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  1. Good morning, I have a question....in the first list, the one with the Winterleaf Glade...you are using only 1 artifact...shouldn’t be 2? 1 for default and 1 for the glade...am I wrong? Thank you
  2. Hi everybody, i usually play Gnarloot Wargroveand i want to try Dreadwood...i read the rules but i want to know how to play this wargrove that is so different from the gnarloot. What are the tactics i have to use to play well, the position at the beginning, etc...? Thank you!!
  3. I think is also interesting use Archmage in any list...so you can have an extra save at 6 for wounds and also MORTAL wounds!
  4. Hi, in my opinion a good list world be: Treeelord Ancient (General:Gnarled Warrior) Branchwraith (with Ranu’s Lamentiri) Branchwraith Dryads 1X10 Dryads 1X20 Kurnoth 1X3 Then you have 40 points left and you could invest them in endless spells (for example Geminids).
  5. Milo

    Archmage question

    Instead you can use the Loremaster’spell only to single model and not units, isn’t true?
  6. Milo

    Archmage question

    Ok, thank you!! I was not sure because it says “model of your army” and i didn’t know if it refers to a single model or also to a unit.
  7. I have a question about the spell Elemental Shield of the Archmage: if i have for example a unit of ten dryads entirely within 18”, they can be affected by elemental shield?
  8. Hi everybody, i’m gonna have a match against Daughters of Khaine, any advice about list and tactics? I was thinking to run a Heartwood Wagrove list to attacks in first turn and try to reduce their Numbers of models
  9. Excuse me, but the Everblaze Comet can be casted only by a Stormcast Wizard and in the list is not present. Am I wrong?
  10. Hello everybody, I have a question: i have seen in several list the presence of a frostheart Phoenix (or the “fire” version). Is it worth running in sylvaneth? Thank you!!
  11. Hello everybody, i have a question, in a match against Nurgle with this list: Treelord Ancient Branchwraith Branchwhich 1x5 Tree Revenants 1x20 Dryads 1x20 Dryads 1x3 Kurnoth with Schytes Houshold+Gnarloot is better take in Alarielle (Who summon other 3 Kurnoths) or Durthu and 3 Kurnoth? Thank you!!
  12. Hello, i never use a knight incantor in my Sylvaneth list, i’m curious, how you play it? And you use the comet the first turn?
  13. I perfer summon 1x3 kurnoth with Scythes, but if my opponent has a lot of models maybe it’s better to summon 1x20 Dryads. My doubt is...is better to replace the TLA with Durthu?
  14. Good afternoon, i'm going to have a battle agains tzeentch (so MAGIC and HORDES) at 2000 pts, what do you think about this list? Any advice? Alarielle (600) with Throne of vines Branchwraith (80) with Ranu's Lamentiri and Verdant Blessing Drycha (280) with The Dwellers Below TLA (300) with Lens of Rifraction and Regrowth 1x20 Drydas (200) 1x20 Dryads (200) 1x5 Tree Revenants (80) Gnarloot (130) Household (100) Prismatic Palisade (30) 2000/2000
  15. 1) It's not a "newbie" tournament 2) The table is 48x48 and i was thinking of verdant blessing becasue otherwise i don't have any other spell to obtain new wyldwood, and without forests I loose all the Sylvaneth bonuses and i can't defend well the objectives. 3) Throne of Vines is a very good idea!! 4) It's an entirely acceptable argument 5) I was thinking to summon Kurnoth with Scythes beacuse they make damage (except Alarielle the others don't make so many wounds) and the unit is composed by theree so they could help me to control objecitve. In your opinion is better to summon 20 dryads? Or what else?
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