield frequently, but their design is gorgeous anyway. The painting actually takes much more time than my first expectation owing to those details (e.g., numerous jewels on their body)
  12. I like the idea of centaurus hellstrider! Besides looking cool, it seems also quite convenient for movement.
  13. Currently I'm working on several models at the same time like: My progresses will be shown in this thread. Thank you for watching!
  14. Hi, I'm glad to find this place to archive my progress in modeling and painting. I have a couple of factions in 40k/30k, but only play the single army in AoS: the hedonites of Slaanesh. I'd like to upload my progresses for this lovely faction and to hear any feedback. Here comes the complete models first. The Contorted Epitome Infernal Enrapturess (used the head of drukarhi reaver) Wheels of Excruciation Fiend of Slaanesh (1 of 3) Keeper of Secrets (based on a lady of corruption from Creature Caster) .
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