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  1. Hi, I just sent payment for the event. Hope I’m not too late to enter. ?
  2. Count me in Chris. Just got the ok from the wife. Today is a good day! ??
  3. Hi all Quick reminder to those attending that list submission is today! Please let me or the other TO's know if there are any problems. Please do everything you can to meet deadline as we have specific deadlines to meet based on the list info and food choices. Thanks to all in advance! ?
  4. That great news! Be glad to have you along. Seems that we have a great mix of people turning up for the event. Should be fun! ?
  5. Thanks for the feedback on the pack. It's always good to get early thoughts from players as we honestly expect to miss something and want every player to have an enjoyable experience. The TO team are collating feedback from players over the next week from play testing etc. We'll then be meeting to discuss any final tweaks that may need to be made to tighten the rules up and make necessary improvements. many thanks!
  6. Jonny myself jimbob and probably a few of the other Warchiefs were planning on staying out on the Saturday night for drinks. Should be a good crowd. ?
  7. We're very lucky location wise as we have hotels only 5 minutes from the cricket club on each direction. Closest is the travel lodge Cheltenham, Golden Valley Roundabout GL51 6TA. It has the benefit of being attached to a harvester and literally 1 minute from the M5 junction The other good option is premier inn Gloucester Little Wicombe which is 5 mins from the club going the other way! This ones attached to a beefeater. If either of these is no good let us know and we can recommend a few others only a few minutes further away.
  8. Hi Ben Still thinking of heading down are way 22nd/29th? Let us know your plans and we'll look to get some pizza sorted out for the evening. Least we can do is feed you for making the trip. It'll help wash away the sour taste of defeat! ?
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