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  1. Ever since we got Sylvania in Storm of Chaos in 6th Edition and you could have living militia fighting alongside graveguard I've always been interested in a mortal-death hybrid faction. After reading Nagash the Undying King recently, even more so, it was really fascinating to get some insight into the life of mortals in Shyish. I would love for Deathlords to be the next Death faction, the ones in the novel seemed much more tribal and spiritualistic compared to the more.. "intellectual" head buried in books type, necromancers we are used to. Some really cool ideas for units too: how about a mortal levy/militia unit where every model killed is turned into a zombie? Or in one of the Malign Portents short stories, we see human crossbowmen steadying their weapons on skeleton spearmen and using them as cover, some very interesting opportunities to combine mortals and undead into an army.
  2. The wording for the Brayblast Trumpet says it only works on units arriving via Brayherd Ambush but surely it counts for units arriving via summons too? Otherwise you can basically only use it turn 1... The Shyish one was really cool, also liked the Darkwalker and Ulguan Gor, pity they left out Chamon!
  3. Was just wondering about some of the synergies of the Gavespawn Greatfray and Nurgle Battalion. If a hero dies they deal a mortal wound in a 7" radius and transform into a Chaos Spawn.. But if the spawn dies, since it would have the Nurgle keyword, does it also deal mortal wounds?
  4. I know this is mainly a tabletop/tactics discussion thread, but I really like the new fluff for Slaaneshi Beastherds: Slakefrays. Imagine gold-plated horns and jewel encrusted Herdstones! Also I love the idea that they may be being drawn to Slaanesh answering some sort of primordial call from the imprisoned god with Seekers following in their wake. This perfectly justifies using Beasts battalion in a Hosts army from a fluff-perspective too!
  5. Guess you could argue a Doombull is better in a Warherd heavy army, but yeah for all-round Beasts it now looks like the Shaggoth is the swiss army knife.
  6. So now that we know all the command traits what's everyone thinking for a general? The Shaggoth seems like a really solid pick with his trait that gives extra command points plus the rend spell he can take. I don't really like it from a fluff perspective, but being a wizard now his utility is awesome!
  7. Yes I really hope the mortal followers of Slaanesh get some love in the forth coming releases not just daemons. Maybe some sort of Mirror Guard unit like in the Total War, that would look cool on the tabletop.
  8. You can't go wrong with two of the Start Collecting boxes as a foundation. Bestigors are looking like the MVP unit of BoC, some Ungors for chaff and sacrifices to summon, 2 Ghorgons who will terrorize enemy heroes with their new swallow ability and finally 2 Bray Shaman gives you some really solid magic/dispelling firepower.
  9. - Allherd sounds very underwhelming compared to the other two Greatfrays, really interested to know more about the Darkwalkers teleport command ability., but putting the Gavespawn artefact on a Doombull sounds mighty tempting! - Chimera and Ghorgon seem like the go to monsters. - Ungors not being battleline is a bit of a headscratcher I expect that to be changed rather quick. - Taurus sounds great provide it is reasonably priced (80 points or less is fair IMO), the dirgehorn sounds good on paper also, but really needs a few turns to be effective.
  10. I'm half tempted to run a blob of them with bows and just camp around the herdstone shooting and dying to summon Bullgors.. So we can get 2-4 summon points per turn, but surely there will be an artefact or trait to boost this? Also the Slaanesh battalion sounds too awesome: The Slaanesh one is called "Depraved Drove".. it lets you re-roll charge rolls within 12" of the enemy, and enemies must re-roll successful attacks against your heroes... I really hope vanilla BoC get some good battalions, my main worry with marks is BoC getting relegated to just propping up the god armies..
  11. The fact the models are so old and no longer sold on the GW website doesn't bode well. The selection of heroes available for BoC in general is a bit disappointing, it would of been great to at least get a plastic Beastlord with a few options for weapon loadouts. Other than that maybe new kit with the option to make Gors/Bestigors, but a lot of the Wardherd and Thunderscorn stuff still surprisingly holds up well today.
  12. So according to the stream by WarhammerTV the Beasts Slaanesh battalion will allow rerolls on charge when near heroes with artefacts, what's interesting is this apparently can be either your own or enemy heroes. Very interested in running a Slaanesh themed Beasts army in preparation for the return of our magnificent lord.
  13. I would really like to see the return of some special characters from the World that Was, but I have bad feeling we won't get any special characters in the new battletome. And instead we'll get little references like the Gavespawn Greatfray and the Khorne Battalion which is obviously named after Taurox. I hope I'm wrong though, would love to see Morghur and even a Kholek model for the Thunderscorn!
  14. I believe it was clarified on the stream the latter is the case, so taking the Slaaneshi Battalion for beasts will cause them to be counted as part of the army and not under allies.
  15. This is all the info from the stream, courtesy of the Beasts of Chaos FB group. - Gors get +1 attack at 20+ models, instead of their current rule. No more rolling for benefits randomly- Bullgors get extra horn attacks. No idea the profile- No allies outside of StD, but you can bring the God battalions in their respective God armies without counting as allies - Shaman keeps movement buff - Jabberslythe nerfed. 4+ to do 1 MW for each wound it takes. But its other aura has been buffed to be more reliable, but also hit allies. 160pts now - Gargant is 180pts now - Beastlord is 80pts now - Skyfires down to 200pts. MWs only on unmodified 6s to hit - 8 Battalions. One for each God. One for Brayherds. One Warherds. One Thunderscorn. One mixed (probably mega-battalion?) - 18 Artefacts and 18 Command Traits. 6 for each Brayherds, Warherds, and Thunderscorn - Allherds Artefact: gives +1 rend against units of 10+, and +2 rend against units of 20+. Max rend on the weapon is -3 - Allherds Command Ability: give reroll charges to a Brayherd unit within 18" of your General, if said General is within 3" of the enemy - Summoning: +1 point per turn. You can then do D3 motals to a unit near the Herdstone to get the same amount of extra summoning points What do you guys think?
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